Tesla Drivers Stranded As Charging Stations Stop Working In Bone-Chilling Temperatures

Chicago is currently experiencing bone-chilling temperatures, dropping as low as -17°C, making it tough for residents to even step out of their homes.

For those braving the cold in their cars, particularly Tesla owners, another challenge awaits: difficulties in charging their electric vehicles.

Local news outlets have reported that Tesla drivers are facing the brunt of the cold weather, with many stranded due to non-functional charging ports and extended charging times.

Brandon Welbourne, a Tesla owner, spoke to ABC7 Chicago, saying, "Our batteries are so cold it's taking longer to charge now, so it should take 45 minutes, it's taking two hours for the one charger that we have."

"I have seen at least 10 cars get towed away from here because the cars, they died, they've run out of battery."

"It's too cold, it uses too much of the energy to try to keep the car somewhat reasonable temperature, so everybody is getting towed away and we have nowhere to charge."

Credit: CBS

With their cars out of power, many drivers are enduring long waits in the harsh weather.

Sajid Ahmed, waiting for a charger in Oak Brook, shared his observations: "Right from outside the highway, there's a whole line of cars, about over 20 cars, all Tesla cars, and you can look around here, every single car is a Tesla car, full with Tesla cars this whole parking lot."

"And we're waiting and waiting for over an hour. It's unfortunate that these cars are sitting dead in the spots."

The extended waiting times have caught many drivers off guard, resulting in their cars losing power while queuing.

Tesla's website offers some insight into this issue, explaining that their vehicles consume more energy in colder weather for heating both the battery and the car’s interior.

They advise keeping the battery charge above 20 percent to minimize the effects of the cold.

"A blue snowflake icon may appear on your touchscreen and in the app if your battery is too cold for full power and ideal range. When this icon is displayed, you may notice reduced regenerative braking and acceleration," the website notes.

"Leaving your vehicle plugged in whenever possible and keeping the charge level above 20 percent when not plugged in will reduce the impact of cold temperatures."

However, it’s not just Tesla cars facing problems in the cold. Lithium-ion batteries in general can get damaged in such temperatures, losing their charging capacity and draining power faster.

So, if your electronic devices are acting up during a cold wave, this could be the reason.

Tesla Driver Shares Shocking First Electric Bill In 12 Months And People Are Left In Disbelief

The internet is buzzing with disbelief over how little a man spent on electricity for his Tesla over an entire year.

Given the hefty price tag of Tesla cars, you might think it costs a fortune to keep them running.

With electric cars becoming more popular and electricity prices on the rise, people are curious about the real cost of owning one.

This curiosity peaked on X, previously known as Twitter, when a Tesla owner shared his annual electric bill.

The amount he paid was unexpectedly low, leaving people amazed.

Running a car on petrol or diesel isn’t cheap, but what about an electric car from Elon Musk’s lineup?

This Tesla owner posted, "First time I have had a bill within the last 12 months. This sucks."

But he was just being sarcastic – his bill for the entire year was a mere $2.37.

Yes, really.

That's far from the hundreds of dollars you might expect to spend monthly on charging an electric car.

So, how did he manage to spend so little?

It turns out that the owner had a Tesla Powerwall installed.

This large battery integrates with the home's power supply and is particularly useful for those with solar panels.

It stores excess energy generated by the solar panels, which can then be used to charge the car.

However, Tesla Powerwalls aren't cheap.

According to Forbes, they start at around $11,500 and can go up to $15,000.

But if you're planning to keep your Tesla for several years, this investment might even out over time, potentially making it a cost-effective option in the long run.

The post sparked humorous reactions in the comments, with one person joking: "Damn my dude post a GoFundMe the community will rally around you I’m sure."

Another commented: "That's horrible. My condolences."

Tesla has been in the news again recently with the release of their latest model, the Cybertruck, which is garnering attention worldwide.

Kanye West’s $850k Titanium Dentures Are ‘Fixed And Permanent’ And Go ‘Beyond Veneers Or Grills’

Kanye West, known for his extravagant and unique choices, has reportedly spent a staggering $850,000 on an experimental dental procedure involving dentures made of palladium and platinum.

This isn't entirely out of character for the artist, who often blends the lines between avant-garde and practicality.

Surprisingly, despite this hefty investment, all of Kanye's natural teeth are still intact.

The procedure involves what's known as 'fixed-prosthodontics,' a project he undertook with the help of medical and dental professionals.

A source shared with Page Six, "They are, as the name suggests, fixed and permanent, but this goes way beyond veneers or grills."

"And his particular implant is quite unlike anything that has been done before."

35 Times Dresses Looked So Bad That They Deserved To Be Shamed

Get ready for a wild fashion ride, Pandas! Brace yourselves and maybe warn your inner style gurus, because what you're about to see might just give you a bit of a shock. We're about to take a deep dive into some of the most recent, um, 'unique' fashion choices shared by the ‘You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress’ Facebook group. Let's jump in and see what they've got!

One Of My Fb Friends Shared This And Said She Looks Like A Tamale

That Awful Dress My Goodness

This Is A Down Comforter And A Bath Mat

Saw This In The Comments Of Another Group Of Mine

I Finally Have A Submission. Behold

Thom Browne's Fall 2022 Collection

I Have No Words

That Dress Looks Like She Peed Herself. What Even Are Those Lines??



Ms. Girl Is Famous, Thought It Looked Like Post-It’s Lmaoo

I Know This One Belongs Here

Its A “Skirt”

Finally Found Something Worthy To Be Shared Here. This Reminds Me Of When I Tried To DIY A Purse Of Out Of Pair Of Jeans And My Sister Threw It Away Thinking Its Scrap (Because It Was Trash)

When You Just Don't Have Time For Gardening

I'll Never Allow You Twilight People To Live That Phase Down

Ummm, No. Lol

The Belly Button Though

Jlo, Whhhhhhhy


I Would Still Wear It As A Dress

I Hate This And It’s Not Even Close To The Theme

What In The Photoshopped Grandma Shower Curtain Is That Dress? Found On Aliexpress

I’m Not Sure If I Hate This Or Love This. For Some Reason I Think It Would Look Good On A Flatter Chest

It’s Giving Parrot Not Gilded Glamour

Not Blurring The Face Bc It's Camila Cabello This Is Her Met Gala After Party Dress. This Year's Met Was Extremely Chaotic Or Is It Just Me?

Not Gonna Cover His Face Because He's "Famous" But Damn What Is This I Love You Bbno$ But This Is Something I'd See In A Waiting Room

Wtf And Whyyyy

Both Famous. Love Zendaya But What Is That Dress?

Thoughts Ian? An H3 Reference, What’re Your Thoughts Though?

Someone Unraveled The Yarn A Little Too Much

A "Denim" "Dress"

Oh Boy

15 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

Valentine’s Day is almost here, so why not spice up your nails with some cool and cute designs? You can try them out yourself or show them to your nail artist for some holiday-inspired flair!

Tiny Heart Nail Art

Show off your love with heart-themed nails. This is a fantastic choice if you usually like keeping it simple and clean but are looking to add a little spice for Valentine's Day.

Tiny Gold Hearts

If bright colors aren't your thing, consider coordinating your nail design with your jewelry. A silver or gold touch works great with a tiny heart design and it's guaranteed to charm.

Whimsical Heart Nail Design

Bright red is a timeless classic. It never goes out of style, especially with playful heart shapes that bring out your personality.

Subtle Valentine’s Day Nail Art

For a Valentine's Day-themed nail art that's understated, try square nails with dainty hearts. They're simple, sweet, and just right for the occasion.

Hot Pink Stripe Nail Art

To achieve a bold striped look at home, arm yourself with a fine brush and some tape. Or visit a professional nail artist to get an eye-catching Valentine's Day design.

Red Heart Nail Art

Make a bold statement with nails that embody the spirit of Valentine's Day - bright red, cute heart motifs, and even a French tip!

Gold Flake Valentine’s Day Nails

For a subtle yet stylish design, sprinkle some gold glitter. It adds a touch of glamour to your Valentine's Day nails.

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French Tip Heart Nails

Combine French polish with tiny hearts for a classic manicure with a Valentine's Day twist.

Queen of Hearts Nails

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Soft Pink Sparkly Valentine’s Day Nails

If you prefer shimmer over matte, consider options in purple, gold, or silver. They are equally romantic, not just pinks and reds.

Swirly Pink Nail Art

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Textured Pink Valentine’s Nails

Can't choose between glitter and matte? Why not both? Mix different textures like plaid, textured 'sweater' nails, and matte pink for a unique look.

Deep Red Heart Nails

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Dreamy Heart Nail Art

Dreamy nails are perfect for those seeking a softer look this Valentine's Day. They pair well with light pink or white outfits.

Lip Print Nail Art

Feature nails are a great way to mix and match colors, shapes, and designs for a unique Valentine's Day look. Remember, lip prints are also a fun and fitting choice!
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