Stray Dog Keeps Bringing Gifts To The Woman Who Feeds Him Every Day

Some people love animals so much that they devote part of their life to saving them. One of these caring animal-lovers is Orawan Kaewla-iat, a Thai woman.

Orawan Kaewla-iat, a kind-hearted Thai woman, has a deep love for animals, dedicating a part of her life to their welfare.

She's become well-known in her community for feeding homeless dogs that roam near her residence.

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One of these stray puppies, named Tua Plu, has found a unique and heartwarming way to express his gratitude for Kaewla-iat's kindness.

Every day, Tua Plu brings a small token, an object he deems valuable, as a gift for her.

Whenever Tua Plu feels hungry, he brings something in his mouth, like a leaf or a piece of paper, as if offering a present in exchange for the food he receives from Kaewla-iat.

Locals often humorously suggest that Tua Plu is attempting to barter these items for his meals, as if he's purchasing the food from her.

Though his true intentions might remain a mystery, one thing is clear – this puppy is both clever and endearing!

Kaewla-iat's decision to share a video of Tua Plu's gift-giving on Facebook led to an unexpected viral sensation.

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The video's popularity sparked interest from many people who wanted to adopt him.

In a happy turn of events, Tua Plu, along with his canine mother, found a new home.

Now, in his new surroundings, Tua Plu continues his charming habit of presenting gifts to his new owner at mealtime.

Check out the video of Tua Plu below!

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