15 Weird Images From Google Street View

 When Google Street View was launched in 2007, it created a buzz. Here was a new kind of map, one that would let you travel anywhere in the world from your computer. You could move through 3D representations of cities and see them literally from the streets. The possibilities were endless.

And by “possibilities,” I mean “The the possibilities of screwing with Google Street View.”

That’s why today Google Street View is littered with middle fingers, moonings, people accidentally caught having sex, people deliberately caught having sex, and many more shenanigans. But Google Street View also features real, bona fide strangeness. Some of it’s intentional, some of it’s unintentional, and all of it’s it’s bizarre.

Let’s take a look at the weirdest Google Street View has on offer…

1. The neighborhood samurais.
 2. When you just gotta have a new purse, but the store doesn’t allow kids.
 3. Just a typical Tuesday in Russia.
 4. A kidnapper with a faulty trunk latch.
 5. The world’s worst R2-D2 impersonator.
 6. A man who knows how to beat the heat.
 7. A group of pals either going to or coming from The Purge.
 8. True love
 9. The end of the office Christmas party.
 10. An alpaca with a caffeine habit.
 11. Every town has one.
 She’s the town character! What’s your town character like?

12. When Mike Tyson forgets to close the back door.
 13. Someone who can’t appreciate a good prank.
 14. For one man, the phrase “Where the sun don’t shine” was a challenge. And this was the day he defeated it:
 15. And finally, interrupting a meeting of the Pigeon People.

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