15 People Who Couldn't Care Less About Their Job

 You had one job.

1. You Had One Job

 The people in this list only had one job, but they managed to fail miserably at it. From poor architectural designs to horrifying children’s toys fails, you can only hope that the people behind these horrendous photos were fired.

Honestly, did Yoda write this sign? There are so many steps you have to go through before getting that font up on the actual sign. The font maker should be fired, the guy who printed the words on the sign should be fired, the guy who erected the sign should be fired. The whole local government that kept the sign up should be fired.

2. Come On In

 Like I needed another reason to hate using public restrooms. Now, I have to worry about someone barging in on me as I’m squatted over the toilet? No, thanks! Yes, I squat over the toilet. Who actually sits down on those bacteria-infested stools?

3. School-Cohol

 Nothing like teaching children the value of education on their way to school. The person who printed this on the pavement must have been a raging alcoholic. Why, you ask? Cause this horrendous misspelling of “school” is the last four letters in the word alcohol. They clearly had something on their mind.

4. The Stuff Of Nightmares

 Barbies already give girls unrealistic beauty expectations. Now, girls probably think that they need to look like one of women from Picasso’s Cubist paintings to get a boy to smile at them. Unless this is a line for girls suffering from some kind of deformity (then I’m eternally sorry for that joke), this needs to be taken off the shelf.

5. Makes Your Head Spin

 In this town, we don’t just casually walk across the street; we break dance. This is clearly a person who is doing a head spin across this intersection. If you fail to perform the dopest dance, you get a ticket for “lame-walking.”

6. Back-Breaking

 This lady looks like she’s breaking her back to check out a man across the way. I’ve been this lady. Seriously though, this isn’t a 5,000-piece puzzle. This tile-layer simply had to move around like four tiles to get her upright.

7. If It Doesn't Fit, I Stuff It In Anyway

 Hey, mailman, “If it fits I sits” only works for cats. "If it partially fits, but I have to shove it in with the full force of my body," doesn’t really apply to packages. Let’s hope grandma’s porcelain set wasn’t in there.

8. Geography 101

 “I miss the rains down in Asiaaaaaaaa.” Wait, it says “Asia,” but that looks like Africa. Either way, I’m sure that the Asian continent gets a lot of rain, and I’m sure I’d miss it too. But, seriously whoever designed that shirt needs a solid geography lesson.

9. So, Do I Enter?

 Cannot compute. Malfunction. Malfunction. System will now implode. Seriously, Target, get yourself together. You’re going to have a whole busload of old ladies lined up outside your doors with this kind of confusion plastered on your door.

10. Saw Her In Half

 Is this the result of a magic trick gone terribly wrong? This lady seems to be holding it together well for being spliced in two. Guys, you literally just needed to switch the photos. How are these people employed?

11. Huh?

 Thanks, but no welcome. Sorry, for the convenience and I hope you have a tomorrow day. Come back never, thanks. We pleased shopping with you.

12. So Exotic

 I think this guy just has an exotic name. I think they’re missing a couple of accents about the “a” and “e.” Wow, I wonder where he’s from with a name like that? Oh, wait. Never mind. Someone just lost their entry-level position in the graphics department.

13. That'll Stop You

 Oh, my, how am I supposed to ever get out of this parking lot? It looks like I’m going to be stuck here all day because I forgot to get my ticket validated and now all the offices are closed. If there was only a way to get around … PSYCHE.


 Well, to get the younger emoji and acronym generation hip on to Jesus, the Catholic church should consider changing that self-analyzing question from, “What would Jesus do,” to “WTF would Jesus do?” Kids will think it’s so cool. Wait, also how is there not a Jesus emoji by now? I’m writing to Vatican about this.

15. The Irony

No, the job is far from well done. But, this is such a beautiful fail that I will consider it a win in my book. Thank you, imperfectly perfect fortune cookie. You are my spirit cookie. 

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