These Students Deserve An A For Being Hilarious AF!

 These make me almost want to go back to school.... but not that bad.

1. I Don't Care What My Teacher Says

 When you're a student, you're supposed to respect the school administration and your teachers. But that doesn't mean that you can't have a little fun with them, right? When the school said that they had a no pumpkin policy, this guy found another way to get into the Halloween spirit. Good! Whoever issued a no pumpkin rule is evil! Here are some more students who deserve an A for being hilarious AF!

2. Unsend! Unsend!

 Ah yes. The dreaded, I-wasn't-ready-to-send-that-email-damn-you-computer-you-are-ruining-my-life email. I'm surprised that the teacher didn't call the police when they got that email. It's dark and morbid and I can only imagine what the teacher was thinking when it popped up in their inbox.

3. Home Cooking

 Yum, yum! Everyone loves a home-cooked meal. This meal however, could probably kill you. Cooking with a hand sanitizer could put someone into the hospital and fast! And Spam!?Come on, guys. I know you are college students, but get it together!

4. Calculator Portraits

 Wow, this kid is good. Now, if only this guy could use that talent and turn it into a real career, he would be famous. And that teacher should be flattered because he looks damn good in that calculator portrait.

5. Bruh

 Bruh? You talk to your teacher like that? That is savage. But they did add in "respectfully," so does that make it better? Not really, but it's funny. If he wrote any more it would probably look like, "Bruh. WTF. Y did u fail me? Dats fkd up."

6. Kit Kat Thief

 Okay this is totally insane. While this is a ballsy move, you can tell they are a nice person and they just really wanted that Kit Kat!

A. They left a note.

B. They said they were sorry.

C. They were hungry.

And when you are hungry, you are break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.

7. Sleeping In Class

 Are you always falling asleep in class? Do you have trouble keeping your eyes open? Well, try this trick next time you are dozing off in class. Tape fake eyes into your glasses and snooze all you want. It's fool-proof! Unless the teacher asks you a question out of the blue.

8. Too Many Distractions

 I don't know how people study these days. With texting, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and the internet in general, it just seems like an impossible task. And why don't cats and dogs get along? That is a very good question.

9. Bored And Doodling

 You know that you are bored AF when you are trying to doodle a chameleon from memory. And that picture is hilariously pathetic. A frog I can see, a chameleon, no way.

10. Burning Fat

 While this seems to be some sort of cooking exam, this chef took it in another direction. Hey! They do say that abs are made in the kitchen. And this jokester is pointing out the fact that fat is burned in the gym. It's all related!

11. How Old Are You?

 Just because you are getting older doesn't mean that you are growing up to be more mature. Butts, farts and toilet humor are funny at any age. If you don't agree, I don't understand you.

12. Balloon Student

 I think the higher-ups in this school really need to reevaluate their choice of teachers. Surely a teacher that was on it would notice that there was no student under that hoodie! And kudos to the student for going out on a limb and getting away with it.

13. Who Wants Pancakes?

 That serious face just takes the cake. Or shall I say, " That serious face takes the pancake"? This guy is serious about pancakes. How do I know? Take a look at his face.

14. Best Teacher Ever

 Okay, this teacher wins the "Best Teacher Ever" award. The fact that they still let her still use the notecard is pretty awesome. And what a baller move from this student. It's clear that this girl is going to be a CEO someday.

15. Have Patience, My Kitten

Well, it is clear from this exam that this kid is the class clown. He is just screaming for attention and I feel like he has a future in comedy. Can't you see him writing the next Anchorman movie? 

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