15 Of The Weirdest Things You Will Only Find In Japan

Japan is a bizarre blend of high-tech and just plain weird stuff. Certain parts of Japan and Tokyo can be a bit much, but most people get comfortable with all of the weirdness after awhile. Some of the strangest things you might find in Japan are capsule hotels, weird festivals and foods, and high tech bathrooms. Check out our list.

Cat Caf├ęs

Japanese people really love their furry animals, so a cat cafe is really not that farfetched for them. These coffee shops are meant for people who love cats but are not able to have one at home.

Capsule Hotels

A capsule hotel is anywhere from dozens to hundreds of little square boxes in the walls where people can rent a bed for the night or to just stop to sleep for a few hours.

Moomin Cafes

A lot of people in Japan are single or live isolated lives. Most of them do not have company to sit with them for a cup of coffee. In these cafes, you can be set up with a stuffed Moomin toy to keep you company.

High-Tech Digital Toilets

While visiting Japan, you will find these high-tech toilets throughout the airports and shopping malls. It really shows you how much more technically advanced Japan is over the rest of the world.


Takotamago is one of the most delicious but weird foods in the world. It is a street food that is made from small octopus in the seas near Japan. For added taste, the octopus has a hard-boiled egg inside of its head.

Love Hotels

In other countries, these are called "boutique hotels." Here, you can pay for your room for just a few hours alone time with your sweetheart. It is a great option for people on a date who are looking for a bit of alone time without having to go home.

The Penis Festival

April is the best time to visit Japan. This is when many Japanese cities celebrate the annual penis festival. What makes this weird is that parents bring their children to these festivals.

Cuddle Cafes

You thought that the cat cafe was weird, but cuddle cafes have that topped. A cuddle cafe is a place where men pay to sleep next to beautiful girls, and touching is not allowed.

Maid Cafes

The third weird cafe option is called the Maid Cafe. Waitresses dress up in cute little Lolita outfits. Some girls who work there can be found walking around on the street trying to lure men inside.

Unique Vending Machines

We are used to seeing vending machines in the Western World. They usually sell things like soda, coffee, and snacks. In Japan, these vending machines sell everything from fruit to milk to noodles among other things.

Tsukiji Market Tuna Auction

Did you know that most of the world's tuna comes from Japan? Weirdly, most of the tuna is sold from a single market called Tsukiji Market Tuna Auction. Entry is free, but you need to reserve your spot months in advance.

Pachinko Parlors

Pachinko is a low-level arcade game. These parlors are a bit like mixing a Las Vegas casino and a Tokyo Cat Cafe together.

Everything is Kawaii

Kawaii means cute. If you are in search of the cutest, unique items of the world, there is no better place to shop than Japan, specifically the Harajuku area of Tokyo. This area is full of colorful shops selling some of the best handmade items in the world.

Akihabara Adult Shops

Akihabara is an area of Tokyo that specializes in a lot of different things. One of the main things that they specialize in is sex shops. You must be over 18 years of age to enter this area as there are strict controls in place.

Animal Doughnuts

Who doesn't love a doughnut? What makes Japan so unique when it comes to doughnuts is that they make cute animal doughnuts. They are the best sellers in the cat cafes. Some of the shops include dogs, frogs, and bears.

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