These Photoshop Masters Know How To Edit Images With A Funny Twist

Although Photoshop has become a modern tool for editing and altering pictures, it is also used just for the sake of amusement. Here is a collection of 50 hilarious photos that will make you burst out laughing.
1. Like Father, Like Daughter
Oh, this adorable photoshopped picture is dedicated to all the fans of the critically acclaimed TV series Breaking Bad.
We are glad to know that Walter White’s daughter is following her father’s footstep (but in an adorable way).
2. It'll Take Just A Minute Of Your Time, Sir
“Hello sir, have you heard about our lord and savior Yogi Bear? I won’t take much of your time, could you please come outside so we could have a short conversation?”
Although this sight can give anyone a mini heart attack, it has become rather amusing thanks to the photoshop magic.
3. The Ice Skater Sloth
This sloth was rescued and it looked super happy. With that pose, it was obvious that someone would photoshop the picture.
Hence, the Ice Skater Sloth photoshopped picture was created. We have heard that the sloth is trying for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

4. "Please Don’t Break The Window”
If you were looking for a pretty convincing photoshopped image, here you have it. Given that it has become pretty common for people to break the car’s window to save a dog from a hot vehicle, this picture seems so accurate.
Hugh Jackman is a great actor and his role in the movie ‘Logan’ was admirable. So, it isn’t a big surprise that his puppy face received a heartwarming photoshop magic.
5. Llama Attack?
You can find tons of hilarious videos of llama attacks on the internet, but this one is super hilarious. Now we want art galleries filled with modified masterpieces.
Even the non-photoshopped image is funny because of the girl’s reaction to the screaming llama.
6. Love in The Eyes (Sorry, Shades)
As it is a collection of best-photoshopped pictures, it would be impossible not to include Donald Trump’s photoshopped picture in it.
So, this second picture shows how “classy” he was back when he was young – though he still looks in his mid-30s even today.
7. "This is Sparrowland"
This bird kicking another bird over food was destined to get photoshopped.
So, what better way there was than choosing the famous scene from American period action film ‘300’ in which King Leonidas kicks his opponent while saying “This is Sparta,” and yeah we know this picture is super lit.
8. Ridiculous Face
We are pretty sure that this doggo isn’t making this face intentionally; this is just how they lay back and relax.
Well, the photoshopped image shows the completely different side of this doggo’s life. We must admit that it is way more fun than ours.
9. Is That Kiara?
Some people are afraid of heights and they make sure that they avoid it any cost. That’s not what this young lady did.
She gave an opportunity to photoshop artists to create an image that made us all laugh out loud.
10. Birdy Feeling Cozy
What were you expecting after seeing the first picture? A photoshopped jet-fighter looking bird?
Well, we were expecting it as well but we must admit that this photoshopped image met our high standards.
11. The Last Airbender
As it looks like a kid is commanding a small fleet of kites, someone thought that it could be made more epic with the help of photoshop.
12. The Hesitance is Quite Evident
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is a cool guy and has a very different personality as compared to Donald Trump. The first picture shows why he is a bit reluctant to shake hands with Trump.

The photoshop artist justified Justin Trudeau’s hesitance in the most hilarious way. Well, most of us must have thought at least once whether Trump’s hair is real or not. Well, you got your answer

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