15 People Whose Shower Curtains Will Make You LOL

Hilarious items to liven up your loo.

1. That Poor Toilet

Showering can be so annoying. It's time consuming, you freeze afterwards in the winter and it wastes a ton of water. Unfortunately, you have to do it, because your body does some pretty gross stuff when you go two days without a shower. Need some motivation to look forward to washing? Check out these hilarious shower curtains.

What do you think about this one? Which one? What do you mean "which one?" This one right... oh. I see what you're doing. Smart. You're not supposed to address the elephant in the bathroom.

2. Good One

 The beauty of this shower curtain is overhearing your guests' reaction to it when they see it for the first time. Bonus points if you have multiple guests over at once. Then, one or more of them are going to be super confused when they hear someone giggling uncontrollably in the restroom. That's going to leave them pretty unsettled for a while before they get an explanation.

3. The Least Feared Creature On Skull Island

 King Kong would have been a very different movie if it starred this guy. This finale would have been way more suspenseful. You'd be on the edge of your seat wondering what's gonna happen as you watch the sloth take 11 hours to climb the Empire State Building.

4. To-Do List

 "I've got such a busy day planned. How the heck am I going to keep things straight? Where should I even begin?"

*Sees shower curtain.*

"Man, this thing just keeps paying for itself each and every day."

5. You're Wild, Thornberry

 Look, I love a good pun as much as anyone. But there are certain things you should stop doing in the shower immediately. Bathing with a squid and a shark with stereotypical British chompers? Those are high on the list.

6. Nope. No, No, No Thank You

 Here's another shower curtain that's hilarious when guests come and visit. Unfortunately, it'll take some getting used to for you. You're going to forget you got this every now and then and relieve yourself before even making it to the toilet.

7. Cover Up That Furball Breath

 This is a little more my speed. I'd be delighted to have forgotten I purchased this and hung it up. Imagine the glee when you walk in and realize this is what you, an adult, have decided to do to your bathroom.

8. 'Don't Mind Me. I Just Like To Watch'

 There are some pretty cool places in the world to take a poop. None of them involve a space feline staring at you in awe, however. Make your home the best place in the universe to expel some dark matter.

9. In Space, No One Can Hear You Meow

 If you're open-minded you can learn something new every day. You know what my lesson for today is? Apparently, 'space cat' is it's own genre of shower curtains. What a weird, wonderful world we've made for ourselves.

10. Come At Me, Bro

 If you found yourself in trouble, you might want Batman or Captain America to come to your rescue. Not me, though. All I'd want standing by my side are these two. There's no opponent in the world that could step up to Gato Rambo and his pointy, shiny steed.

11. I Can Bear-ly Contain The Action

 Okay, I stand corrected. This duo would make for fine adversaries for the cat and unicorn combo. How has this movie not been made? Hollywood is just leaving money on the table by not producing Caticorn vs. Bearshark.

12. Aggressive Motivation

 Remember how I said you can learn something new every day? Some days, you can learn more than one new thing. For example, today I also learned that "animal riding another animal into battle" is also a genre of shower curtains. I had no idea this was such a large, diverse industry.

13. He-Man-Child

 Want to know what the best part of being an adult is? Using your disposable income to relive your childhood. Yup, the best part of growing up is never having to grow up.

14. Laugh Finds A Way

 "Hey, sweetie, I think there's something wrong with your Hanukkah list. You just printed this image eight times."

"I know, Mom. I want one of these for each night. Thank you and Shalom."

15. I See What You Did There

This guy said he got this shower curtain because his wife is super hot. Well played, sir... well played. There are so many ways to improve your own shower experience, but who knew you could improve other people's experience as you showered. Wow... that's the third new thing I learned today. Lucky me.

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