30 WTF Photos That Seriously Demand an Explanation to Make Sense

In this post we’ve compiled a list of 30 weird photos that do not make any sense at all. These photos demand an explanation for clarity’s sake.  From a creepy cigarette hairstyle to a hilarious face mask fail – this list is full of absurd photos. If you’re a noodles fan, the 3rd picture will surely make you cringe! Scroll down and enjoy peeps. Share these ridiculous photos with your friends as well.

1 Not your regular makeup

 2 Scared the "shit" outta me
 3 Master chef wannabe
 4 Your uber has arrived
 5 A chain smoker's dream girl
 6 Just need a big bowl of cereal
 7 And you thought your family was weird
 8 The hero our city deserves
 9 If Ghost Rider gets a car
 10 Fashion trend of the year
 11 Ever wanted to be an eagle? Here's your chance
 12 Car mod of the day
 13 Me after hitting legs at the gym
 14 Tinder profile photo fail
 15 Suggest a name for this
 16 When I say I'd only have a couple of drinks
 17 I've gotta look for this mannequin's parents
 18 If Mumble from Happy Feet turned human
 19 One from the weird prop collection
 20 When she gives you mixed signals
 21 The expression says it all
 22 I'd be disappointed if that's not a trans
 23 The new generation's Red Riding Hood story
 24 Workaholic much?
 25 Happy Sloth Goes To School
 26 Sharing is caring
 27 Final wish getting fulfilled
 28 Shoe lovers be like
 29 Can't handle more swag than this
 30 What KFC looks like to vegans
 31 When an Arab goes to Russia
 32 Just another day in Beijing
 33 What's your idea of the perfect weekend?
 34 High level security
 35 The level of disappointment is too damn high
 36 If this doesn't turn you on, nothing can
 37 Japanese road views
 38 If they're a couple, I'm gonna commit suicide
 39 Fancy something more than carrot cake for dessert?
 40 Feeding the pigeons 2.0

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