14 Simple Ways Women Can Make Men Go Crazy


 A woman is no less than an amazing gift God has given to this world. Well, a man is the luckiest person if he has a lady to take care of him, to love him unconditionally and even annoy him at every point. And men keep complaining about all the problems they face while being in a relationship with a woman.

The relationships are always mutual - and yet most articles that I see on the internet are about what women expect from their men or the things men should do to win a girl's heart. So I thought that it'd only be fair to bring out what women do, that can make their man swoon around them.

There are some incredibly simple things that can make a man go crazy over his woman. So ladies, do take a look... If you push the right buttons, you never know what rewards you'll reap.

1. Be yourself

 I know, it may seem cheesy, and you hear it all the time. But, being yourself is the best thing you can do to make a man go crazy for you. You don't have to hold up a fakeness to impress anybody. And believe me, the right ones are going to be head over heels for you.

2. Respect yourself

 Nothing is more unattractive than someone who has no respect for themselves. If you are continually disrespecting yourself, how can you expect someone else to respect you? Just embrace yourself, and see the wonders it makes for you.

3. When you bury your head in his chest

 This is the best and healthy position they like. Men quite feel like responsible men who take care of their lady's security very well.

4. Be spontaneous

 Randomly show up at his place with pizza, wings, and beer. He will not only appreciate this greatly, but he will go absolutely nuts over you. Being too predictable all of the time can be very boring, and he will get sick of you very quickly.

5. Be accepting

 If you want a guy to go crazy over you, then you need to accept them as a whole. When a man feels like he can be himself around you without having to hide anything at all, then he'll feel like he has hit the jackpot!

6. Open up to him

 Just like you have to be accepting, you also must let him accept you! Open up to him. Tell him your innermost secrets. Tell him your goals, your hopes, and your dreams. Share with him your views on certain controversial issues.

7. Holding his hand, during a long drive.

 Men not only seek physical pleasure but they take caress as a true expression of love, affection and the need of being in touch with the partner. I know this looks very specific, but try it out, and thank me later.

8. Spend some time together on social media

 He loves when you openly praise and show love to him on social platform. So share your moments together online too. He might not say it, but he'll appreciate the efforts.

9. Call him while being with friends

 The guy appreciates your habit of remembering him even being busy with your friends. This tells them that he is on your mind, just like you are on his.

10. Be confident

 Confidence is sexy! It means that you know who you are and you want the world to know it – and men love this!

11. Take charge

 I cannnot emphasize enough how much a guy loves a girl who takes the lead in bed. The one time a man doesn't feel insulted to be pushed on the chest is when it's his girl pushing him onto the bed. Do it. Be naughty; you'll enjoy it.

12. Pay out attention to him

 The way you tousle his hair in public, check him out, hold him in the checkout line and hug him in public are all the gestures loved by him. 

13. Be busy

 Have a life aside from the relationship. Having your hobbies, events, and activities that you're always engaged in will make him bide his time for when you're free.

14. Be supportive

Even if he wants to build a cardboard fort in the bedroom out of blankets and boxes, or maybe play video games the entire day -  you better be right by his side cheering him on! Every guy has a kid inside, and if a girl tends to that inner kid instead of shunning him away, you gain a special place in his heart.

That's all, folks.

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