Chilling Objects and Moments Captured on Camera

The internet is home to some seriously mysterious pictures that could spook even the most adventurous of us. Don't believe us? That's alright - we've got the proof. From animals and plants to human-made weirdness, we've compiled hair-rising photos from the dark corners of the web. So keep scrolling for rare moments caught on camera that'll have you wanting to sleep with the lights on.

A Mentally Ill Patient's Last Drawing

The mind of a schizophrenic patient was captured in a drawing they created soon before their passing. It depicts a ghostly creature appearing from the darkness, which was apparently what the patient was seeing. The image is absolutely chilling and brutal to look at for more than a few seconds. It also seems like this person was experiencing constant nightmares that we couldn't even imagine, at least not without this drawing.

Looking at this gives us just a bit of insight into what was going through this patient's head just moments before they passed.

This Nature DIY Turned Into a Nightmare

Squirrels are cute creatures that do nothing more than climb trees and munch on nuts. That's why we were surprised to hear that that same animal managed to tear apart a pumpkin after someone smothered it in peanut butter. They did such a number on it that the animals ended up creating a scary face; it also seems like this jack-o-lantern didn't exactly enjoy the experience of being torn apart by nature's creatures.

Instead of carving this pumpkin as most people do, this person decided to let the squirrels do all of the work, and the final result was definitely scary- perfect for Halloween.

A Restroom With a Creepy Twist

These bathroom tiles look like little windows, each unique and different from the rest. The design makes it feel like you are showering or using the toilet in the middle of an apartment building, where all the tiny people watch you as they stare out their windows. It's creepy, and whatever person chooses to have this in their bathroom doesn't exactly value the whole privacy part of using the restroom.

Not many people would choose to constantly feel like they're showering in front of a hundred tiny windows, whether they're real ones or not.

Don't Let the Stone Giant See You

It looks like this rock might have been some forest creature in a different life because it has an eyeball or a stone that has evolved to watch over the forest in the creepiest way ever. Either that or this thing is secretly a stone troll that has recently woken up from a deep sleep after about a thousand years of hibernation, and we want nothing to do with it.

This might be the only stone with an eyeball, and we hope this fact stays that way because hiking through a forest to find a rock staring back at you sounds terrifying.

The Effects of Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's can destroy a patient's ability to write, which can be seen here, where a woman's signature drastically yet slowly changes throughout the years. In the beginning, she could quickly write her name, but that signature became less legible as the disease took over the woman's mind and handwriting. Everything changed, from her usual punctuation to the natural flow of the letters and the dates, which eventually became illegible.

It's common knowledge that Alzheimer's disease deteriorates most functional abilities, but these signatures really depict the eerie and devastating evolution when it comes to being able to write.

Their Garden Is Haunted

Not often do vegetables look like they came out of a horror movie, but this one is pretty terrifying and far from ordinary. It looks exactly like a hand, and it even has just the right amount of fingers. It was dug up from someone's garden, and we think they're probably better off putting it back where it came from. Just to avoid any future sweet potato hauntings or anything like that.

This sweet potato looks more like it's a missing piece of a corpse, but it's actually completely natural. Although we are sure about one thing- we probably wouldn't eat it.

And Here We Thought Bats Couldn't Get Any Scarier

You've probably never thought about how bats grow up; well, this image is an accurate depiction of exactly how that happens. They apparently can hang from the dark depths of a cave as babies and are basically bunched up together as they rest before even growing any eyeballs or fur. The image is pretty harrowing, and you were probably better off just not knowing about the evolution of bats in general.

Whether or not you might think bats are cute, the truth is that they're associated with Halloween for a reason. They're scary when they're grown and apparently even creepier as babies.

They Were "alone" in an Abandoned Basement When They Saw This

Anyone working inside an abandoned building would like to assume that they are entirely alone, and that's precisely what this employee was thinking. That was until they turned around and found some footprints right next to the ones they had made. The scary thing is that the prints are bare, as if the unknown, ghostly visitor wasn't wearing shoes and was walking in the same direction as the worker.

Creepy and bloody-looking footprints don't belong anywhere, but they shouldn't be found in a completely abandoned building. Especially if the only person in it definitely didn't make those footprints.

This Feels Like the Beginning of One of Those Horror Movie Where Everyone's Stuck Inside

Anyone living on or near the water knows that hurricanes can be very disastrous, especially when living on the ground floor. Incredibly, the person living here doesn't seem phased by the fact that the actual crisis is happening right outside their door. This condo is right on the water and on the ground floor, which means that this scene is a true recipe for disaster as he sits and enjoys the view.

The person sitting in the chair in the picture seems way too calm for comfort as they watch a hurricane destroys everything outside of the same window they're looking out of.

Monsters Are Real

Centipedes are one of the scarier bugs; that's because they're both gigantic and have way too many legs to count. In fact, most people refuse to even get close to them for reasons we fully understand. Centipedes do reproduce, and their mothers tend to cradle them when they grow as a form of safety. The end result is bone-chilling, so we give you permission to stop looking at this photo.

The scary thing is, this centipede doesn't exactly love her kids- she's just protecting them in the most animalistic form ever, although that's probably as close to love as a bug can get.

RIP Lake Mead

The water levels at Lake Mead have changed drastically from 1983 until today to a point where it currently looks like the terrain of another planet. Some people say that everything was better in the 80s; apparently, that also applies to the quality of the planet. As time goes on, our world changes and the sometimes-devastating results are as clear as day in this before-and-after image of the lake.

This picture is of Lake Mead in Arizona, and the difference in water levels after forty years is both astonishing and concerning, so much so that it looks like a different place.

Hope You're Not Afraid of Clowns

Hidden between the growing bananas and the green leaves of this tree is a blossom that looks like the Chuckie Doll from the famous horror film. From the hair to facial expressions, it's hard to believe this is part of a fruit, not a monster hiding inside a tree. It seems like it would thoroughly enjoy haunting anyone who walks by the tree in the middle of the night.

Banana trees are known for growing nothing more than bananas, of course, but this one looks like it produced a monster that just happens to be watching you from high above.

This Boy Disappeared and Was Allegedly Found 8 Months Later... But It Wasn't Actually the Same Boy
At just four years old, a boy named Bobby Dunbar randomly disappeared during a family vacation, and nobody knew where he could be or how he vanished. Eventually, his family believed they had found him and were thrilled to be reunited with the son they had been worrying about for quite some time. Bobby lived the entirety of his life with his newly united family, but something just wasn't quite right with him.

But in 2004, a DNA test proved that this was indeed not Bobby Dunbar. Someone else's little boy was "returned" to the Dunbar family, and there he lived out his life believing he had been their previously kidnapped son.

How One AI Technology Spookily Depicted "religion"

This AI bot generated its depiction of the word 'religion,' and what it created looks like an image from a horror movie. It's made some cult-like representation of a group of scary-looking people that seem to be worshipping something terrifying. We'll never know how or why this is the version the generator chose to make, but we do know that we won't want to see it again anytime soon.

Artificial intelligence bots gather millions of images throughout the internet into one photo representing specific keywords. This generator just happened to create one of the darkest representations of religion ever.

That Time Wild Animals Took Over People's Homes

Europeans refused to let their local zoo animals die as war victims, so some turned their homes into zoos. The woman in this picture is standing in an almost destroyed bathtub, but she still manages to find some food for the bird. Rations were high, and food was hard to find for people, but that didn't stop this woman from saving some to feed the bird living in her home.

During the second world war, just about everything in Europe was destroyed, including zoos, but civilians took matters into their own hands when it came to keeping the animals alive.

Imagine Waking up to This

Few of us wake up to a creepy cat sitting like a human on top of our dresser, which seems to be a good thing in the long run. This cat owner admitted that they absolutely despise waking up to their cat staring at them in this exact position. It looks like this furry guy is silently watching its owner sleep while counting the seconds before they awake, and there's nothing more terrifying than that.

Most cat owners love waking up to their cute and cuddly pets in the morning, but this one doesn't even come close to that since this view is downright creepy.

This Could Make Anyone Afraid of Heights

The only way this lighthouse can be reached is by helicopter, but back in the day, the keeper of this lighthouse actually had to climb the rocks. Below the stones are rough waters, and anyone willing to do the job had to face an incredibly risky journey where death was probable. There have likely been many lighthouse keepers who never made it to the final destination before helicopters entered the equation.

If you have a fear of heights, then you probably wouldn't even consider visiting this lighthouse that sits on top of an incredibly tall rock in the middle of Iceland.

The Stalker Neighbor Next Door

It's hard to believe a person out there has been spraying bug spray through her neighbor's window just to torture them. Not only that, but her creepy face can be seen peeking through the cracks of the fence, where every encounter with her has been terrifying. Dealing with situations when just trying to live peacefully is frustrating, and we are assuming that this person wants to move out as soon as possible.

Most people are proud to say they have friendly next-door neighbors, but the woman living next door to this house has made life pretty torturous for everyone around her.

A Tarantula and a Huge Moth Had a Baby

The strange creature you're looking at isn't a moth or anything of the sort; it's a tarantula species with wings. While a flying spider might sound like an absolute nightmare, this thing is called an Antheraea Polyphemus and makes us want to leave the planet before it can get anywhere near us. The insect has wings that look like one of a moth and legs to prove it's a spider.

This hairy-looking creature looks more like an alien from another planet, and many people say that some bugs are better off just not existing- it's fair to apply that thought to this one.

If You Come Here, You'll Be Closer to Astronauts in Space Than Any Human on Land

Everyone talks about places being in the middle of nowhere, but Point Nemo is actually the farthest place from civilization. The distance from any land is so far there isn't really any point in counting the distance. In fact, if you were lost here, you would be closer to space than to land- which is a terrifying thought. We recommended staying comfortable on land and never actually going to the middle of nowhere.

Point Nemo is a dangerous distance away from land, and anyone getting lost in this location would be lost for a very long time- if they're lucky enough to be found.

If You Get Lost, Just Follow the Dark, Abandoned Train Track

You never know what could be hiding in the depths of pure darkness, which is why most people choose to take a bright path home to avoid any potential unknowns. This person has to walk through abandoned railroad tracks to avoid the dangerous parts of town. The issue here is that they have to walk four whole miles to reach their home, which means they spend way too much time in the darkness.

Tons of people are afraid of the dark, so not many would choose to take this path home in the middle of the night, even if it was the best option.

"This Container Transports a Disease Which Has No Cure"

This trailer truck may be claiming there's an incurable disease inside of it just to keep people away since it doesn't look like a government vehicle, but it's best never to find out. There really could be anything inside of there, from the common cold to the flu, or maybe even nothing more than gardening equipment. Either way, most people who see this vehicle likely want to stay as far away from it as possible.

Staying away from this big disease-filled truck while on the road is probably the best idea, especially since they're admitting that whatever is on that truck doesn't have a cure.

Apparently, These Creepy Crawlers Will Take Over if the World Ever Floods

During a flood, insects living in the mud at this location knew they had to save themselves from dying, so they crawled onto this cement post to see another day. From beetles to mud worms, all types of species are seeking refuge together, ensuring that they would survive whatever was happening here. The move was actually a smart one, but the view is almost unbearable for us humans to look at from a distance.

Imagine having a phobia of bugs only to walk down the street to see this view- terrifying. Apparently, insects really do have minds of their own and actually value life.

Welcome to Pet Cemetery

This dog looks like it's running around without a head, but thankfully, that's not the case. It's actually grooming its back, but an illusion was formed to create this image. It's kind of scary at first, mainly because something here doesn't look quite right. Thankfully, things start to make sense after realizing that this pup has lost a leg and just happens to be licking its back while a camera takes a picture from below.

Dogs usually are adorable creatures, but this one, with three legs, happened to look like the headless horseman because of nothing more than a perfect camera angle and even better timing.

This Person Is Supposed to Be 6'7" but Is Instead 5'10" Because of This

This is an x-ray image of a very crooked spine from a person who had to undergo surgical intervention to straighten it. They were a solid five feet and ten inches tall before the surgery and ended up being closer to six feet tall following it. The curves in his spine were so deep that everyday life was hard to live, and the before and after results were seriously shocking, even to the patient.

The person who underwent this surgery was originally supposed to grow up to be almost seven feet tall without complications, and this surgery made him pretty close to that height.

Why Are They All Looking at the Same Exact Spot?

Someone walked outside their home to find hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny green frogs taking over the pavement. The scary part here is that they're not jumping around or doing normal frog activities, as they seem to be zombie-like. Every one of these frogs appeared to be looking at something particular and wasn't even moving like they usually do. It's almost like some kind of bizarre ritual was randomly happening at this person's front door.

If frogs filling up the entirety of a road wasn't scary enough, these look like they're hypnotized as they all seemed to be staring in the same direction as each other.

Where Lost Hikers Stay Forever

This diagram depicts the locations of bodies on Mount Everest that can't ever be moved from the steep mountain. Due to the lack of oxygen, many hikers tend to get ill and even lose their lives during the hike, and unfortunately, it's where they stay forever. Due to the angle of the peaks, it's nearly impossible for rescuers to recover the bodies of lost hikers from this location, so they will forever stay lying in the cold.

Mount Everest is an incredibly dangerous place due to its temperatures and altitudes. That's why tons of hikers end up losing their lives and are never able to be retrieved afterward.

He Got Stuck in a Cave Tunnel Hundreds of Feet Underground

After crawling through a cave, a man named John Jones ended up stuck, and his body was currently in the same position as nobody was ever able to reach him. John couldn't crawl out of a very tight part of the cave and became stuck in an upside-down position. Unfortunately, all rescue efforts to save him failed due to both the depth and danger of the cave. After a long twenty-six hours, John passed away.

Thirteen years ago, John Jones went to crawl through a famous cave called Nutty Putty with some of his family members, but nobody knew that would be his last adventure.

"We've Been Expecting You"

Imagine having a great day at the zoo, only to turn around and find a sea creature strangely staring at you like this from a distance. The longer you look at this seal's face, the creepier it gets, but we're pretty sure this little guy didn't have any bad intentions. Seals may only have a face that a mother could love, but in general, some would say that they're actually kind of cute.

Either this seal just isn't happy living in that tiny enclosure, or he really does have something to say to the guests that are taking the picture; we just don't know what.

This Haunting Image Is Definitely Not What the Bottle Designers Imagined

A forensic artist turned a vodka bottle into something that looks like it came to earth all the way from outer space. The bottle was skull shaped, which gave them a great head start- pun intended. Since the artist had a background in forensics, it wasn't hard for them to slowly construct a real face onto the bottle with some clay. The final product looks as if the creature is way too happy to have been given a human-like form.

The artist that designed this bottle-based facial reconstruction would probably consider their final piece a work of art, while the rest of us see it as something that is purely horrifying.

The Final Light Before 600 Miles of Pure Dark

There isn't anything scarier than walking miles through the darkness without a single light source, and that's precisely what you would experience if you continued to travel beyond this lamppost. We think it's safe to say that nothing other than pure fear exists beyond this location since most people aren't brave enough to actually choose to continue walking past the light. Although, this is probably a lot less scary when the sun is up in the daytime.

Following this single lamp post, this is about six hundred miles of pure darkness that seems to go on forever. Whatever might actually exist beyond this area is likely unknown.

Some Kind of Textbook Inception

This might look like a standard college algebra prep textbook, but there's something super strange going on here, and it takes a minute to realize what that might be. All the students in the picture are holding the same book- but something on the cover isn't quite right. The same people in the photo are on the textbooks they are holding, but if they are taking the picture now, how could they already be on the cover page?

At first, it looks like nothing is wrong with this image, but the closer you look- the creepier it gets. Somehow, there seems to be some kind of weird inception.

Fear of Heights and Enclosed Spaces: Activated

This picture was taken from the highest floor of a residential building in South Africa, and if you already have a fear of heights- it's best if you look away. Not only is it incredibly tall, but the building is also in the shape of a circle, where everyone can see each other when looking into the center from their windows. Looking down at the ground from the top is scary, and there seem to be miles of darkness below.

This apartment building is in South Africa, and it's actually one of the tallest buildings on the continent, and after taking the time to look at this image- we're honestly not surprised.

They Discovered Hidden Camera Watching the Backdoor of Their Restaurant

People started to become concerned when a hidden camera was found sitting directly outside a restaurant. It was hidden so well that it could have been there for quite some time before anyone noticed something was wrong; it even kind of blended in with the tree it was attached to. A woman working here was the first person to find it, and she immediately sent this picture to her husband before asking for advice.

The manager of this restaurant never had any concerns about potential stalkers until she randomly found a hidden camera sitting directly in front of the restaurant's back door while working a shift.

Hurricane Ian Destroyed This Home

At first, it looks like this man is just standing in the room on his cell phone until you realize he's standing in about four feet of water. The flood results from Hurricane Ian, and it looks like they are trapped inside this bedroom without a way to get out. He might even be on the phone attempting to call someone to help them leave the house and head toward a safer area.

Hurricanes can be absolutely devastating as they tend to destroy everything in their path. Flooding is super common and actually the most dangerous part of a severe storm like this one.

Amnesia and a Mystery Human Bite Are Not a Pleasant Combo

This man phoned his friend in the middle of the night, and the story he told was terrifying. He had a random moment of amnesia and ended up waking up in the middle of nowhere before discovering strange things on his body. From bruises and cuts to even a mark that looked like another person had bitten him, things continued to become more confusing as they tried to understand what had happened.

To make matters worse, when the man realized something wasn't right around 5 AM, he noticed that he was soaking wet for an unknown reason, and he still didn't understand why.

How Would You Feel if You Found This Turned on and Hidden in Your House?

A couple that recently moved into a new home had hired someone to look into their chimney to ensure everything in the house was in good shape. What the specialist found sitting inside of there really is shocking. This walkie-talkie was likely used to spy on someone living in the house before the new couple had moved in. This thing probably went straight to the trash can soon after the new homeowners discovered it.

The fact that there is a hair tie wrapped around the button of this walkie-talkie makes things much creepier. That's because it was put on to guarantee that whoever was at the other end could hear everything.

Someone Wanted a Sculpture of a Devil Defeating an Archangel on Their Tombstone

In this cemetery is a mysterious tombstone where a locked cage surrounds a statue of the devil winning a battle with an archangel. Whoever lies here is unknown, but it seems that they wanted to represent something specific after they had departed from our world. It's likely that this is the tomb of a religious man who wanted to remind everyone that darkness and light are constantly fighting each other.

Most people don't want their tombstone related to the devil in any way to assure a bit of peace in the afterlife, but whoever passed away here might have left a message.

A Huge Ghost City

It might look like this is nothing more than a standard city in China, but all of these enormous skyscrapers are empty. That's because this entire city has been abandoned, and everyone living here mysteriously packed up their things and left the city. The only thing that remains here are the buildings that all happen to look the same, to a point where the view is actually an eerie one.

There's nothing scarier than a deserted ghost town where everything from the shape and style of the buildings looks the same. There's even a layer of fog sitting above this area.

An Apocalyptic Zone

Outside this warehouse in Tijuana, Mexico, is an entire society living inside sheds. It seems like it could actually be the workers living in this area due to the low amount of minimum wage. Whatever the reason, the image from above is somewhat creepy, to the point where it looks like this warehouse is based in another world. Nobody knows the real reason why this is happening outside this specific warehouse in Mexico.

The post-apocalyptic energy coming from this image is intense, to the point where it almost looks like there is some kind of dystopian society.

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