"White People Twitter" Is A Thing, And It's Pretty Frickin' Funny

#Whitepeopletwitter—it's a thing, and it's on the internet! We found it for you so you didn't have to. Please enjoy.

1.That's a recipe for a heart attack

2. Some people just don’t know the struggle

3. At least she's paying for it

4. Honesty is the best policy

5. Hey it's ya boy, Grizzly.

6. Best day ever for her I guessing

7. Tony Hawk is at it again

8. Ever. Ever.

9. Adulthood is hard

10. Life hack

11. That's amazing

12. YEAH airlines.

13. What do you WANT??!

14. Best thing ever!

15. Can't wrap my head around this


16. It’s real easy.

17. She is not kidding.

18. God level

19. Almost nothing is free nowadays

20. We lost to our own hubris

21. Give me the formuloli

22. If you don’t go apple picking and post a picture on Instagram is it really fall?

23. Shirley you can't be serious?

24. Put Him In A Body Bag

25. Tough as nails

26. Good news, everyone!

27. I’m hungry now.

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