Redditor Who Took Dog To Work Regrets It As She Experiences One Of The Worst Day Of Her Life

The advantages of taking a pet to work are numerous. They can increase motivation, reduce stress, foster a feeling of community, and encourage regular walking breaks—all of which are beneficial to both individual and group productivity.

The good news is that more establishments are now welcoming our furry friends. But in order to work successfully with your pet, preparation is a must. 

While we may think that it’s lovely to bring our dogs to work, not everyone shares our enthusiasm. If you intend to share your workspace with your pet, keep in mind that many other people also use it.

The dog in today’s Reddit story made a mess, and of all days, it had to be the day its owner took him to the workplace. The story made its way to the TIFU subreddit page where the OP explained that the dog hadn’t gone for walks in the last month due to the fact that the OP got COVID.

The OP felt guilty about that and decided that it would be a good idea to take the dog to the workplace since dogs were allowed there. Little did the OP know that they had signed up for one of the most memorable days of their lives.

Want to know how the OP’s day couldn’t get any worse? Find out as you read the full story below. 

The headline

I told myself that'd be a good idea
So I took him to work
The moment their dog saw mine
A giant ball of white, fluffy insanity
Then I took him into a cafe
Half thawed pumpkin soup
A giant pool of gelatinous liquid
I'm utterly repulsed by it
Staying on mute
OP took the dog home
No more taking him to work
Some of the comments from Redditors revealed that the OP's dog needed training, some wanted to know what a droodle is while the rest just had a good laugh. Here are some of their comments below:

1. Out of control dogs
2. Tomorrow will be better
3. Oh boi
4. Thursday after a double shift
5. He's getting used to it
6. Training classes
7. So sorry your day was hard
8. Rethinking the company's policies
9. All these could have been avoided
10. I want to feel sorry for you but...
11. It is like their default state
12. The dog mostly chills under the desk
13. I just screamed shut up and act normal
14. He got a lot of treats and pets
15. I realize it's not fun for you
16. What were you even thinking?
17. I hate when people bring a crazy thing around
18. A groodle
19. There are offices that allows dogs
20. Leash etiquette training

 Bringing dogs to work is becoming more and more popular, and it’s frequently something job seekers look for in terms of perks. Whether your business has a pet-friendly policy already or is implementing one for the first time, people love to take their doggos with them.

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