Dogs And Their Owners Are Put Side By Side By A Photographer, And The Resemblance Is Undeniable

We've all heard the phrase, 'like owner, like dog' before. Now, British photographer Gerard Gethings has put that to the test. Every dog owner has a special kind of love for their canine companion, but would they go as far as wanting to look like them? Well, these owners certainly do. In the fun series formulated by Gerard, we're taking a look at some of the best portraits. As with all of Gerard's work, these portraits are bursting full of character. In fact, they seem to get funnier as you look at them for longer.

1. Henry & Hope, The Afgan Hound

When it comes to hair goals, this might just be it. Those highlights are sensational. They nailed it. It’s safe to say Hope is model material; she rocks that side part! Common traits of the Afgan Hound are independent, aloof, and self-confident, we’re sure you’ll agree that personality shines through in this image.

2. Jessica & Buddy, The Bishon Frise

Okay, serious cuteness overload here! We’re not sure who’s perm looks better, Jessica’s or Buddy’s! Either way, this might just be one of the most adorable duos we’ve seen. The only thing missing is a pink cardigan for Buddy. As the Bishon Frise is known for being playful and gentle, a pink cardigan would surely make the perfect outfit choice.

3. Monica & Reggie, The Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is known for being devoted and protective, this is a genuinely loving breed, although not particularly social. From the color details to the blue tongue, everything about this photograph is perfect. Monica’s outfit choice and hair color is the ultimate reflection of Reggie’s beautiful ombre coat!

4. Cenk & Horst, The Schnauzer

Just in case you thought a dog couldn’t nail a side profile photograph, Horst has put the record straight here. From the details of the beard to the jet-black fur, the resemblance is uncanny. Horst has nailed those dark and moody vibes! As a breed that is described to ‘have it all’ in one small package, Horst has most definitely got the model personality.

5. Francois & Antoine, The French Bulldog

All hail Antoine, the perfect little preacher. When it comes to dog collars, it doesn’t get much better than this! Like his owner, both Francois and Antione are primed for perfection. As a breed that thrives on attention, we’re sure those markings get Antione plenty!

6. Benji and Harper, The Schnoodle

Last but certainly not least is Benji and his pooch Harper. I mean, what can we even say about this perfect pair?! The details of the hair are unbeatable! Those eyes could convince you to give away your last piece of chicken for sure! Plus, considering Schnoodles are said to be fun-loving and affectionate, it’s practically impossible not to give in to that charm!

As you raise your pup, over the years, they will pick up on your commands and behaviors. From walking like you to adopting your sleeping patterns, dogs most definitely become part of the family. From the moment you bring your dog home, everything you do molds their character. However, would you ever consider grooming your beloved pooch to look like you?!

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