30 Hilariously Brutal Texts From Annoying Neighbors

Listed up in this post are some hilariously brutal texts from annoying neighbors. These texts are quite funny and they are definitely going to make you laugh out loud. After seeing our list, you’ll be pleased that your neighbors aren’t this bad because nothing is out of the line in their books.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

1 Getting to the point

 2 Hypnotizing through vacuum cleaning. Ever heard of that before?
 3 It had to cost you
 4 Burn Level: 1000
 5 Are you one of those people that play the same song over and over again?
 6 We'll need a detailed investigation here
 7 What would be a perfect Xmas present?
 8 Not on my property, not my problem.
 9 The suspense is killing me. Can you please do it quickly?
 10 This is the best comeback you'll see today
 11 Bad timing can get you in trouble
 12 Couple fights are fun to watch, aren't they?
 13 Unsubscribe!!!
 14 Can you please send me Steve's number?
15 "Stop blowing"
16 He might just get some final action
17 You want me to come and snake your drain eh?
18 Puberty hasn't struck so that shouldn't be a problem
19 This is how friendships end
20 Take a chill pill and just be like the chill bunny
21 Big Birds are prettier than weird nipples. Just saying.
22 The contact name says it all
23 As simple as it gets
24 Would you like to join in for my new workout routine?
25 Getting back to the point
26 There's a weather app for that
27 Lying is important when it comes to impressing women
28 Only I can call him that
29 The coat is gone for good mate
30 Saying Hi is a burden at times

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