Prepare Yourself For This Unimaginable Level Of Weirdness And The 23 Following Photos

It's the perfect time for some weird photos. Yes, you have read that right - "weird photos".

But we feel obliged to friendly warn you, if you are not ready to be surprised, don't go any further. Although you'll find many of them funny, don't forget that we are talking about weird photos.

Many of them are unimaginable and creepy, and some of them you may even see as disgusting as they are. So, if you don't have the stomach, these 23 photos may not be the perfect choice for you to look at while you drink your coffee, or even worse, during the lunch break.

But if you think you can handle it, then you are welcome. We really did our best to collect the weirdest of the weirdest ones.

And no matter how confident you are that you are ready and prepared for this wonderfully weird collection of photos, we promise they will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. This collection of ours will definitely make a huge impact on your day, both in a fun and creepy way.

We know it sounds odd when you put the words "funny and creepy" together in photos' descriptions, but as soon as you see them below, you'll understand it.

1. “When you see something like this, don’t be afraid, don’t call the firefighters or the police, don’t move and don’t kill them.”

2. “apparently butterflies really like horse crap.”

3. “Imagine what’s inside this hole.”

4. “The size of the hole that a needle/syringe leaves in your skin as seen under a microscope”

5. “Found in a Goodwill”

6. "Spotted in Maine"

7. “Cleaned out an old storage unit today and found this…Does anyone know what it is?”

8. “Actual Pastafarian at Santa Monica (California) DMV.”

9. “W T F?”
10. “Something about this just doesn’t seem right.”
11. “I have no words …..”
12. “Chiral headings off the charts | the mushroom Xylaria polymorpha, also known as dead man’s fingers”
13. “Flooding recently uncovered three tombstones in my backyard..”
14. “I saw a post here and realize i was living with a metal scrap in my eye at least two years”
15. “Invitation to a prom”
16. “I can bend my arms like this. Everyone I’ve met thinks this is really weird but it’s just kind of normal to me lol”

17. “Got home and found random blood splotches on my door.”
18. “Something’s wrong with my ceiling”
19. Maybe it's just hiding...
20. “What would you do?”
21. “I found this lady on FB who had several zombie children dolls to which she claimed to be married. Her profile disappeared sometime shortly after I shared it on my page.”
22. “Large, pump-handle shampoo bottle … in a pelvic x-ray.”
23. “This freaky thing showed up as a visitor on my Google nest today”

 So, what do you think of these weird photos? Would you like to tell us which one of them was the weirdest one for you?

We live in a big, big world. And it is full of weird things. We can't really complain because that's what makes it so interesting. What do you think?

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