Dad Forces Game-Addicted 11-Year-Old Son To Play For 17 Hours Straight, Child Begs For Forgiveness

After catching him using his smartphone in bed, a parent made his 11-year-old son play video games for 17 hours nonstop. The tired child claimed that his father started the punishment when he caught him playing video games at 1am.

After discovering his 11-year-old son using his smartphone, a father apparently made him play video games for 17 hours straight while remaining awake.

The boy from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, was forced to play mobile games for 17 hours, "until he pukes," after his father discovered him playing at 1 am.

Before going to bed, the boy wrote a sincere note that made this promise: "So my dad found out. Then my father punished me. Let me play enough. Play until vomit.”

"From 1 am to 6 pm. Just played for 17 hours. I promise: After school home, after dinner, began to write the day, the teacher assigned homework, and dad assigned homework.”

The tired child, who is seen wearing pajamas, is jolted awake to resume playing even as he sinks into his chair.

He added: "Well I was woken up several times. It's going to be all day anyway. From 1 am to 6 pm. Just played for 17 hours."

He said he stopped the punishment when "his son broke down in tears and agreed to a new pact limiting his playing time." His father recorded the lesson and posted it on Douyin, China's equivalent of TikTok.

Additionally, he stated that the penalty was a "last resort" and cautioned other online parents against using it.

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Twitter users responded to the event in a number of ways. Some thought the punishment was appropriate, while others thought it was too severe.

One Twitter user said: "As a game publisher, I approve of his punishment."

While others made fun of the whole thing and joked: "He clearly knows nothing about 11yr old, mine would love that, he'd be living his best life."

Another one said: "Tha wouldn't bother my Nephew."

Another person questioned what habits kids should learn and said: "Aha, Harsh lesson, Should children be allowed to take a phone to bed? As a parent I know it's wrong because they are up all night using it... So really the father should have been made to play it for 17hrs."

Last but not least, one Twitter user won when he gave the viral event a creative name, writing: "The Bruce Bogtrotter punishment".

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