44 Times Kids Demonstrated Out-Of-The-Box Thinking In The Funniest Ways

Children tackle problems in the same way that adults do. Nonetheless, their methods frequently diverge from adults'. Frequently executed in a more inventive manner. However, that is both expected and, more importantly, welcomed. We keep searching the internet for examples of children demonstrating exceptional intelligence by coming up with answers to issues that most people find so unexpected that they're truly astounding.

#1 A true genius

Quinn Answered A Request From The Local Hospitals For Help With Creating More "Ear Guards" To Help Take The Pressure Off Healthcare Workers' Ears From Wearing Masks All Day. He got busy on his 3D printer and has been turning out dozens of earguards to donate. We need more volunteers to fire up their 3D printers and donate these earguards to hospitals and medical professionals!

#2 Smart Kid

#3 Light Grease

#4 They Are Living In 2050

#5 29 Rulers Being Held Up By 1. If You Remove Any Of Them Then It All Comes Down

#6 This Kid On A Longboard Using A Leaf Blower To Go Fast Is Now My Hero

#7 My 7-Year-Old Son Built This For His Switch Games. I Am Impressed

#8 Kitty Is In Jail. My Son Put These Cups Around Her, And She Hasn't Moved For 20 Minutes

#9 Kid Playing Tic-Tac-Toe With Their Mail Carrier

#10 Very Innovative

#11 A perfect solution for online meetings.

Today One Of My 4th Grade Students Renamed Himself "Reconnecting" On Our Zoom Call And Pretended That He Was Having Internet Issues To Avoid Participating In Our Lesson

#12 I Told My Son To Hang Up His Clothes And He Did This

#13 Told The Older Ones To Watch The Baby And Don't Let Her Get In Trouble

#14 This DIY Selfie Stick

#15 It Took Me A Minute To Comprehend That My 5-Year-Old Had Invented A New Hands-Free iPad Technology

#16 I Came Downstairs To Find Out That My Kid Had Made Herself A Movie Theater For Her Phone

#17 When You Are A Smart Kid

#18 My 12-Year-Old Son Modified His Bike With Carpet For Barefoot Riding

#19 A traffic officer found

My Kids Invented A Traffic Light System For Entering My Room When I’m Working. Red Means Do Not Enter, Yellow - Please Knock, And Green Means Come In

#20 My Kid Might Be A Genius. Now I Want One

#21 The Ladder My 4-Year-Old Son Built To Steal The Leftover Halloween Candy

#22 My Daughter Made A Wallet Chain Out Of Can Tabs


Yesterday While My Son Was Helping His Grandfather In The Garden, The Tire Of The Wheelbarrow Exploded. So Today My Son Invented An Airless Tire. It Works

#24 My Little Sister Has The Solution To Those Forever Alone

#25 This Kid Is Living In 3018

#26 My Son (4) Peeled The Label Off Of His Water Bottle, Wrapped It Over His Eyes, And Fell Asleep Like This

#27 My Son Made Freddy With His Spare Parts And Yes, The Jaw Opens And Closes. I Am Beyond Impressed

#28 My Little Brother Wearing Gloves On His Feet When Walking In The Woods Because He Left His Shoes Inside

#29 Cheese Lip Balm

#30 A Fort Some Kids Built A Few Years Ago

#31 My Kid, Changing The Way You Define Lazy

#32 Saw This Kid Chilling At Costco Today

#33 I Dislocated My Right Shoulder And This Was My Daughter's Solution To My Morning Coffee

#34 Some Kid Hid Behind A Bookshelf And Fell Asleep During The Video In My Personal Finance Class

#35 This Kid Is A Genius. Someone's Brother Made A Hammock And Has Been Watching TV Like This

#36 IQ 10000000

#37 My Sister Eating Popcorn In My Closet With Chopsticks So That She Doesn’t Get Greasy Fingers With The Bag Open

#38 My 8-Year-Old Daughter Created This Hack Today

#39 Smart Kid On The Train

#40 My 13-Year-Old Will Do Literally Anything To Avoid Washing Dishes

#41 My Son Wants To Be An Engineer. Told Him To Fix A Broken Fence. This Was His Solution. I Think I Can See What He Was Thinking

#42 My Little Brother Is Tweaking

#43 My Daughter Made Her Own Bank Vault. It's More Secure Than The Ones Used In Cyprus

#44 Kid In The Plane Used A Pop Socket To Hold His Phone On The Seat In Front Of Him

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