40 Mind-Bendingly Weird Pictures: Prepare to Get Confused and LOL!

If you believe you’ve seen everything on the internet, you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. Always, the internet has been a completely different world, and you never know what to expect.

Is it pictures with a lot going on? Or most likely random images that are completely senseless? Definitely!

However, another kind of picture has seen tremendous growth in recent years due to its capacity to entertain us while simultaneously leaving us bewildered and perplexed. Things Only Get Weirder is a distinctive corner of the virtual world that we’re bringing to you today.

According to the description by the page’s founder, Brian Coffin, this Facebook page is the location, “for weird people, by weird people. From the beautiful to the macabre and all sorts of strangeness in between.”

The social media project is here to show you just how deep a picture can confuse you, and it certainly delivers as it has over 250k followers. There is a lot to learn from these images, and the more time you spend looking, the crazier it becomes.

These pictures from the “Things Only Get Weirder” page demonstrate how the internet is a limitless well of bizarre facts that encourage us to spend hours trying to figure out what we’re seeing. So keep scrolling to experience a crazy voyage down to some of the most bizarre items you’ll likely see all day.

1. Really?
2. Now how do we explain this?
3. Interesting to know
4. What the heck...
5. Scary but cute
6. Jack is missing
7. In all, I'm just tired
8. I think this is brilliant
9. No freaking way!!!
10. This car is definitely not the kind of thing we want here
11. Someone should explain how a cat is in this picture?
12. No way
13. Accurate shot
14. What the problem?
15. I'm terrified of the mascot
16. I doubt it though
17. It has been alienated
18. Do you want to experience Cornelius?
19. Not again...
20. What happened to the legs though???
21. So it says
22. Terrible even
23. No, thanks...
24. And the winner gets to see grandma!!!
25. The reason for this gathering is very clear
26. This is deeply confusing
27. Oh no...
28. Don't even ask
29. When you love your new state..
30. Can someone explain what's going on here???
31. If this is fashion, then it's disturbing
32. It's the caption at the bottom for me
33. I'm ready to burst in all directions
34. It's all in the family pack
35. It definitely get weirder from here
36. Trying to drown your demons
37. This is a scary moment
38. The Riddler's elevator
39. Hmm...
40. Eventually

The more you look into this collection of images, the more intrigued you seem to become. What possible reason can you have for not wanting to view a huge flamingo sculpture in the midst of an airport?

Or a scary-looking mascot? Our curiosity and desire to stretch the bounds of our imagination fuel our desire to grasp the significance behind these instances.

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