Real Photos We Really Can't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Have you ever looked at a photo and thought, "there is no way this is real; it has to be photoshopped?" Some images are just too beautiful and perfect to be real. Today more than ever, pictures are touched-up by photographers, even innocent-looking photos of animals or nature, and it is hard to tell which images are originals and which have been manipulated. We found unbelievable photos that have not been retouched, and they are almost too good to be real. Prepare to have your mind blown by these magnificent wonders of the world we live in!

Like A Scene Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie
The sun setting with a rainbow over it looks like we are viewing Earth from another planet. Is this what it would look like if Earth had Saturn's rings?

Some people say this is photoshopped, but it is just the beauty of our planet shining through.

The Water Looks Like An Elephant
This picture was taken at just the right moment for the water to look like an elephant. We don't know how this happened, but it is amazing.

Maybe the elephant will spray water on the people that will take the shape of more people.

Landscape Perfectly Divided By This Fence
This photo will give peace to the perfectionists out there as the landscape is perfectly divided by the railway fence.

If only there was a fire in one of the segments so they could have shown all four elements.

Aliens Or A Fire Burning Inside A Tree
A forest service worker took this picture of a fire burning inside a tree while he was fighting a wildfire. It looks like an alien substance glowing from within.

It could also be the trolls that live in the trees having a rave during the fire like an end of the world party.

Sun Rays Making The Ice Glow
In this ice cave, the golden rays during the sunset made the piece of ice glow like a giant piece of amber.

We are waiting for the inter-dimensional portal to open and suck that person in or release a bunch of space monsters.

Half Sunset
The fire nation is taking over, and the red is the progression of their domination of the realm. The fire nation is the most aggressive of the four nations.

In reality, this half sunset is incredible. We have never seen such a firey sunset like this.

Fantastical Rainbow Swamp
Is this how Shrek would decorate his swamp for pride month? Maybe this is what happens when a rainbow melts out of the sky during the heat of the summer.

Some people say that if you shake the trees, golden coins will come out. It is truly a magical sight to see.

Highway To Heaven
Instead of Highway to Hell, this one goes to heaven. There are no stop signs or speed limits, just open road, and nobody is going to slow you down.

This is actually highway I-80 in Wyoming that always looks like the road is going up into the sky. It is nice that heaven is letting in visitors from Wyoming these days.

Blanket Of Clouds
This looks like a scene out of a movie with the blanket of fluffy clouds and perfectly snow-covered mountains.

We don't know what's more beautiful, the clouds or the fact that there is no one else on the road, so no traffic.

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie
This bird knew he looked good, so he stopped to take a selfie of his reflection. He then tweeted his picture and captioned it "#Selfie."

The person's reflection blends right into the bird's body beside the phone and hands, which makes this photo so funny.

4 Seasons, 1 Window
This four-paneled window looks like it has all four seasons in one backyard. It is incredible how no two things in nature are the same; everything is organic.

If they ran an Airbnb out of their home, they could label it "the four seasons." People might be confused when they arrive because they thought it would be The Four Season's hotel, but it is close enough.

Giant Rock Climber
This boy is climbing on a rotten tree stump, but the angle makes it look like he is a giant stepping over a huge mountain.

This could be a scene out of Gulliver's Travels. Imagination is such a special thing for children, and he must be having fun.

The Ground Is Lava And She Doesn't Care
This dog must be special because she is glowing! It looks like lava is coming out of her paw and body when she lied down on the ground.

The sunlight hit just right as the sun was setting under a car, and the dog caught it at the right moment.

Two Halves Of A Whole Picture
The pole in the middle of the photo makes it look like two separate photos, and when you look quickly, they could be two different images.

The lighting on each side is different, which makes this even more bizarre. It is also impressive that they captured the man before he walked into the middle of the two sides.

"This Dog Is On Fire"
As Alicia Keys would say, "this dog is on fire, it's walking on fire." Don't worry, no dogs were harmed in the making of this photo. She is covered in Holi powder which gives the firey effect.

For anyone wondering, Holi powder is made from 95 percent cornstarch so it is not harmful to the dog.

What Planet Is This Person From?
This is what your eyes look like from close up. It looks like a bunch of colored fibers strung together to make up your eye color.

It looks like her eyes are in the process of changing from hazel to green. You can see the green color coming through at the bottom of her iris.

Rare Cat Breed
"She wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, multicolored polka dot fur coat." That's how the song goes, right?

There was an Easter decoration hanging on the window, and it gave this cat the perfect multicolored shadow.

So Clean You Can See Your Reflection
This black car is so clean that it now that it looks like a mirror. That must be so satisfying until you have to drive somewhere and it gets dirty within a few minutes.

This would the perfect opportunity to take a car mirror selfie and show off your clean car.

The Statue Shot An Arrow
That statue has great aim to be able to shoot right at the plane. Is that arrow going to get cleared at customs?

We can only imagine how excited the photographer was when he captured this picture.

Black and White and Red All Around Her
This girl fully committed to the black and white version of Santa. She painted her entire face and neck so she could stand out from the crowd.

It is like she is living in a black and white movie while the rest of the world is in technicolor.

3D Burnout Marks
These must be the burnout marks from the movie Back to the Future. Clear the way because a Delorian is landing here.

Have you ever seen burnout marks like this? They probably took so much tread off of their tires. Was it worth it? Maybe.

A Portal To Another World
When you wake up in the forest, not knowing how you got there, but you have a portal to another world.

This would be a perfect advertisement for the North Face tent that they are using.

Alien Invasion Inside The Closet
The monsters in her closet are having a fabulous party, and they didn't invite the owner of the closet, how rude.

The light from the closet is separated in such a unique way. It proves you can find beauty in anything.

The Never Ending Tunnel
This is a viaduct in southern England. The small amount of water running through it creates a reflection making it look like giant oval structures.

It looks like when you stand between two mirrors and you have an infinite amount of reflections.

Furry Fence
It must be freezing wherever this photo was taken because this is the morning frost on a fence.

It is almost as if a Yeti walked past the fence and left some hairs behind.

Where Did Her Body Go?
This must be where Skinny Cow ice cream comes from because this cow is a skinny legend; you can't even see her body.

She sticks to an all-grass diet to keep her lean and in shape.

The Clearest Water In The World
You might be thinking, "What water?" If you look closely at her wrist, you will notice the waterline, which is really the only way to tell that there is water in this photo.

It would be cool to see how clear this water is in deeper parts with fish.

The World's Tallest Tram
Remember that scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban when Harry takes the night bus, and it becomes thin and tall to pass through two other busses? This tram looks similar to that scene because it blends in with the tall building behind it.

We didn't know wizards existed in the muggle world, and now they have revealed where they are hiding.

A New Typing Water Fountain
This is the lesser-known cousin of "the fountain of youth," "the fountain of questionable existence."

They had to get this photo perfectly timed down to the millisecond so they could get the perfect shape.

From Garden To Van Gogh Painting
There was a rainstorm that flattened out the grass, making it look like a Van Gogh painting because of the different movements and strokes.

It seems like this would be really fluffy and comfortable to lie down on, but then it would be ruined.

Wasp On The Water
Wasps are scary in their own right, now we know how much more frightening their shadows look underwater.

Their shadows are similar to water bugs only more frightening because of the stingers.

Clock Is Falling And Taking The Wall With It
"Time keeps slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future." This clock is sliding right off the wall like a Salvador Dali painting coming to life.

This art feature is located at the Fashion Outlets of Chicago, and there are many other art features like this one to see.

How Is The Tea Not Spilling?!
These cups give the illusion that the tea is going to spill out of them with all the holes. You could probably trick a few people using these cups.

Unless this is magical tea that defies the laws of physics and stays in the cup regardless of the holes.

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds (2020)
Although the sky might look like a static TV, those are hundreds of thousands of starlings migrating across the skies of Rome.

This looks like something straight out of a nightmare. Imagine how dirty these cars must have gotten as the birds passed over. We wouldn't want to be there.

Amazing View And A Soccer Match
This soccer stadium in Mexico was built next to the Cera de la Silla mountain. You can get a great view of the sun setting over the mountain as you cheer on your favorite team.

Some people only buy tickets to look at the mountain, and some people hike the mountain to get a free view of the game.

If Only The Car Was Sideways Too
After a storm in Germany, these trees were knocked down, and it looks like a child's drawing beside the car.

It is almost as if the storm caused this part of Germany to become 2D.

The Picture Is Different in The Mirror
This magical unicorn photo shows a different image when you look at it in a mirror. It's true what they say, unicorns really are magical.

In fact, this is a 3D lenticular poster, so the image changes when you look at it from different angles.

Still Usable
This looks like one of the cups from the tea party scene in Alice in Wonderland. The cups were broken or cut in half, and they still worked.

If they sand down the sharp edges, it could be used as an abstract espresso cup.

Too Many Skylines
This picture was taken at Waterfowl Lake in Banff National Park in Canada. From this angle, it looks like the lake is the sky and then the mountain is floating in the sky.

You can get two pictures with the effort of only taking one.

The Paint Matches The Fog Perfectly
This company must have figured out how to put invisibility potion into the paint because the building is disappearing into the fog.

Once they paint the entire building, it will blend into the fog, and no one will be able to find it unless the sun is out.

Tower Shaped Sugar Or Light Reflection
The reflection of the light in this coffee makes it look like there is a portal to another world inside the cup.

The reflection also makes the lighting fixture look like a glowing castle from some sort of fairytale.

The Great Underworld
Each year, this pond sinks during the dry season which leaves behind a clear water line on the trees.

It looks like a split image of the upper and underworld straight out of Stranger Things.

Warning Sign Surrounded By Nothingness
The thick fog over this lake gives an eerie feel to this warning sign that looks like it is surrounded by nothing.

It is like you are traveling through another dimension that has nothing in it, and suddenly, you stumble upon this sign warning you of the danger ahead.

Floating Horse
That horse has learned to defy gravity, and he is levitating while napping. The aliens got tired of taking cows and humans, so they moved on to abduct horses, and someone caught them in the middle of an abduction.

The shadow from the standing horse perfectly lines up with the sleeping horse giving it a levitating effect.

A Tilted World
You might have to tilt your head to understand what this is a picture of fully. The sunlight perfectly splits the image, making it look like it is cut in half.

It could also be a scene out of Inception. This shows how photography can trick the eye.

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