Exposed: The Unfiltered Truth About Marriage and Family Life in Candid Illustrations!

Yehuda Devir is a popular illustrator and comic artist from Israel who's known for drawing all the fantastic and funny things he and his wife Maya go through in their lives. His authentic comics cover everything from their daily adventures to their journey towards parenthood. Everyone who has ever gone through these situations, will definitely find something familiar in these comics. Read on to see them, and to discover how this cute couple looks in real life.
1. Shedding All The Time
Whoever lived with a woman who has long hair before will surely know this situation well.

So even cleaning includes the fun part of collecting all the broken hair.

2. It's Your Turn

Both of them know that cutting onions is not an easy task. They do it alternatively. This time it is her turn...

Although she thinks she has prepared herself for the task, he knows that it is still not easy. He is enjoying his wife experiencing what he felt the last time.

3. I Thought Only “You” Were On Diet

She read somewhere that "you are what you eat." So, she has decided to eat organic food and remove all the processed food from the fridge.

It seems like Yehuda, on the other hand, is not that happy with this new green diet... 

4. Tell Me How Is It?

It looks like someone found a unique spaghetti in his bowl.

As mentioned before, when you're in a relationship with a woman who has long hair, prepare to meet it EVERYWHERE.

5. Hey, That’s Not Fair

"Just 5 more minutes", you know how it goes...

It was his turn to play with the remote control car, but he knows he is hopeless when she sets her mind to fun and games

6. How Could You?

They love to watch their favorite TV shows together. When she goes to sleep during the show, he turns the TV off so that they can watch it the next day.

He can’t believe that she binge-watched five episodes when he was not in the house. This betrail is really hard to forgive...

7. Is My Hair Alright?

Mirrors, mirrors everywhere... She's the one who sets the pace when they come across one.

Although he is more powerful and muscular than her, when she wants to stop to look into the mirror of a car, all the strength in the world won't help!

8. I Love Your Baby Face

Every guy loves his beard, whereas (almost) every girl loves her guy's babyface. After days of insisting, she finally persuaded him to shave off his beard.

She can’t get enough of his smooth face and enjoying every minute of it. After all, it won't last long.

9. A Professional Masseuse

A bit harder...Okay, okay, not that hard!

Not everyone is meant to be a massage therapist. 

10. She Could Use Another Scarf

He is all ready to go out and is waiting for his wife to come. At last, she comes down after an hour and is all covered in warm clothes from head to toe.

They surely perceive temperature differently.

11. You Aren’t Going Anywhere

She is sick and has already emptied two tissue boxes. She wants to work, but someone needs to take charge and get her to bed now.

Let's just hope she won't smuggle her laptop to bed. Workaholics are capable of that! 

12. How On Earth Is It Always My Turns to Wash The Dishes?

Some of us just have a remarkable ability to use an endless amount of dishes...

Washing them afterward is a whole different thing!

13. Heating Food Is Overrated

Why take the food out, warm it in the microwave oven and then eat it, when you can eat it in the fridge.

This time, he's busted!

14. It Happens Every Morning

Apparently, waking up in real life is nothing like Hollywood movies...

But hey, love is not all glitters and sparks, and what matters most is what you have inside your heart.

15. When He's Sick

Remember when she was sick and refused to stop working?

 When he is sick, the world is coming to its end. 

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