Silly Mistakes That Ended up Costing a Lot

Valuable things in life tend to be the most fragile. Most people do just about everything in their power to ensure that those valuable items are kept safe and secure, but they don't always succeed, What's worse is that sometimes the silliest or the stupidest accidents can end up being the most pricey ones. Whether it is ruining a car, destroying a phone, or having to pay for the repair of an airplane, the list of silly mistakes that ended up costing a lot seems to be neverending. Check out the most extreme ones below!

What Pulling the Wrong Handle Can Do

There are some circumstances in life where pulling the wrong handle isn't really that big of a deal. It may just open the wrong door or turn off the wrong light. However, there are circumstances where pulling the wrong handle will literally dismantle an airplane. The ground staff at this airport pulled the wrong handle of this MD-80 and the entire back portion of it just fell off. Good thing the plane was grounded!

That is a pretty big mistake that happened just from pulling one wrong handle. Mistakes happen, but maybe this person needs a little extra training to prevent something like this in the future.

Not Interested in the Fancy Furniture

It is always a shame to buy something fancy and expensive for your pet only to see that they prefer to sit in or play with the boxes instead. It seems to be particualrly common when it comes to cats. They are known to choose the plastic or the cardboard over the fancy toys that their owners purchase. This person bought a nice and elaborate set of cat furniture only to see that their cat was not interested

Would the cat be as intrigued with a plain cardboard box if they didn't have the option to turn down the fancy furnitur? Are they doing it just to prove a point to their owners?

Well This Car Is Not Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Maybe this man thought that his car would magically turn into a boat the minute it hit the water...or he lost his bearings as he went for a drive and slid into the water. Either way, the ducks spared no time in making the best of a situation. They saw their chance and they took it...turning the destroyed tuck into a swimming pool. Well, at least someone is benefiting from this unfortunate experience.

You can still see the driver of the car making an effort to salvage the situation and bring the car out of the water...although he does not appear to be too successful.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Grain of Rice

Sometimes it seems like laptops and electronics can survive anything. People use them daily and they still somehow endure. However, it appears that that endurance can be broken by a simple grain of rice. This person closed their laptop to find that a single grain of rice was stuck in between. When they opened it, they were horrified to see the damage that was done by one tiny grain of rice.

That person probably regretted buying a chipotle burrito very much that day. If he hasn't gotten a burrito his laptop would have been saved.

The Ultimate Paint Disaster

When you look at this picture, you are left truly wondering what could have happened to cause such a horrible and disastrous sight. This person's coworker, who was working the night shift, send them this jaw dropping photo of what happened. There is no explanation of what exactly caused such a horrible mess and it is hard to imagine. How could so many paint containers explode, causing such a horrible mess?

How do you even go about cleaning this? It would take a lifetime, especially if the paint had already started to dry. Do you think the employee who caused this was fired or he just quit?

The Plane Took a Wrong Turn

Well, that is certainly an expensive mistake to make. You can only hope that the pilot, or the person directing them, does not have to pay for it themselves. It is a little concerning to see this pilot's inability to navigate well and then imagine that they are navigating this plane across the world. The passengers were probably quite concerned when they saw what happened and realized their pilot was to blame.

Of course, mistakes can happen to anyone, but many people are hesitant to put their trust in a pilot. Especially after they see a mistake like this one, it would be very challenging indeed.

Melting Your Computer With a Candle

In case you were ever wondering, it looks like it is possible to melt the screen of your laptop. The external cover does not do that much to protect it from the flames of a candle. This poor man couldn't understand why Google was blurring out the top left part of the results. And then when he saw Facebook was doing the same thing, he really became suspicious.

It wasn't until his kid took this picture and showed it to him did he realize that it was not the internet's fault that he could not see portions of his screen, but rather the fact that he was much too close to a candle.

The Scariest Test Drive in History

Test drives are a nice way to see if you like the way a car drives before you purchase it. This person was test driving a 2020 Ford Escape when he heard a suspicious clunking noise as it was put in reverse. They then saw smoke coming out of the hood of the car and they ran out as fast as they could. From a distance they saw, just two minutes later, the entire car go up in flames.

They were lucky to escape the Ford Escape in time. Maybe that name was a prime example of foreboding. Even though the man really liked the car, he probably went with a different model after that.

That Is Not a Chew Toy

Dogs are known to chew on just about everything in sight...especially puppies. This man went to visit his friend (who had a dog) and realized how much they have a tendency to do that. Dogs sometimes chew on socks or shoes, but this person's dog chewed through his prosthetic leg. He really did a number on that foot and dismantled the whole toe section of it, making it practically unusable.

That is one very expensive mistake for the dog to make. Perhaps their owner needs to take the dog to a training class so that they don't destroy extremely expensive things.

The Strongest Case to Never Skip Breakfast

Everyone always talks about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that you should never skip it. However, you never really knew how much so until you saw this. This person stood up too fast and passed out while taking an exam over a zoom meeting. They skipped breakfast which made them weak. To make matters worse, they fell on their most expensive piece of furniture.

Sadly it didn't end there. This person also shattered their phone, sliced their ear on the broken glass, strained their arm muscle, and wasn't even able to submit the exam on time. The strongest case to never skip breakfast.

Don't Throw Anything Outside a Car Window

Although you shouldn't be throwing anything outside of your car window and littering, this is even more of a reason to avoid doing that with styrofoam cups...even if they appear harmless. Of course, they are not harmless to the environment, but they are also not harmless to other cars. You wouldn't think styrofoam would be so strong, but the speed make up for the strength and destroyed this person's window.

Dad joke incoming...this wasn't as much of a soft drink as you would have thought. But truthfully, who knew that something so light could have that much of an impact?

Don't Drive Into a Building

In case you were ever considering it, here is your sign to not drive into a full building that is made of brick. Although you would think that would be pretty common sense, apparently that is not always the case. It probably was not intentional, but it is still crazy to see the damage that was done by just one car hitting this building at full force. He took out multiple apartments.

Hopefully, the people who lived in that house were not harmed in this horrible accident..and that the driver of the car was also able to survive and somehow be unharmed.

The Delivery Driver Crashed the Ferrari

There is no worse feeling than to realize that, because of your mistake, you just crashed a car that is worth $2.5 million. This delivery driver was in the process of bringing this car to its new owner when this happened. No only was the Ferrari damaged, but he crashed into another car. The real question here is where was the driver going and why was he driving over the grass?

Maybe he was not trained well enough to know how to properly drive the Ferrari and that is what caused his losing control and crashing the car.

The Oven Is Not a Good Place to Hide Something

It is no surprise that parents will put some toy of their child's in a strange place so that they cannot see it and will thereby be forced to go to bed or do chores or something else with their time. This dad put his son's PS4 controllers in the oven to try to hide them so his son would go to sleep. Although it seemed like a foolproof place to hide something, he forgot to tell his wife about it.

The next morning she woke up and turned the oven on, preheating it so that she could make breakfast. A few minutes later, she opened the oven to see this.

When the Insulated Roof Collapses

It must have been a pretty terrifying sight for the owner of this bedroom to walk into their room and see this. The entire roof of their bedroom collapsed, leaving debris everywhere. In case you were wondering, this is what a very insulated roof contains...maybe this is a little more and excessive than in some other ones. Perhaps the excessive amount of insulation is what caused it to collapse in the first place.

How do you even start to clean up a mess like this one? It seems like an endless task that would take forever and that no matter how hard you clean it, it would still feel dirty.

Rental Clothes + Puppies = Disaster

Although rental clothes might seem like a great idea, you should probably also think twice before signing up if you have puppies. Puppies are known to destroy things and rental clothes can seem like a perfect fit. When the UPS driver threw the package of clothes and bags into the backyard, what they didn't see is that there were two mischievous puppies there waiting to have some fun with the clothes.

The worst part about this is that it was not just an ordinary clothes rental subscription. This was for expensive clothes. Not only did they not get the clothes, but they had to reimburse for the damages.

Keep Your Valuables Away From the Cable Guy

For future reference, next time you have a cable guy come to your house (or any repair person for that matter), make sure that your valuables are very far away. And not because you run the risk of them being stolen, but more because you run the risk of them being accidentally ruined by a very long drill bit. This cable guy managed to drill a hole through the side of the house, through a guitar case, and into the Martin HD-28V.

What at first just seemed like the longest drill bit in the world, soon became one of the most tragic ones. This person's expensive guitar was ruined with just one drill.

The Dangling Phone

Emergency chargers are a wonderful thing. You don't always have the luxury of a charging port or an outlet, but if you bring an emergency charger with you, you'll know that you always have a backup. This person attached their phone to the charger and then somehow closed the door over the cord, leaving the phone dangling out of their car door. It is a mystery how the phone is still attached.

Someone clearly is not very addicted to their phone if they have managed to drive for a while without even noticing that it has been dangling out of the door for a very long period of time.

Why You Should Never Install Solar Panels Near a Golf Course

It's time to face it. Not everyone has the best aim and skill when it comes to golf. Even though there may be nets involved, that are keeping most of the golf balls away from the solar panels on the rooftop, there are still quite a few that manage to get through. All of that work goes to waste when you see that the panels have been ruined by the multiple golf balls entering them.

Hopefully the panels still work despite the embedded golf balls. Of course, the golf balls should not be there, but it would be nice if the solar panels still worked despite them.

The Robot Delivery Car That Drove Into Wet Cement

This is a doubly expensive mistake as both the fresh cement work and the robot delivery car were destroyed in the process. You can't really bash the robot delivery car too much though, as it is just a robot at the end of the day. How is it supposed to understand that the cement is wet and fresh and not able to driven on? However, it is a sad sight to see it stuck there.

How do you even manage to get the delivery car out of the cement at that stage? It needs to be rescued before the cement hardens entirely or it will become a statue.

Welcome to Your Brand New Home

Buying a house is a pretty exciting moment in life. It's the first time that you own a property all to yourself and you feel like a real adult. However, not everything is peaches and roses for some new homeowners. This person, before they even had the chance to move into their house, was greeted with this very sad photo of the disaster that the moving company caused when they brought their container to the property.

They lifted the container too high and ended up smashing it through the wall. What's the worst part? It can't be repaired and they need to redo all the siding on the house.

Cement Ruined the Day

Working in construction is all fun and games (not really) until something like this happens. It is not clear exactly what caused this disastrous event and how they managed to get cement all down the stairs and into the entrance of the building, but this is quite a mess to clean up. It is hard to look at the job and not just want to sit down and give up...letting the cement harden there.

All you know is that they better clean that up pretty fast before the entire thing hardens and there is no way to clean it at all.

The Accidental Discovery of an Underground Cave

You never know what you will find underground and although you would like to believe that your house and your neighborhood were built on sturdy ground, that may not always be the case. In Blackhawk, South Dakota 12 families had to evacuate when an underground cave was discovered spanning their entire neighborhood. It was wide and deep and came as a complete shock. It's crazy to think that the whole neighborhood was build without anyone noticing.

Imagine if someone was just playing in their yard and then all of a sudden they were taken into this deep and scary cave. Would they ever be able to get out?

A Destroyed Toilet Delivery

This person was waiting for quite a long time for this package to arrive. Although, just from the picture, you can't tell what this is supposed to be at all, it is actually the pieces of a toilet. They were waiting for this to arrive for six weeks so that they could replace it and the place would be ready for their client. Well, looks like they have to wait another six weeks.

That box must have been tossed around a few times before they delivered it. That is not a one time break, that is some long term and difficult work.

Not the Best Way to Start a Vacation

What is one of the worst ways that you can start your vacation? Surely hearing a loud crunching sound and then seeing this image would classify in the category of some of the worst ways that a vacation could start. What seemed at first like a simple mistake of moving a piece of furniture actually resulted in an expensive phone being crushed beyond all recognition. No pictures will be taken on this trip!

Does insurance cover a stupid mistake that you and your family made? Most likely not. Looks like they will have to buy a whole new phone when they get back.

One Less Television in the House

You can only imagine the horror when this family heard a loud thump coming from the room. To their complete horror, it was probably quite worse than they could have even thought. They most likely did not expect to see their new television crashed onto the ground, broken without repair. And there is no hope of it being salvaged. You can see the glass pieces spread out over the floor.

This was such a heavy television that the wall and the structuring literally couldn't support it anymore. The TV just came crashing down, taking the wall with it.

The Perpendicular Plane Crash

Have you ever seen a plane crash perfectly perpendicularly? You most likely have not, as it is quite rare and, even if it does happen, it is unlikely that the plane will remain intact. Well, here you can see some photos of plane crashes unlike any you have seen before. This person found these photos stored with their great grandfather's personal items. Their great grandfather was an airmail pilot and has these rare photos.

Do you think the people who were flying the planes were left unharmed somehow after this? It's pretty rare to survive a plane crash, but these are such neat crashes you never know!

That Is One Bad Rookie Mistake

You always try to give a little slack to new employees when they make a mistake. After all, they are still in the process of figuring out all the rules and how everything works. However, there are some mistakes that will probably send the person off the job faster than they were hired. This man made quite a big mistake in this warehouse as you can see. There are hundreds of bottles strewn everywhere.

He looks so defeated standing there. He doesn't know what to do with himself. He is lost and confused and probably pretty sure that he lost his job as a result of this.

The Case of the Missing Wedding Ring

It is a pretty devastating thought to think that one second your wedding ring can be sitting in the place you placed it and another second you can be searching for it everywhere. You look everywhere for it, but it is nowhere to be found. To your horror, you look at your dog and think he may be the guilty party. You have no other choice but to get an x-ray to check.

To your horror (but not so much to your surprise) you see in the x-ray that there is a suspiciously shiny item in your dog's stomach. Case solved.

When You Try to Cut Down a Tree

Quick tip for anyone trying to cut down a tree...please keep in mind that the tree will fall at some point. Knowing that fact, you should probably make sure that there are no expensive items anywhere nearby in case the tree does not fall exactly as you hoped or planned. This massive tree came crashing down on this person's truck. There is no repairing that...and the contractor is probably in a lot of trouble.

At least this is probably something that insurance will actually cover. Although it is a mistake that will cost a lot, hopefully, the insurance can help to cover the costs.

They Didn't Think This Garage Through Fully

Although at first thought, it may seem nice to have a regular parking spot and also an underground garage to keep a spare parking spot. However, you should really consider the logistics of this before risking your cars in the process. They didn't quite think through the idea of an extra parking spot. When they went to lift the bottom part car out of its spot, they lifted their jeep right into the roof.

That lift just squished the life out of that jeep. There isn't really even much hope of fixing it either as you can see the pieces scattered all across the ground.

When Everything Comes Crashing Down at Once

This looks like such a mess that it is hard to imagine what could have caused it in the first place. How is it possible that all of these dishes came tumbling down all at once, crashing to their sad fate here? That is quite a to fix and not an easy one to clean up. It also seems a little bit dangerous to even try to get into that area to try to start cleaning it up.

Maybe the people who installed the shelves did not create them properly. Or maybe someone just put in way too many dishes and it was too heavy for the shelves to hold.

A Random Bullet Hit His Phone

Imagine being at a New Year's Eve party. You are having a good time, waiting for the excitement of the new year when all of a sudden you realize that something hit your phone very hard. You look at your phone, confused, and only after some time do you notice that it has been hit...with a stray bullet. Fortunately, no one was harmed in the process, only the phone.

Having the phone as a shield probably helped to ensure that no one else was injured by the bullet. However, the phone is definitely no longer usable.

He Didn't Take the Height Into Consideration

Sure, it can be easy to forget that you have an entire bike on top of your car. However, when you are driving into a garage, you should probably think of that. This person forgot entirely (or maybe foolishly thought that it could fit) and he had immediate regret. Not only was the bike ruined, but his rear windshield was destroyed in the process as well. A quick, easy disaster.

That is a very silly mistake to make that ended up costing them a lot. This person probably felt really stupid after they drove into the garage and heard the crunching and shattering.

Crashed and Failed the Test Drive

This car did not fail the test drive, the person driving it did. Even if they could afford this expensive car, they should probably reconsider buying it as they do not know how to probably drive it. If you crash the car on the test drive, there is no telling how you will drive it later on. Maybe it was for the best, before someone else could be injured in the process as well.

This person probably had to pay for the damages done to the car as he drove it on the test drive. That is most likely not how they expected the test drive to end.

Mailbox Number 22-O

People who are not very attention driven probably will not even notice the issue with this picture here. However, any artist or person will OCD is probably going wild. This family wanted to add numbers to their mailbox so everyone could see 220 written, however, instead of purchasing a 0 they bought an O. The difference is slight, but it makes a difference to all the perfectionists that are out there in the world.

It probably wouldn't even be too difficult for them to fix or replace. But maybe they haven't even noticed that there is something off. They think it is just regular numbering.

When a Toddler Tries to Use a Microwave

When a toddler tries to start using a microwave you have to know that nothing good will come of it. This toddler took his chance when he saw the microwave and just put everything possible into it. Although he clearly does not quite understand how a microwave works, he managed to do quite a bit of damage. He destroyed a game controller, a shoe, and a couple of batteries in the process.

Honestly, when you look at this, it could have been a lot worse. With a toddler, things are always so predictable. You have to be on constant alert to make sure nothing gets destroyed when you aren't looking.

That Knife Was Not Dishwasher Safe

What was supposed to just be a nice Christmas present that this woman's husband could use for many years, soon turned into what looked like a murder weapon? Note to self...not all knives are dishwasher can be clearly seen here. It was probably quite a valuable knife as well, from the looks of it. Who would have thought that just one dishwasher journey could do this to the knife?

Sadly there is also no way to salvage this once it has been harmed like this. The knife is as good as useless and just needs to be replaced, unless you want rust in your food.

Don't Leave Cash With Your Dog

Although you might think that it is perfectly fine to leave cash lying around when you have a pet (after all, they can't spend it), that might not always be the case. This person cashed their stimulus check, and, excited to have a little extra cash, left it in the house while they ran an errand. They came back to the most horrible sight. Their dog destroyed all the cash, tearing it to little bits.

This person managed to put the cash back together and hopefully, they were able to get compensation for it...otherwise that is one sad mistake.

The Most Expensive Fender Bender

Although a fender bender is typically not the most traumatizing type of accident, and it usually causes little to no damage, there is always an exception. In this case, the fender bender will end up costing something around $1.5 million dollars. That goes beyond just a little mistake and turns it into a very big and very expensive and very sad mistake that is hard to fix without going broke.

It's sad to see such a beautiful car destroyed so easily like this.

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