This Artist Illustrates What Happens To Disney Couples After The "Happily Ever After"

All the Disney stories start when the princess sees the prince, but there is an evil-step-parent or witch that stands in their way of love. The evil person is defeated, and then the prince and princess get married and live happily ever after. But haven't you always wondered what happens to the couple after the "happily ever after?" This Russian artist created an inside look at the lives of your favorite Disney couples after the storybook has closed.
1. Netflix And Chill
Ariel and Eric are the picture-perfect couple. In their free time, they love to cuddle up and watch old movies. They have an apartment in New York City that is the perfect place to get away from all their royal duties and relax. 
They can't get enough of each other, and as you continue reading, you will see more of their special romantic moments.  
2. He Put A Ring On It
"Tell me, princess, when did you last let your heart decide?" Well, Jasmine let her heart decide that Aladdin was her one true love, and they have been inseparable since.
The couple is happily engaged for now, and they are planning their special day. Maybe you will see some familiar faces in their wedding party. 
3. Put Them Together And What Have You Got? The Perfect Couple
Cinderella and Prince Charming have taken a break from their royal duties to spend some time enjoying the country-side. They needed a break from the everyday stress of life at the palace. 
During their time off, they are loving the fresh air and beautiful sites in nature. Don't worry, they are taking lots of pictures to update their fans on Instagram. 
4. Post-Wedding McDonalds Run
Belle and Prince Adam are just like you; they had a glamorous wedding and then went straight to McDonald's for dinner. Getting married makes you hungry, perhaps. 
No matter how lavish their life may seem, they like to stay down to earth. They are like the Chrissy Teigen and John Legend of Disney couples. 
5. A Romantic Getaway
Greece is a beautiful country with many breathtaking views. Ariel and Eric took a romantic getaway to this beautiful country. They are giving us all kinds of #couplegoal vibes. 
If you could take a trip with your significant other, where would your dream destination be? Greece seems like a great place to visit. 
6. Picture Perfect Wedding Party
Nothing makes your wedding day better than being surrounded by all your closest friends and family. Ariel and Eric made sure all their friends could be apart of their magical wedding. 
Wouldn't you want to be invited to this royal wedding? The party was probably better than any wedding you could ever imagine. 
7. Mother-Daughter Time
Belle and her Beast got married and had a little girl. Belle loves making memories with her beautiful daughter. She also loves to wear matching outfits with her. 
This mother-daughter duo is simply adorable. They took a break from the library to spend some time in the snow. 
8. You Can Never Have Too Many Bridesmaids
After Aladdin proposed, he and Jasmine spent time planning their wedding, so it would be everything they dreamed of. Jasmine couldn't have walked down the aisle without her best friends by her side, 
All of the bridesmaids wore beautiful blush colored dresses, and Jasmine wore a luxurious hand-made white gown. She was so happy to have her friends join her and Aladdin for their wedding. 
9. Family Picnic
Aurora and Prince Phillip had a little boy. He is the apple of their eye and the heir to the throne. They were so excited to have a baby, and they couldn't imagine a more perfect little boy. 
They like to spend lots of quality time together, and they enjoy picnics in the countryside whenever they have a free day. 
10. Extra, Extra, Read All About The Royal Wedding
Jasmine and Aladdin's royal wedding made the front page of the newspaper. Everyone was talking about this amazing wedding for weeks after the big event. 
All the commoners wanted the inside scoop on who was there and what she was wearing. How could you not be interested in such a highly anticipated wedding? 
11. Dangerous, But Do It For The Insta
Kids, do not try this at home, no matter how cool it would look on your Instagram feed. This wild couple likes to live on the edge, even if it is just for a romantic photo. 
After everything they have been through, they live their lives to the fullest and enjoy every memory they make together. Still not very safe, though. 
12. Belle and The Beast In The City
Belle and Prince Adam, aka the Beast, love being parents, but they also wanted some time just for the two of them. They left their daughter with Belle's father and took a trip to New York City. 
The trip gave them time to be alone and create new memories together. Although they enjoyed their trip, they are excited to get back to their daughter. 
13. Matchy Matchy
Ariel and Eric are continuing their travels, and they even got matching outfits for the colder weather. They are taking their love on a world tour. Where will we see them next? 
Will they ever return to the castle, or will they spend the rest of their lives traveling? Both options sound pretty good. 
14. F•R•I•E•N•D•S: Disney Edition
"I'll be there for you when the credits start to roll. I'll be there for you when the evil character tries to hurt you." This group has been through it all, and they always have each other's backs. 
They make an effort to get together often and hangout despite their busy schedules. When you are royal and married, it is important never to forget your close friends. 
15. The Cutest Trio
What a beautiful family moment. Belle and the prince came back from their trip and missed their daughter so much. Being away with your husband is fun, but nothing beats being together as a family. 
If they were real, they would definitely have a family Youtube channel to show off how cute their life is. 
16. Kisses For The Mrs
Jasmine and Aladdin are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship even after tying the knot. They couldn't be more in love. 
Aladdin said, "I can show you the world," and Jasmine said, "Nah, let's show the world our love." 
17. Sunflower Field Romance
Have you and your significant other ever gone into a field of sunflowers to take a photoshoot? No? Well, maybe you will be inspired to now because it looks so romantic. 
Belle and the Beast make love look easy (and beautiful). One hundred percent couple goals right here. 
18. Girl Talk
When you ask your friend to go out to lunch, and you only get dressed up to take cute pictures of each other. These two princesses know how to dine in style. 
They are catching up about their lives and how they rarely have the time to get all dressed up anymore with their busy lifestyles. 
19. Baby On Board
Pregnancy Announcement: Princess Jasmine and Aladdin are expecting a baby! This news will probably make the front page of the paper too! 
She is glowing with excitement, and they are going to make amazing parents. Do you think it would be a girl or a boy? 
20. Why Go Out When You Could Stay In
What's better than spending a day outside exploring new places with your bae? Staying in, of course! Spending the whole day around the house relaxing is an ideal way to spend an afternoon. 
Ariel loves to steal Eric's shirts because they are so much comfier to lounge around in than her own clothes. 
21. Carnival Dates
The carnival is a great place to have a date. You can go on rides, play games, and eat different fried foods. Jasmine and Aladdin know how to keep their relationship exciting. 
Also, when you wear heels to look cute but then your feet start to hurt five minutes into the date. It is always nice to have someone like Aladdin to carry you around when your feet hurt. 
22. Happy Holidays
Even Ariel and Eric like to settle down at home for the holidays. It is a time to relax and take some time to enjoy being at home. 
They even have an adorable dog to cuddle up with when it is cold outside. Happy holidays from Ariel and Eric! 
23. Casual Burger In A Ballgown
When you are craving fast food but you have a royal ball in an hour. Relatable, right? Haven't you ever worn a couture gown and gotten McDonald's? 
She looks like a typical Instagram influencer who only wore this for the picture and would never eat fast food in a ball gown. 
24. When In Rome
Remember in The Lizzie McGuire Movie when Paolo took Lizzie on a Vespa around Rome? Well, he stole that idea from Aladdin and Jasmine. 
How romantic would it be to ride around the streets on Rome on a little moped without helmets? Super safe, right? 
25. Trips To Paris
Aurora and Phillip took a trip to Paris. They love to travel and find new places to visit now that they do not have to worry about Maleficent. 
Paris is supposed to be the most romantic city in the world. Would you want to travel there? 
26. Paris At Night
Belle and Aurora went out to lunch, and Aurora told Belle how amazing her trip was to Paris, so Belle booked a trip for her and her prince. 
They went out to a fancy dinner and then went outside to look at the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. The sparkling lights are beautiful to see at night. 
27. Flannel Weather
The fall is for wearing flannel shirts, going apple picking, and drinking pumpkin spice lattes. For Jasmine and Aladdin, the fall is for cuddling on the forest floor. 
It is a strange place to sit down, but who are we to judge. Maybe he fell and brought her down with him.
28. Girls Trip
Although they love their husbands, these girls love to get away together. Each year they pick a different tropical location to visit together.  
They have to get a squad picture on the beach because if you don't document the experience on Instagram, did it really happen? 
29. Pizza Dates
Pizza is better when you share it with someone you love. How cute are these two on their pizza date? Is he picking something out of her teeth? 
Also, where did she get that slice of pizza from if they have a full pie in front of them? Interesting. 
30. Dancing In The Sunshine
Jasmine and Aladdin have been around the world, but they like to be at home in her palace the most. They enjoy the heat of the summer and dancing in the sunlight. 
They have a room in the palace that is just for dancing! We want to live in a castle and dance around all day! 

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