Teen Shares DIY Budget Skincare Routine That Successfully Cleared His Severe Acne

Carlos David, 16, says it took just eight months for his blemishes to clear up after he came up with a DIY regime

Carlos David happens to be one of those teenagers who suffered from severe acne for many years.

Now, Carlos has revealed how, in recent months, he was able to fix his acne problem using only cheap products found at drugstores.

Pleased with his impressive results, he decided to share his DIY regime on social media - and quickly racked up more than 23,000 likes on Instagram.

The routine that he uses to clear his acne consists of five major steps.

Carlos started his routine in February 2017…

By October of that same year, he already had smoother skin.

The routine that he uses to clear his acne consists of five major steps.

First: He washes his face in the morning with a low PH cleanser, which he says is a good way to maintain balance in the face's levels. He uses the Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser which is $10.


He uses an alcohol-free toner and swears by the $10 Lumene Klassikko Refreshing Toner which he says, 'is very gentle for my skin and seems to get the job done.

At night, he tones with the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner which is meant for acne scarring, not acne.

This toner helps with the acne scars since it gently removes dead skin cells.

The third product he uses is the Art Natural Vitamin C Serum (£12.95), which he claims helped him get rid of his "hyper-pigmentation".

Next, he applies the Mario Badescu Whitening Mask for $24 which he points out 'works on some, and others say it doesn't help. It did help even out my skin tone, so it worked for me.'

The next step – also the most important – is to moisturize.

Carlos swears by the $8 E.L.F. Daily Hydration Moisturizer. He applies it every morning to hydrate his facial skin.

Before bed, he'll slather on Advanced Clinical Collagen Skin Rescue Lotion.

He also said even though it’s super thick, it really does rescue your skin.

Lastly, the final step in Carlos's routine is sunscreen.

. As for those who are struggling with acne, here’s what the teen has to say:

"I hope this shows people who are struggling with acne and acne scars to realize that it does get better. Not only physically, but emotionally too. I’m really proud of how far I’ve come."

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