Maid of Honour Steals $25k From Couple. Is Shocked When She's Kicked Out Of Wedding.

Maid of Honor decides to help herself to $25k of her friend's money to pay off her credit card debt rather than plan her bridal shower.
A wedding is not only about the new journey you're about to start with your new partner, but it's also a fantastic time with your friends and family. That's why choosing a maid of honor is so special.

This bride however had to make the tough decision of kicking out her maid of honor just 5 days before the wedding.

The 23-year-old bride was excited about her wedding as most brides are. Her maid of honor even had a whole surprise bachelorette party planned out for her.

OP didn't have very big expectations. Nothing more than a hotel room, brunch, and drinks would have made her happy.

When the MOH picked her up, OP was excited to see what this surprise was all about. They ended up at her friend's 1-bed townhome.

With 8 girls to one room, their situation was less than ideal. The group ended up going shopping, and having food and drinks. Overall it was a good time, if not extravagant.

When OP's fiance returned he asked about how the party went. Her husband was confused but kept his thoughts to himself.

The next day, her maid of honor 'M' reached out to OP to have a discussion. Turns out, OP's husband-to-be had given her a significant amount of money to ensure that her bachelorette went well.

Since OP never had such high expectations, she didn't think twice about the one-bedroom situation she actually ended up with.

The biggest problem though was the fact that her friend had used the money to pay off her credit card debt instead.

OP was shocked, to say the least. She spoke to her fiance about it and the two decided the best thing to do was to remove her from the wedding.

She finally sent the text and put her decision into writing.

This opened up an entire can of worms with the two receiving incessant messages from friends and family calling them awful for their reaction.

Even OP's mother didn't see what the problem was with her MOH 'financially benefiting'

The ensuing drama just escalated with 'M' lamenting over the dress she already bought.

OP simply wants to move on from the situation.

Commenters asked what the amount was and were not prepared to hear the number $25,000.

Once the number came out, commenters immediately advised OP to report her friend for theft immediately.

Others also told her to drop this 'friend' immediately.



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