These Inconsiderate Neighbors Had the Entire Neighborhood Shaking Their Heads

Having irritating or entitled people next door can ruin a perfectly good day. If you have a neighbor trying to peek through your blinds or constantly setting their (or your) yard on fire, you probably won't feel very comfortable in your home. And unfortunately, there is no shortage of pretty bad community members out there, so keep reading to see some eyebrow-raising moments that say, "Welcome to the neighborhood - not!"

When the Homophobic Neighbor Tells You to Cover Your Trash Bins

You would think that in this day and age, you wouldn't have to deal with a homophobic neighbor, but sadly that's just not the case in many places. Apparently, this person got a complaint from just such a neighbor about their trash can being visible, and they were forced to cover it up. Instead of just dragging it to the back of the building, they chose to do something a bit more creative.

They made and put up a rainbow-themed lattice to cover up the trash can, and they even called the city to ensure that the lattice was in accordance with the rules.

It's Really Hard to Love Thy Neighbor When This Is Their Backyard

There are a couple of different neighbors on this list with obvious hoarding issues, but this is probably the only one that let that issue leak out into their yard. It's honestly amazing that the fence in this photo is only bending and is not completely turned over. We're also pretty sure that this breaks some kind of community rules or falls under the umbrella of being a public health issue.

There's just no way that this is safe for either the neighbor or the person who posted the photo, and if the neighbor does have a hoarding problem, hopefully, they can get some help.

The Neighbors Moved and They Took the Collar, but Not the Cat

Apparently, abandoning your pet when you move is a pretty common occurrence because after this photo was posted, a lot of other people commented that they had gone through similar situations. The person who posted this photo said that the neighbors took their cat's collar but left the cat, which is honestly a pretty terrible thing to do. Cats are resilient, but if you don't plan on taking care of one forever, you probably shouldn't adopt a pet.

Luckily, it looks like whoever posted this photo ended up caring for the cat and offering it some food and water, which is probably the best situation for both parties.

Rowdy Neighbors Took Revenge on Her Dog

Kids can be pretty naughty sometimes. That's not really surprising. However, this photo is on a whole other level, and we can't imagine who would do something like this. The guy who posted it said he'd found his neighbor's kids throwing rocks at his fence and asked them to stop. Some 30 minutes later, he walked out into his yard and saw what appeared to be an apple with a nail in it.

The worst part is that he has a dog, which is probably what the kids were targeting. We're kind of curious how a kid would even be able to come up with something like this.

"Neighbor's Son Sneaked a Smoke in My Yard"

A neighbor's kid had snuck out to have a quick smoke when they accidentally ended up catching this guy's entire backyard on fire. Luckily, it doesn't look like anyone was hurt; the only damage was to the property. However, it could've been much worse, as it seems like the fire got pretty close to a propane tank that could've exploded and caught this guy's home on fire.

We're sure the kid was in a heck of a lot of trouble when their parents found out. But they're just lucky that this wasn't any worse than it was.

This Guy Repairs RVs at Home as a Side Hustle

This one is kind of complicated. This guy's neighbor has a side business, and as you might've guessed, it involves RVs. However, the neighbor continually parks the RVs halfway in the middle of the road, and complaining to their homeowner's association would only get the landlord in trouble. That'd be fine in most cases, but whoever took this photo is friends with the landlord who's renting out the home.

It seems like the problem might end up causing the person who posted this to change neighborhoods. "This is why I want to move!" they wrote online.

Person Next Door Sold All the Other Puppies and "set This One Free"

This one is pretty horrible. Someone posted this photo and said they'd found a puppy wandering around their yard. When they went to a neighbor who'd previously been seen with a litter of puppies, the neighbor said he'd decided to let it go "free" after selling the rest. Unlike cats, dogs are a bit less able to fend for themselves without humans, especially when they look like they're only a couple of months old.

Don't get us wrong, abandoning either is terrible, but what kind of person puts a puppy out on the street like that without even an ounce of remorse?

Oh That? That's Just a Bullet From the Neighbor

This is probably one of the most life-threatening things to happen on this list. But sadly, it's not that uncommon. Someone posted this photo after their neighbors had a big fight, and a bullet came flying from their home and into this person's bathroom mirror. Luckily, they weren't standing there brushing their teeth or anything when it was shot, but this would still make us furious.

Hopefully, whoever posted this photo ended up calling the police because that bullet could've done serious damage to either them or whoever was arguing with the person who shot the gun.

Person Next Door Didn't Pay Their Tree-Cutter - So He Got Revenge

Someone came home to find their neighbor's yard completely covered in debris, and it turned out that there was a pretty good reason for it. Apparently, this neighbor had failed to pay the contractor that cut down this tree. So, the contractor did the only thing that made sense and returned the tree to this guy's property. We feel bad that the rest of the neighborhood is affected, too.

But we don't blame this contractor for leaving the product behind. The last thing you want to do after a day filled with cutting down trees is to worry about whether a client will pay you or not.

When a Crib Thief Lives Next Door

No, that's not really a clown in this photo, but it does perfectly describe this neighbor's actions. A family ordered their newborn a bassinet, and their neighbor made off with it when it arrived. Luckily, the family had security cameras around their home and caught their neighbor in the act. When they went to confront him, he denied it even after he was shown footage from the security camera.

They ended up having to call the police, according to their post, but they did end up getting it back and said that the newborn was using it at the time of the post.

After 3 Years, He Left in the Middle of the Night... We Wonder Why...

This photo was posted after a neighbor "mysteriously" left in the middle of the night. Despite living next to the person for around three years, whoever posted the photo said they'd never been in their house, and after seeing this, it makes sense why. Many people were quick to point out that the person who lived here was probably struggling with some mental health issues relating to hoarding.

That's certainly possible, but if they were hoarders, then it's kind of strange that they were able to instantly leave everything they owned behind and move in less than a day.

"Ah Yes, Just the Right Amount to Ruin My Neighbor's Day"

There's nothing more infuriating than someone taking up two parking spaces. Okay, there are actually many more infuriating things, many of which are on this list. But when you pay $125 a month for a parking spot, you expect to be able to park there. So, we can see why this person was angry enough to post about it online. The worst part is the neighbor isn't even that far over and could've easily fixed it.

That said, there is the possibility that there was a car parked over the line next to the one in this photo whenever the neighbor parked, but even then, they should've told whoever took the photo.

The Local Kids Really Love Archery... They're Just Not Very Good

We're not quite sure shooting an arrow through your neighbor's window is worse or better than shooting a bullet, but one thing is for sure, they're both equally dangerous. Had this arrow not hit the top of the window, it would've gone straight through the glass and into anyone standing behind it. Arrows like this can and do go straight through animals when they're used for hunting, so this thing is really dangerous.

However, the worst part might just be that whoever posted this photo said it wasn't the first time it'd happened, which is kind of crazy and deserves a call to the police or at least the HOA.

That Security Light Is on All Day and Night

You know light is bright when it hurts your eyes to even look at it in a photo. This was posted by someone who said their neighbor keeps this thing on 24/7 for security reasons, which honestly feels like a bit of overkill. Just buy an alarm system and put up some cameras. Many people in the comment section suggested that this person put up a mirror to reflect the light.

That's certainly not a bad idea, but we'd probably try talking to our neighbor before doing that, as we're sure they could understand why something like this might keep others up at night.

Don't Bother Knocking if Your Name Is on the List

This one is probably more hilarious than anything else. A neighbor put up a list of all the people not welcome at their house, and the list is pretty long. Among the notables are Woody Harrelson, Oprah, and Jesse Jackson. We can't think of any reason you wouldn't want Oprah to show up at your home, but apparently, this person has some kind of beef with the beloved talk show host.

It also probably took whoever this is a long time to write down all of those lists, as they're not exactly short. We hope they were just doing this to be funny and don't need help.

The Party Next Door Was Wild, to Say the Least

This is honestly kind of impressive, and if we woke up to find our trampoline that high in a tree, our first thought might just be to laugh. However, we'd then go to our neighbor's house and tell them to get to climbing. Whoever posted this just said that their neighbor had a party, and they found their trampoline in the tree the next day, but we're really curious as to how this even happened.

It looks like that was one hell of a party, and we're sure the neighbor was probably just as perplexed as to how they got it up in the tree as whoever posted this photo.

They Wanted to Welcome the New Family to the Neighborhood

You know you're in for a bad time when a neighbor catches their truck on fire on your first day at your new place. That's what happened to whoever posted this photo. They said their neighbor was burning trash, and they looked out to see that the truck was also on fire. We're not too sure if setting the truck on fire was intentional or just a crazy accident.

However, we are pretty sure this doesn't bode well for whoever just moved in. They can probably expect a couple of more incidents similar to this one in the future.

When You Realize Your Mom Is the Neighborhood's Toxic Neighbor

This one isn't actually on the neighbors. In fact, the neighbors involved with this photo sound delightful. Instead, someone posted these treats and said that their neighbors brought them over as a gift during Eid, the Festival of Sweets celebrated in Islam. However, the poster's mother made him throw them away after learning they were for Eid, which is honestly pretty prejudiced. But on the bright side, at least whoever the photo knew that wasn't the right way to go about things.

And the Eid treats honestly look pretty delicious. Many commenters thought so as well and said they'd be looking up similar recipes after they saw the photo.

Dude Next Door Tried to Break in Through the Medicine Cabinet

This one is pretty odd. A neighbor tried to break into this guy's home, but instead of breaking in through a door or window, they tried to break into the back of a medicine cabinet. The person that posted this image said that they ended up calling the cops, who told him his neighbor had prior offenses involving drugs, so it kind of makes sense that they'd go for the cabinet.

Still, it's creepy, and what was the neighbor thinking? That the person who lived on the other side wouldn't notice it was them trying to bash down the wall from their apartment?

Always Watching, Even if You Put up a Fence

We'd have a long, hard talk with our neighbors if they ever tried pulling something like this. Apparently, the neighbor had a problem with being nosey and maybe even stealing a couple of items, so this guy put up a fence to keep them out. However, the neighbor put up a security camera that looks directly into the backyard. Not only is that extremely creepy, but it's also downright infuriating.

And as it turns out, this is actually illegal in the U.S., which is where we're assuming this photo was taken, as people have a right to privacy in their backyard if they have a fence.

Neighbor's Kid Just Added A Little Flair to the Car

Unlike many other incidents on this list, this one has a happy ending. Someone walked outside to find that a neighbor's child had taken a rock and drawn a picture on their car. Instead of overreacting and calling the cops or getting too angry, they simply went over and talked to their neighbors. The poster enlisted the very young kids to help detail the car and buff out the scratches.

They even added that they had a talk with the five-year-old who did it, and the two hugged it out after they made the five-year-old wash down the side of the house.

There's Always That One Neighbor With a Decomposing Body in Their House

Someone posted this photo online after noticing that their neighbor's window was covered in hundreds of flies. That usually means that something not very good has happened on the inside, and this turned out to be no different. It was eventually discovered that there were dead and rotting animals inside the house, which we can only imagine was extremely disgusting. Why the owners decided not to get rid of the bodies is anyone's guess.

However, it turns out this isn't a super rare occurrence, as some of the people in the comments said they'd had neighbors who'd done the same before.

It's the Local Photographer

Photographing things is usually just a fun and playful hobby. However, something might be up when you start noticing that a neighbor keeps coming back to the same spot and snapping the same photo. That's what this person noticed, and it turned out the neighbor was trying to take photos through the window to get a peek inside people's houses, which is pretty creepy and also perfectly legal in most places.

We're not sure what this person ended up doing about the problem, but hopefully, they told whoever's home it was that this guy was taking photos and to close their blinds.

"Little Kid Across the Street Took a Little Joyride Into My Door"

It's not uncommon for teens to take a car out for a joyride, even if they're underage. However, it is unusual for them to run that car right into a neighbor's front porch and door. That's what happened here, and we're sure the homeowner wasn't too thrilled about the whole thing when they were woken up in the middle of the night. To be fair, though, the mat does say "welcome" on it.

Then again, that's probably not what they had in mind when they put it down. We can only imagine how much trouble that kid had with his parents after this happened.

The Mysterious Case of the Stairwell Soup Spiller

We've only ever seen something like this play out on The Office, so this one was a bit of a surprise to us. But a tenant spilled their soup on the stairwell of a building, and someone decided to leave them a little note telling them to clean it up. The perpetrator wrote back that they planned on leaving it there and that whoever wrote the first note could deal with it. And that's not all.

Not only that, but he also said he planned on spilling more soup in the future. Needless to say, the notes spiraled out of control a bit. We aren't sure how this all ended, but we're pretty invested in this storyline now and would like to know what eventually happened.

Note to Self: Never Let Your Neighbor Use the Garage

Working on a vehicle is always going to be messy. However, that doesn't mean you should leave your mess there for someone else to clean up. Someone let their neighbor use their garage to work on their truck, and when they left, it looked like this. The neighbor didn't pick up any of the tools and just left everything where it was when they were finished so that the poster could pick up after their mess.

Hopefully, this guy learned his lesson and won't let the neighbor use his garage anymore after this. We also hope he got them back in there to clean everything up.

"Neighbors Put Their Bin on My Property, in Front of My Van"

This person got a bit frustrated after their neighbor started putting their trashcans in front of the van pictured here. And we can understand why. The neighbor has an entire front yard to set their trashcans out, and they still choose to set them in front of this person's property. Not only that, but they do it in a way that prevents them from getting out of their own driveway.

A couple of commenters suggested that this person just run them over the next time they need to leave, but that might be a little bit overkill and possibly against the law.

Honey, It's Raining Neighbor's Dog Puke Today

If you live in an apartment complex, then some things just come with the territory. For example, you're going to have to put up with other people to a certain degree that you probably wouldn't if you owned a home with a large yard. That said, you shouldn't have to put up with this. Someone walked out on their balcony to find dog puke everywhere, and it turned out it was from the balcony above their own.

It wasn't the first time it happened, either. They ended up taking the situation to the property manager, who issued their neighbor a notice and warned them against doing it again.

Office Neighbors Aren't Much Better

This isn't exactly someone's home, but it is a new office someone moved into. After moving in, they noticed that their neighbors weren't the tidy type and would apparently throw trash out onto the hill. That's pretty disappointing, considering we're sure the building has a trash can or two located somewhere on the premises. And if you're curious as to where this photo was taken, some commenters said that it was taken in Georgia, the country.

That said, it probably wouldn't take one or two people very long to clean up, but it's still something that never should've happened in the first place, and nobody likes cleaning up after other people.

Moving Day Lasted All Day

Nobody likes moving. It's a hassle, and it takes hours, and by the end of it all, you just feel like you could lie down and sleep forever. However, that doesn't mean you get to block the entire street with a U-Haul so your neighbors can't get in and out. A much simpler solution would've just been to park on the side of the road and carry everything to the truck.

The worst part is that they could've gotten closer to the home, and one lane would've been free for use. However, with that said, this probably only lasted for one day, and it's not the worst thing in the world.

Another Apartment, Another Bullet Hole

You'd think there would only be enough space for one instance of a neighbor shooting into someone's home on this list, but you'd be wrong. Someone posted this photo without giving much background information. But to be honest, it really doesn't need that much; we can see what happened. A neighbor shot a gun, and the bullet traveled into someone else's home, which would be enough for us to call the police immediately.

The poster did say that this hole was in their bedroom and that the incident occurred at night, meaning it didn't happen too far away from where they were sleeping.

When the Neighbors Move Out and You Take a Peek Inside

Someone posted this home photo after their neighbors moved out of the place. As you can see, the place is a total wreck, and it's probably going to take dozens of hours to clean everything up and maybe even replace the flooring. However, the poster didn't give any details about the people that had lived here before. That said, they probably had some issues they were dealing with.

Whether that was a mental illness or they couldn't afford a trash service, we really don't know. Still, it's sad to see a home like and we feel bad for both parties.

A 100-Year-Old Heirloom Planter Destroyed

Kids can get out of hand sometimes when they're playing around, and that's probably what happened here. Someone posted this photo online, but without much context. All they said was that the neighbor's kid destroyed their planter, which was given to them by their grandmother. Luckily, the breaks look pretty clean, and it might be possible to fix the planter, but we're sure they were heartbroken whenever they laid eyes on it.

On the bright side, it kind of looks like it was time to give the plant a new pot anyway because the roots look like they could use some more room.

A Neighbor Poured Hot Charcoal Into His Trashcan

You'd think it would be pretty apparent that you shouldn't pour hot ashes in a plastic trashcan since heat tends to melt the plastic. However, that's exactly what this neighbor did, and it melted through the side of the can. Unlike many other items on this list, this one probably doesn't affect the poster very much, but it's still a sign that your neighbor doesn't really think through their decisions.

Now, if this had been in the poster's trashcan, we could understand getting angry and posting about it online because that'd just be ridiculous and pretty frustrating, especially considering it says not to do so on most trash cans.

Time for a Community Intervention

We're not really sure how we feel about this one. On the one hand, this neighbor intends to recycle all of these Captain Morgan bottles, which is always a good thing. But on the other hand, that's a lot of bottles, and according to whoever posted this photo, there are more in the recycling bin that isn't pictured here. How could one human being possibly go through this many bottles of alcohol?

We're seriously worried for whoever went through all of these bottles. It might be time for whoever posted this photo to hold a neighborhood-involved intervention to ensure this person is okay. Or maybe they just had a wild, crowded party.

What Were They Doing With the Trampoline?!

It's no secret that many homes in the U.S. are built using cheaper materials than might be found in some other places. That said, we still can't figure out how something like this might've happened. This is a photo someone posted online after their neighbor's trampoline punctured the wall in their niece's room. The only explanation we can think of is that maybe there were some hurricane-force winds at play.

Still, this is a pretty scary sight. The last thing you want is a pole coming through a child's room and potentially causing harm to someone. Hopefully, this was just a one-off event.

The Nosy Neighbor After You Don't Answer the Door

The comments were pretty divided after seeing this photo. Many people said it was okay for a neighbor to look into someone's home after ringing the doorbell. Some even brought up the possibility that this guy was checking to ensure the people inside were still alive. However, we have to side with those who said this was weird. Even if you're home and choose not to answer the door, that doesn't give someone the right to go peeking inside your house.

Your home is supposed to be where you feel most comfortable, and we wouldn't feel too comfortable knowing our neighbors took it upon themselves to take a peek inside our windows whenever they wanted to stop by.

Guess the Family Next Door Isn't Fond of Their Cat

Someone posted this photo after noticing that their neighbor had put up spikes on a shared fence. The spikes apparently kept this person's cats out of their yard. And most people in the comments agreed with the neighbor on this one. They said that this person's cats shouldn't be climbing fences and wandering into the yard next door. However, we think that the spikes might be a little much in this case.

Unless you're the kind of person who gardens and cuts their yard religiously, it probably isn't that big of a deal that cats occasionally wander into your yard. But hey, maybe they have a beautiful garden. This is why we need to know how these stories end, people!

After the Neighbor's Got Evicted

Someone snapped this photo after their neighbors got evicted. Like many other photos on this list, the house looks like a complete wreck. However, the poster said that around eight people were living here before they were kicked out. So, honestly, whether they had a problem with hoarding or not, they probably should have sought help and tried to keep the place from becoming this messy, especially considering there were probably kids living here.

It's also a bit ironic that the sign on the back wall reads, "waste not, want not." It looks like they may have taken that little piece of advice a bit too seriously.

Fourth of July Leftovers

This townhouse resident awoke to find this scene out on his shared porch. It shows what happens when you don't ensure your fireworks are all the way out before throwing them away. We're not sure if the fireworks just looked like they were done or if some were smoldering when they were thrown away, but both residents definitely just avoided having their homes burnt down. It even looks like the fire was smoldering for a while.

Many commenters noticed that the front porch is roofed in, and the beams on the roof look pretty old, so the fact they didn't catch fire was really a lucky break.

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