Angus Barbieri, The Man Who Fasted For 392 Days Set Record After Losing Huge Amount Of Weight

Angus Barbieri set a Guinness World Record by fasting for 382 days in the 1960s to achieve his goal weight of 180 pounds. Despite his success, extreme fasting like this is strongly discouraged due to health risks.

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In an attempt to achieve his target weight, a guy went without food for nearly 400 days and succeeded in setting a new record.

I have no idea how 27-year-old Angus Barbieri did it for more than a year in the 1960s; I become cranky if I go without food for more than a few hours.

When Barbieri, a Scottish national, arrived at the University Department of Medicine at the Royal Infirmary of Dundee in June 1965, he weighed 456 pounds (207 kg).

Barbieri informed hospital personnel he wanted to give up food completely in an attempt to lose weight, and physicians agreed to keep an eye on him, according to

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The doctor anticipated that the fast would last several days and recommended yeast and multivitamins to make up for his nutritional deficiency.

Weeks soon passed, though, as Barbieri persisted in trying to hit his 180-pound "ideal weight."

He survived on tea, coffee, soda water, and vitamins.

As the fast progressed, his body started using its own fat reserves for energy to make up for the lack of food.

Barbieri's fast resulted in low blood glucose levels, but it had no negative consequences on him.

The Scotsman did only 'go to the toilet' every forty to fifty days, though.

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Barbieri started adding a small amount of milk or sugar to his tea and coffee in the last few months of his fast, and in July 1966 he finally made the decision to break the fast.

Barbieri's perseverance paid off as he reached his target weight of 180 pounds in a total of 382 days.

Barbieri's first breakfast consisted of a boiled egg with a slice of bread and butter, but he eased back in with a story from the Chicago Tribune stating that he had forgotten the flavor of food after so many days.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my egg and I feel very full," he later told reporters.

Credit: AP

Barbieri benefited for years following his fast, as he maintained his low weight of 196 pounds for five years.

Guinness World Records acknowledged his fast as the longest fast ever documented.

Barbieri's fast was successful, but it's not advised that you attempt this kind of diet at home.

Barbieri's situation is described as "incredibly unusual" and "one of the most extreme examples of a starvation diet ever recorded" by

The website also states that for individuals who are of normal weight, prolonged fasting might lead to health issues, such as an elevated heart rate.

While his perseverance is remarkable, attempting such extreme measures at home is strongly cautioned, emphasizing the need for balanced and sustainable approaches to health.

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