Time Hasn’t Been Kind On These 27 Celebrities


 We all age and even though most of us don’t like to admit it, we don’t age very well. That is even more true for some of these celebrities below, most of whom look like they’ve been cast as extras in a Zombie flick (apart from Johnny Depp and Peter Frampton, who apparently bathe in the fountain of youth every day). Check out how these 27 celebrities have changed through out the years:

Mark Hamill

 Mickey Rourke

 Johnny Depp

 Pamela Anderson

 Geena Davis

 Axl Rose

 Jim Carrey

 Barbra Streisand

 Carrie Fisher

 Pierce Brosnan

 Lisa Robin Kelly

 Hugh Hefner

 Goldie Hawn

 Arnold Schwarzenegger

 Lindsay Lohan

 Mike Tyson

 Peter Frampton

 Clint Eastwood

 Simon & Garfunkel

 Eddie Van Halen

 Mel Gibson

 Gary Busey

 Wayne Newton

 Dolly Parton


 Boy George

 Billy Idol

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