Pointless Things That Only Exist To Annoy You

Who ever did any of these things, shame on you

1: This gate that will keep out absolutely no one

 2: This handrail that will only help you on the first step, after that you’re on your own

 3: Works only if you need an extra inch. 

 4: This building that is really just a long hallway

 5: What is this? a crosswalk to nowhere?

 6: This ramp, is this supposed to be funny?

 7: These subtitles that instead of translating what the character is saying only indicates what language is spoken, thanks

 8: These useless benches that have no access

 9: This sign that gives more questions than answers

 10: In case french people will need to know what the notes is

 11: This pole, which has absolutely no porpuse in life

 12: This windshield wiper is just for show

 13: This fence giving the illusion of safety

 14: This walkway – SO CLOSE!

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