10 Facts That Prove That We Do Indeed Live In A Strange World.

These facts will prove without a doubt that the truth is often stranger than fiction. From nuclear fines to self-harming frogs, this list is full of craziness that you would expect to hear from Hollywood, not real life.

#1 This makes sense when you think about it.

If you've ever wondered why spicy foods are such a two-way threat this will explain it all. Ouch.

#2 Better start chewing that gum.

This fact should be an awesome one for those health nuts out there who are trying to figure out ways to burn a few extra calories. Who knew it could be so easy.

#3 Talk about redundant.

This is one of the most pointless things I have ever heard. What a waste of taxpayer money and medical staff time. Just do it and get it over with.

#4 Let's have a toast.

What a strange little story. I bet it would be hilarious to see a drunk mouse though. Can you image?

#5 Well that stinks.

To be fair in this case, the doctor should have hired a better nurse. I don't understand how anyone in the medical profession could make this mistake though it's pretty funny.

#6 They were in for a surprise.

The job of law enforcement is to keep the peace and maintain public safety. Imagine their surprise when a routine job turned out to be a hilarious shock.

#7 This is the most metal thing you will read all day.

No one would ever think that a frog would be one of the most savage animals you will ever hear about. This frog will literally hurt itself just to cause you a little bit of pain. That's brutal.

#8 What's in a name?

If my dad gave me a middle name this long I would probably become a dishonest insurance salesman too. Geez, what was he thinking?

#9 OMG I can't believe it's true.

You know how they say that mean old people seem to live forever while nice people don't last as long? Well, it's completely true. Grumpy old people do live longer. Wow.

#10 This is probably a good idea.

Somebody needs to be held responsible for those darn nukes. A fine is a good way to start I suppose.

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