Photoshop Fails: 27 Hilarious "Best Of" The Worst Photoshop Attempts

I feel like it’s safe to assume you’ve seen your fair share of Photoshopped photos in your own personal use of the internet. With how wildly prevalent Photoshop (even if it’s not the actual program) has become today, anyone with a smartphone and some handy apps, nearly every photo we see has had some sort of editing.

With the rise of amateur photo editors, there has been a correlating rise of photos that look… not quite right. Whether it’s a wonky background, or someone’s body (or body parts) look unrealistically small/large or oddly shaped, there is an endless collection of photo editing gone wrong.

If you’re one of these amateur photo editors and you want to really up your game to make some really convincing images, maybe take an online course about Photoshop. After all, there’s only so much we can learn just by trial and error.

But, in honor of the amusement we get from the bungled Photoshop attempts, a subreddit was created for everyone to enjoy. r/PhotoshopFails  has a whopping 24k members and growing, who gather to share and view some of the best Photoshop fails they come across.

We collected 50 of the most obvious, atrocious, and hilarious Photoshop fails to share with you today. Keep scrolling to see what we got!

1. These realtors really tried their best giving the tree some leaves
2. Click bait at the bottom of a legitimate news article. Totally real bridge with totally real cars...
3. Photoshop fail, after Tunisian minister shows too much leg .
4. Oh Well
5. Seems legit
6. Right arm? White triangle between thighs? Then they want me to SH!+ myself?!!! Do better, VS
7. Photoshop fail, unless this is a whole new yoga
8. "Look at those amazing eyes! They're Mesmerizing!"
9. Looking for face covers on Amazon...
10. I spit out my drink
11. Living the hourglass life
12. What’s going on with her leg?
13. All those faces...
14. The product here is the headband. Clearly only cool guys wear it. (found on Amazon)
15. I have no words
16. This ad for a dog fence, I mean look at the puppy!
17. Poor horsie legs
18. On an actual manufacturer's website
19. She made him pregnant
20. What a comfortable looking totally real mask
21. Those arms and that waist are ridiculous....
22. Found this advertising an many hands does she have?
23. This cat... is wearing makeup?
24. Wish I had a dog as real as that..
25. Need I say more about this Instagram ad?
26. thumb looks kinda sus
27. Newspaper trying to look like fair is more popular

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