35 Times Pregnant Women Used Their Baby Bumps To Nail Halloween

Halloween is for everyone. And who says you can’t enjoy the spookiest holiday of the year to the fullest if you’re pregnant? It’s definitely not stopping anyone from having some well-deserved fun. In fact, we’d argue that pregnant women have a very large advantage when it comes to their Halloween costumes: their bumps give them an edge when it comes to creativity and unique outfits.

We have collected some of the most impressive photos of Halloween costumes that pregnant women came up with and integrated their bumps into the ensemble in a genius way. They completely nailed their looks in a way that practically nobody could copy. Be sure to upvote your favorite photos and to let us know in the comments which ones you liked the most and why, dear Pandas!

When you’re done scrolling through all the photos in this list, you should definitely check out Bored Panda’s earlier article about the most inspiring and creative pregnancy Halloween costumes right over here.

Lee Chambers, an environmental psychologist and wellbeing consultant from the UK, explained to Bored Panda why we find it so enjoyable to dress up on Halloween. According to him, there isn't any one simple reason, rather, there are a variety of reasons why costumes appeal to us so much. Read on for Lee's insights, Pandas.

#1 God Of Thunder
Psychologist Lee listed some of the reasons why adults enjoy dressing up on Halloween, from novelty and nostalgia to embracing our fears and even expressing our innermost hidden desires.

"We have the sheer novelty of dressing up in a way that would be seen as inappropriate at any other time, and this permission feels powerful," Lee told Bored Panda. "We can also bring back the play and fantasy that we often lose as adults, but embrace in childhood. Costumes can take us back, nostalgically, to those days without responsibilities and stresses."

#2 Mr. Potato Head
#3 My Pregnant Friend Won For Best Costume This Year
What's more, Halloween costumes give us a safe way to explore our fears and the darker aspects of our personalities without compromising our safety. "We can dress as things we are scared of and feel comfortable in holding the things we fear very close to us, giving us a sense of mastery," Lee explained.

"They also give us an ability to pretend to be somebody else, exploring our dark side for example, and can become a creative expression for our inner desires. And they remove an aspect of our personalization, and allow us to experiment with our behaviors in a safer, depersonalized space."

#4 Costume Part I
#5 Ripe Avocado
#6 A Friend Having Some Fun With Her Pregnancy
A while back, I reached out to Lesley Bannatyne, one of the foremost experts on Halloween on Planet Earth. She explained how the way we celebrate Halloween has changed in the last century and shared her predictions about how the holiday might look like in the future. According to the Halloween expert, the holiday is incredibly adaptable, so it’s no wonder that it’s changed quite a bit over the long years.

“Halloween morphed from a large, town-wide celebration in the early 20th century to a holiday focused mainly on children and trick-or-treating mid-century, and creative costumes, to a holiday that both adults and children celebrate in dozens of different ways today,” Lesley told Bored Panda.

#7 Even Though My Wife Is Only 16 Weeks Pregnant, We Didn't Want Our Unborn Child To Miss Halloween
#8 Getting Amped Up For The Simpsons Man’s Halloween Contest. I Just Learned This Was A Thing. Who Should I Be This Year? I Don’t Know If I Can Top Comic Book Guy. I’ll Likely Try My Best And Fail Miserably. The Lesson Is, Never Try
#9 Best Pregnant Halloween Costume Ever
“Halloween’s always been adaptable. When some churches objected to Halloween’s presumed devilishness, they created ‘trunk or treat,’ where they could keep their kids in the church’s parking lot and let them go car to car for treats (and could also control images and costume ideas),” the Halloween expert noted how the holiday can change form to survive.

#10 My Partner Is 8 Months Pregnant, Here Is Our Halloween Costume
#11 Juno & Bleeker
#12 I See A Baby Coming In Your Near Future! 
“When houses were too far apart for kids to walk, people created trick-or-treating hotspots in certain neighborhoods or town centers. Remember Mall-o-weens? Bringing children indoors to go store-to-store was an adaptation for some communities that feared strangers giving treats to their kids,” the expert said.

#13 My Pregnant Belly Helped Me This Halloween. I Present To You: Nacho Libre Maternity Wear
#14 Baby Bird In My Belly
#15 Benjamin's First Halloween!
“Trick-or-treat itself was in part a Halloween idea created to discourage kids from egging cars and papering neighborhood trees on Halloween night,” Lesley pointed out that trick-or-treating itself was a way to help control the chaos and keep kids in check. It provides a more orderly outlet for their fun.

#16 It's Coming!! (In A Month)
#17 Bb-8 (Baby-8) Pregnant Costume
#18 Pregnant Cartman
“Halloween follows popular culture, so wherever we go, so will the holiday. If we start to cocoon in our homes, private parties will get more popular. If we become even more social media-oriented, more on display, maybe there will be bigger public costumed events that can be broadcast to bigger audiences,” she mused about the future of the holiday.

#19 Happy Halloween From Willy Wonka And Violet Beauregarde!
#20 Krang And Shredder Have Captured Master Splinter
#21 Pearl
“Parents don’t normally let their children go out without them on Halloween, so maybe more attractions will erupt for them—whole Halloween towns, a la Disney? If we go anti-commercial and look for a deeper meaning for the night, Halloween could morph into a time to visit our loved ones in the cemetery like our neighbors in Mexico.”

#22 A Cat And My Belly Is A Ball Of Yarn
#23 My Pregnant Belly As An E.t. Dress Up Costume
#24 Had To Incorporate The Bump Into This Year‘S Halloween Costume!
#25 Happy Halloween!
#26 I Did A Lot Of Preparation Work Today For The Upcoming Week And Spent Some Time With Maurice, Who Seems To Be Teething Non Stop These Days!
#27 Snoopy Costume
#28 Pregnancy Costume: The Handsmaid’s Tale, Blessed Be The Fruit
#29 40 Weeks Still Pregnant.showing Off My Hard Earned Belly With Allllllll Of My Stretch Marks
#30 Winners Of The Costume Contest Pong!
#31 Brewing Something Special This Year
#32 Out Of This World
#33 Hiya, Georgie
#34 Happy Halloween!
#35 Leonel Now Has My Blessing To Enter This World. Our Final Pre Parent Halloween/Brunch. Yes, I’m Still Pregnant

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