Hilarious Fan Reactions To Bad Ryan Reynolds Movies That Even Ryan Reynolds Would Enjoy Reading

Step into a world of laughter and charm with Ryan Reynolds, a Hollywood star known for his wit and humor. We'll dive into the funny fan reactions to some of his not-so-great movies, which even Ryan himself would find amusing.

Ryan Reynolds is undoubtedly an A-list talent, but he had to overcome a few dreadful movies to reach his current status.

From his standout abs in the mediocre "The Amityville Horror" to his initial, ill-fated portrayal of Deadpool in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" (where the Merc with the Mouth lost his mouth), Reynolds himself acknowledges his involvement in a few less-than-stellar films.

Here are some humorous fan comments expressing their love for the man while sharing their thoughts on his missteps.

'Stop Helping'

Didn't We All Make An Agreement About 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'?

Wait. Reynolds Was An 'Average Guy' In 'The Amityville Horror'?

Never Made A Bad Movie?

Deadpool Vs. Reynolds's Other Superhero Movies

The All-Powerful 'Green Lantern'

Say What You Will, But 'Blade: Trinity' Has A Stacked Cast

Me Too, Please

God-Tier Observation

The Real Star Of The Show

The Cherry On A Night Of Shame

'Men in Black' Is Cool And All, But What If...

Best To Just Pretend

'R.I.P.D.' = 'Simply Amazing'

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