Things With Faces That Will Make You Look Twice (30 Photos)

Have you ever seen one of those photos where you swear there's a face staring back at you, but it's actually just an object? It's wild how sometimes random things - like a building, a chair, or even a sink - can look like they have faces.

It's all about the way the light hits or how the objects are positioned. You glance at these photos, and they seem ordinary, but then you do a double-take and suddenly there's a 'face' looking right at you.

It's a bit of a brain teaser, really. These pictures remind us how our brains are wired to spot faces everywhere, even in the most unexpected places. Plus, they're just fun to look at and share, like little visual surprises hiding in plain sight.

1. That one guy that hates his job.

2. This sad vent.

3. Please, leave me alone…

4. Dog Rock at at National Park in Thailand.

5. Had to change my washer inlet valve, when suddenly... Washer Inlet Valve Man!

6. Two planes having a laugh.

7. It’s horses all the way down.

9. My granola bar looks concerned.

10. This clock is not amused.

11. Moai with a pacifier?

12. Yoshi!!!

13. Lady Rabbit Tooth

14. What a delicious Fence

15. Frozen rock looks like a heart.

16. Does this ink stain look like a bird on a bare tree, or am I crazy?

17. This ashy potato that looks about done with life.

18. Curious Faucet

19. This light that kinda looks like a frog in my college cafeteria.

20. Turned around in the office when

21. Ever notice how a hammer looks like a man about to swing a baseball bat?

22. This angry backpack.

23. Hummingbird Flowers?

24. Quackin’ table.

25. Scream watching from the wall.

26. Someone backed into the garage door, the door looks suprised too

27. Not sure if my burger is disrespecting or provoking me.

28. If you look closely you can see a twerking Batman.


29. Man with spiky hair about to dive into the water.

30. Hwhaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

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