She Had 58,000 Followers On Instagram…Then They Realized What They Were Seeing

 We all know that everyone tries to show off their best life on Instagram.

There are even multiple hashtags to let people know it’s their #bestlife…in case they haven’t figured it out from the pics.

The pictures are often weapons in what seems to be an unspoken bragging contest among Instagrammers.

The glitz and beauty covers up a lot of content, some of which can be troubling, but ignored right under our eyes.

In fact, one woman went out to prove this point, hiding troubling behavior in plain sight, obscured by pretty things like food and backdrops.

The stunt was a long-play, and she gained tens of thousands of followers in the process.

But the takeaway was a shocking one to those who had been closely following her pics.

You'd probably like to see how she did it, wouldn't you?
Well, you’ll get the same surprise everyone else did when you see her pics on the next page.

On Instagram, Louise Delage was showing off what looked like a perfect life.

Pictures of her travels, the company she kept, and enviable lifestyle quickly garnered her tens of thousands of Instagram followers.

But what those followers didn’t realize was that Louise was doing this all to send a message to those people following her and “liking” her lifestyle.

The 25-year-old's life looks like something pulled out of "The Rich Kids of Instagram."
But she was cultivating these pictures and this lifestyle to send a very important message about addiction.

You may or may not have noticed that every single picture here features its subjects drinking alcohol.

Did you pick up on that with so many distractions in the pics?

Probably not, and that was the point of the whole exercise. In fact, she wasn’t even the mastermind behind the stunt.

See the whole crazy scheme on the next page.

Louise was actually an actress for the group Addict Aid, and this Instagram campaign was created by ad agency BETC to show how easy it is to be distracted from a problem that should be obvious.

The agency's director said, "There were a few people who sensed the trap — a journalist among others, of course,” but most people were in the dark.

"In the end, the majority just saw a pretty young girl of her time and not at all a kind of lonely girl, who is actually not at all that happy and with a serious alcohol problem."

All those involved pulled back the curtain on the stunt with this video, aptly titled "Like My Addiction."

No doubt this type of immersive and subversive stunt opened many peoples’ eyes.

Not only will this tricky Instagrammer make you a little more cautious, but they can teach you something else.

You can be blinded from addiction and bad behavior in a lot of ways, so make sure you take a critical eye to EVERYTHING you’re seeing.

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