7 Life Hacks That Will Make Life So Much Easier

Everybody needs a hand sometimes. That's why I put together this list of life hacks to give you a little hand dealing with those little things around your home that you may not want to spend a bunch of money to deal with. I hope they are as helpful to you as they were to me.

#1 Let's start with a nice way to shed a few pounds.

Lemon juice is a good part of a healthy diet that we all should consider including in our weekly grocery list. Your heart and your body will thank you.

#2 This is a great way to deal with pesky splinters.

Not only is this hack cheap, it's also painless which is perfect for small children who may be hesitant to let you use a needle or tweezers to remove a splinter.

#3 Get rid of disgusting shoe odor with this hack.

Tea bags are useful for so much more than just making a delicious drink. Use them to absorb moisture and odor in your shoes. I suggest using flavored tea bags to leave a pleasant smell as well.

#4 A cheap alternative to shaving cream.

Instead of spending a ton of money on specialized shaving creams just grab your bottle of conditioner. It works just as well and you will notice that your legs are much smoother.

#5 Tired of plastic bags cluttering your house?

This hack was made specifically for those people who keep and reuse plastic shopping bags around the house. With this hack, you can make a nice neat storage container for the seemingly endless amount of bags you tend to accumulate.

#6 It's party time.

After seeing this hack you will never struggle with grabbing a beer in the dark again. All you need are glow sticks and your beer.

#7 A cheap ice pack alternative.

Marshmallows are perfect for lots of things. If you take some and put them in a Ziploc bag then place it in the freezer you have just made a cheap alternative to buying an ice pack.

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