This Man Wore A Neon Dress To A Soldier's Funeral For An Incredibly Heartwarming Reason

 1. Kevin Elliott

Kevin Elliott was a Private in the British Army visiting home on a two-week leave in 2009. Elliott was about to go off to fight in Afghanistan and told his good friend, Barry Delaney, he was terrified. But they both remembered a pact they made years earlier.

 2. The Pact

"We said that whoever died first, the other one had to wear a pink dress with green spots to the funeral, and we shook on it," Delaney said.

 3. Tragic News

Sadly, just eight weeks later, Elliott was killed in combat during an ambush by the Taliban. Delaney would never go back on the promise he made to Elliott. So at the funeral, he showed up wearing a dress.

 4. Finding The Right Dress

Delaney couldn't find a pink dress with green spots, so instead he went with a lime green dress with neon pink socks. "It's what Kev would have wanted," he said.

 5. Friends And Family Understood

Nobody at the funeral questioned Delaney's attire. "There were a few raised eyebrows, a few looks, but everyone was aware of the promise I had made Kevin," he said.

 6. Still Talking To Kevin

Delaney explained what was happening in this photo, saying, "I was bending down to ask him if he liked the dress's colour," and then collapsed in grief upon realizing Elliott wouldn't be able to answer.

 7. Kevin Liked To Laugh

Delaney's brother, also named Kevin, said, "Kev will always be remembered for being a really fun-loving bloke who loved a laugh. I'm sure if he was watching what was going on, he would have been having a right good chuckle to himself."

 8. Serving His Country

Elliott had previously served in Iraq before being deployed to Afghanistan. He thought about leaving the army before Afghanistan but elected to stay. "To say he had served in the two wars would have made him proud," Delaney said.

 9. Captain Remembers

In one of the tributes at the funeral, Captain Lorne Campell said of Elliott, "We will not forget the sacrifice, giving his life, protecting his friends, representing his regiment and his country, and so that the people of Afghanistan might have a better future."

 10. A True Friend

Meanwhile, Delaney described Elliott on a more personal level, saying, "He was such a livewire, always full of energy. Every moment with Kevin was a good time, he wanted to put a smile on everyone's face."

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