11 Toddlers Falling Asleep in the Weirdest Places

 If there’s one thing toddlers are masters of, it’s being able to fall asleep anywhere, often right in the middle of an activity like playing or eating. And last year, Japanese parents went nuts sharing photos of their little ones’ zonking out in the weirdest places.

The Tweets were organized under a hashtag that literally translates from Japanese as #MyChildrenOutOfCharge, meaning something like, “My kids, after their batteries ran out.”

Doctors say toddlers need between 11 and 14 hours of sleep a day, which might explain some of these photos. If you need that much sleep a day, you might not be able to wait ’til you can get to a bed.

Enjoy this sampling of Japanese toddlers who crashed hard – and be careful you don’t drift off into slumber yourself.

1. A Sudden Food Coma
 2. I’ve Had Ones Like This
 3. When One Piece of Furniture Isn’t Enough
 4. Mid-Commute
 5. He Took Dad Down with Him
 6. Tricycling Is Hard
 7. Rain Noise Will Always Get Ya
 8. Shop ‘Til You Drop
 9. So Close
 10. The Hangover
 11. Who Says Armrests Are Just For Arms?

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