8 Places On Earth You Are Not Allowed To Visit


 Earth is a planet with all sorts of diversities, vegetations, and habitats, therefore there are some places which aren't meant for a human to visit. They are not like those holiday destinations where it is restricted to go in some particular months of the year.

But instead, these are places which might be your final destination, irrespective of any month of the year.

Have a look.

1. The North Sentinel Island

 This island is one of the Andaman Islands and is located in the Bay of Bengal. The North Sentinel island is surrounded by coral reefs from everywhere. This island is termed as world's hardest place to visit.

The Sentinelese tribe

 An island inhabited by the Sentinelese tribe, where Sentinelese are extremely protective of their isolation and apparently one of the last groups to resist contact with the modern world, also they are headhunters.

2. The Lascaux Cave

 This mysterious looking cave is located in the southern France and is believed to be about 20,000 years old. The place has been banned for the public since 1963.

Banned for humans to visit because...

 Reports say that in 1948, the cave was opened for tourists, but when it was observed that the exhaled CO2 by humans was hampering the paintings in the cave, the authorities prohibited the entry of humans into the cave in 1963. It is declared as a UNESCO world heritage site now and only a few scientists are allowed to visit it.

3. Metro - 2

 The 50-200 meters deep metro service in the undergrounds of Moscow, Russia. It was a secret metro lane parallel to the public metro. The Russians made it to avoid a nuclear catastrophe.

4. The Ise Grand shrine

 This Japanese shrine is one of the oldest shrines in the world and consists a series of over 100 shrines. It is a place which is prohibited for the common man as only members of the imperial Japanese family can visit it or the related priests or priestess. 

5. East Rennell, Solomon islands

 This island is probably one of the most beautiful but is also a place which you should not visit because the tribes and locals of this magnificent ground are said to be - Headhunters. Yes, that is the term we use for those cool guys who hunt your head. However, the East Rennell is also labeled as a UNESCO world heritage site.

6. Easter Island, Chile

Rapa Nui or the Eastern Island is one of the most remote places on Earth. It located in Pacific ocean. Though it is technically a part of Chile, the ancient culture of this land is unique to its isolated inhabitants.

7. Ilha da Queimada Grande, or Snake Island

 This island which is located off the coast of Sao Paula, Brazil is known for its snake population and therefore you can ban yourself from going there. Interestingly, you may find a snake on every step you take or may just get bit. Only a few scientists can go into this death island after getting various permissions.

8. Proveglia, Italy

 Poveglia has been a refuge, a stronghold, a place of exile, and a dumping ground for the diseased and deceased for centuries. 

The place where the diseased and deceased are dumped

The Island is located in between of Venice and Lido, Northern Italy. The island contains one or more plague pits. Some estimates suggest that 100,000 people died on the island over the centuries. Till date, people fear to step near the area.

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