13 Celebrity Pairs You Never Knew Were Childhood Friends

 So when we befriend somebody as a kid, we never give it a second thought nor do we know what future holds for us. Year after year, our friendships just keep growing into stronger bonds and our friends become our chosen family. And that's not just with us, these celebrity BBF's too have been together for what seems like forever now.

Well, it is also said that the people around you might bring good luck to you and that two people come together because their stars match. These celebrities became friends when they were living an ordinary life but attained stardom together. Plus, there remained no room for jealousy since they ended up becoming famous somewhat at the same time.

Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise and many other celebrities adorn the list. They're not just setting friendship goals for us as celebrities since their bond can be traced back to their childhood. I am sure that these vintage photographs of them, while they were young will bring tears to your eyes making you remember your own best friends.

1. Tobey Maguire And Leonardo DiCaprio met in an audition and were best friends since then.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire have been friends for over 30 years. Both raised by single mothers in LA, the stars that have raised to fame together. Recalling their first meeting, Leo said,  "I literally jumped out of the car. I was like, 'Tobey! Tobey! Hey! Hey!' And he was like, 'Oh, yeah - I know you. You're . . . that guy.' But I just made him my pal. When I want someone to be my friend, I just make them my friend."

2. Elijah Wood And Macaulay Culkin

 They were both child actors at the same time and met on sets of the 1993 thriller "The Good Son," in which they starred together. The two became best of friends almost instantly, and till date hang out together.

3. Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling have been inseparable

 Two of the most beloved superstars of the 21st century, Justin, and Ryan, both kicked off their acting careers after getting parts on "The Mickey Mouse Club," and it was then that they became friends. There's no harm in saying that they were legally brothers for a while! Ryan's mom was still working in Canada when he was offered the television role located in Orlando, Florida. That's when Justin's mom stepped in and volunteered to be Gosling's legal guardian until his mom could join him in Florida after six months. '

4. Kim Kardashian And Nicole Richie grew up together.

 Apparently, Kim and Nicole lived and grew up in the same neighborhood and occasionally hung out together! They had common friend circles when they were around 13.

5. Cameron Diaz And Snoop Dogg, high school buddies!

As, Snoop Dogg recalls his high school days he tells, "She(Cameron Diaz) ran with my homegirls, all my little cheerleading homegirls. She was in their little crew." to Yahoo! Music in an interview. And wait, you haven't even heard, Cameron's side of the story yet. Snoop was his pot-dealer! 

6. Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, and Judd Nelson 

All three of them went to the same high school that was Santa Monica High School in California, United States of America. Their inclination had always been towards acting and they even wrote scripts and acted in plays. None of them went to college rather pursued acting. 

7. They played the Little League together John Krasinski and B.J. Novak.

John Krasinski and B.J. Novak, popularly known for their roles as Jim Halpert and Ryan Howard, respectively, on the hit NBC show "The Office." But Krasinski and Novak have been friends before they gained stardom. They both come from Newton, Massachusetts.

As a matter of fact, it was Novak who convinced Krasinski to become an actor, initially. 

8. Demi Lovato And Selena Gomez united by Barney & Friends.

Feels like Selena and Demi have been close friends for as long as I can remember!

Both of them played the roles of kids on Disney's famous show, "Barney and Friends" when they were just seven. They eventually developed a lifelong friendship.

9. Tupac And Jada Pinkett Smith went together to school in Baltimore.

The Baltimore School for the Arts must be extremely proud and serendipitous to have given two huge stars to the world. Jada and Tupac were so close during the school that Jada once said, Tupac was "like a father" to her.

10. Matt Damon And Ben Affleck were neighbors when they were young. They have been best friends since that time.

Surprise, surprise! Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are BFFs. Well, who doesn't know that? They are Hollywood's closest friends, and their friendship started way back, when they were both in the same high school, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in Massachusetts. Damon, actually helped, Ben with a screenplay he was writing for a college course, that later became the "Good Will Hunting."

11. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie grew up in Bel-Air together.

"Paris is somebody that's been in my life since day one," says Nicole. She further continues by adding, "I haven't spoken to her in a while technically, but, if you really want to get into it, my view of a friendship is someone that you don't necessarily have to talk to you every day. It's somebody that you can call when you need them, and they're just going to be there. So, time as for whether I've spoken to somebody is really… it doesn't really matter in my opinion." 

12. Maya Rudolph And Gwyneth Paltrow

Maya and Gwyneth's father' were close friends from college. When both of their daughters attended the same grade school, it was only natural for the girls to become best friends. When Paltrow hosted "Saturday Night Live" and dedicated her monologue to her bff Rudolph after she had joined the cast. 

Check out their high school picture!

13. Zach Braff And Lauryn Hill grew up together in the same neighbourhood in Maplewood, New Jersy.

The "Scrubs" star, Zach Braff is pretty good friends with Lauryn Hill since teenage. They both attended Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey. Zach and Lauryn pulled off a Turk and JD at his bar-mitzvah.

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