11 Construction Mistakes That Are Too Funny To Believe

 We all make mistakes, each and every one of us.

But sometimes the only thing to do about it is laugh at what we’ve done. There’s no need to cry over a small mishap! Wouldn’t you rather just make a joke of it?

After all, when you make a bigger, unfixable mistake, you’re just going to have to live with it.

I bet you that each person who made these 11 constructions mistakes was in awe that they missed the mark by so much.

Thankfully for us, they’re all pretty darn funny mistakes, and no one was hurt in the process.

Have you ever made a silly but obvious mistake like these around your house? Construction is harder than it looks, and I have a huge amount of respect for the folks who tackle these projects day in and day out — I never could!

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 Actual stairs to nowhere… why?

 Now this could have easily been avoided.

 I would absolutely trip over that top step.

 Who doesn’t want a decorative vent to nowhere in their home?

 This is great because the first thing you want to do when trying to put a fire out is locate the nearest stepladder.

 It’s everyone’s dream to be seen doing their business in a public restroom. Oh, sorry, I meant nightmare.

 And we all love to live in fear that the stall door will swing open right in the middle of everything.

 Where did this family get their flying car? Because I would love to have one myself, though I do not have a garage made specifically for one… yet.

 Wouldn’t you want to bring your kids to this park?

 Could they not have had the door open out, instead of in? That way there wouldn’t be a gaping hole when someone tries to do their business.

This would be a beautiful balcony… if only there were a way to get to it.

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