15 Pet Tattoos That Totally Missed the Mark

 We’re pet lovers over here . The relationship you have with your dog, or your cat, or your rabbit – or your venomous cobra if you’re from Florida – is special and unique and perfect. And hey, if you want to honor that relationship by tattooing your pet on your skin, why not? It may not be for everyone, but you do you.

But if you decide to do that, put a little thought into it first. A good pet tattoo requires planning. And if you skimp on it, don’t be surprised if you end up with one of these.

1. The shape of this dog’s tongue is unforgivable.
 2. Someone poked this hamster one too many times.
 3. “I want a tattoo that will turn me into a walking anti-tattoo PSA.”
 4. “I want tattoo of a wolf who’s in the middle of a sneeze.”
 5. Not grrrrrrrrrreat!
 6. Maybe he just wants to raise awareness about feline rectal disease?
 7. “No, leave the red eye in.”
 8. “I want a tattoo of a bobcat who looks like he’s wondering ‘Why was I created?'”
 9. This guy is very confident about his mother’s pride, and his grasp of the English language.
 10.  Pictured: the moment her dog decided to go back to being a wild animal.
 11. It’s like one of the dog’s eyes is trying to escape being in the tattoo.
 12. “I want a tattoo of my puppy. He’s a rescue dog I got in Chernobyl.”
 13. She didn’t have enough money to get a tattoo of herself with her dog.
 14. Neither did he.
 15. This tattoo of a seductive raccoon might be the classiest one on this list.

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