31 Epic Fails Captured at Perfect Time

You’ll also come across some life moments when everything you do will turn out to be a failure. Sounds annoying, right? However, if such moments are caught by the camera then they become an epic memory.

Listed here are 31 epic fails that were captured just at the right moment. These hilarious photos will put a huge grin on your face. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!
1 Went down to earth in no time

 2 That back flip didn't go as expected
 3 Vladmir Putin, is that you?
 4 When you know you're winning Gold
 5 That's a cool hairstyle mate
 6 The next Rocky Balbo
 7 We've got different kinds of Predators around these parts
 8 Photo-bomb of the day
 9 That cake was custom made
 10 When you know it's gonna hurt really bad
 11 Friends under 5 ft trying to get my attention like

 12 When the booze kicks in

 13 That BBQ's in the past now
 14 Perfectly timed skateboarding faceplant
 15 The pitcher had perfect aim
 16 The vet when he examines my kitty
 17 For people with unnecessary attitude
 18 What are you gonna do about it hooman?
 19 Doggo doesn't care about your family photo
 20 Drunk posing never goes well
 21 Kick it when you can't ride it
 22 It's your own doing
23 Alwasy the odd one out
  24 Lost in bubble world
  25 This kid has had some self defense training
  26 Not the perfect wedding picture
  27 This was supposed to be Pizza
  28 Let's go to the basketball game she said. It will be fun she said.
  29 When you see it!
  30 Selfish touchdown
  31 A friend saw a Porsche driving like an a**. Truck in front of him had something to say about it.

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