Plus-Size Boutique Owner Gifts Teen A Perfect Prom Dress After She Drove 6 Hours To Get It

Never underestimate the power of the right dress. Just remember Cinderella – with a beautiful dress and a pair of new shoes, she was the belle of the ball. The perfect dress can make any girl feel like a princess and prom is the perfect occasion for that. Elyse Monroe, a high school senior, was determined to find her dream dress, even if it meant driving six hours to a boutique she found on TikTok. At the boutique, she received the gift of a lifetime, ensuring that she will have an unforgettable prom.

Finding a perfect prom dress can be a stressful quest, especially for a plus-size person

Image credits: juicybodygoddess

Shopping can be a nightmare – most mass-produced clothes on the high street fit a small percentage of people. After trying on the umpteenth piece of clothing, you just want to call yourself a troll and move into a cave deep in the woods. Luckily, we live in the age of the internet where creators and sellers showcase their designs online – no longer are we confined to the likes of our local mall.

In an attempt to find a perfect prom dress, Elyse Monroe scoured the internet for something magical and she found Juicy Body Goddess boutique. The owner, Summer Lucille, posts fun and empowering videos showcasing her customers’ shopping experiences. Beautiful designs and the fact that everyone leaves Juicy Body Goddess with a bright smile convinced Elyse that this place was worth checking out. It was six hours away, so she and her family members embarked on a girly journey to get the dress. After all, prom only happens once in a lifetime.
Elyse Monroe found a perfect boutique that stocked beautiful dresses she liked. The problem? It was six hours away from her home

The family also had a strict $400 budget and the dresses that Elyse liked were way above

When she arrived at Juicy Body Goddess boutique for a consultation, she was very shy and nervous. The 18-year-old often finds shopping too stressful, so she prefers online purchases. However, one’s prom dress is not an everyday purchase. In the relaxing and supportive environment, Elyse soon began opening up and her smile became brighter with every dress she tried on. After all, a smile is an accessory that goes with everything.

Elyse tried on a few dresses (my personal favorite was the red one, by the way) and she looked stunning in each and every one of them. Unfortunately, the dresses she loved were out of her family’s budget of $400. The boutique’s owner, Summer, reassured the family not to worry about the cost. She is well known for exceptional customer care and she was going to make sure Elyse’s dream came true. Like a real-life fairy godmother!

Summer usually livestreams the consultations on her social media platforms. During Elyse’s consultation, a kind-hearted follower called in and generously offered to contribute $200 towards her dream dress. It seemed like the whole world was coming together to make sure Elyse went to prom looking like a princess. Summer took it as a sign and made a heartwarming decision to gift a $700 dress to the girl.

Summer usually livestreams prom dress consultations. During Elyse’s stream, she received a message from a follower offering to contribute $200

Summer took it as a sign and decided to gift the dress to Elyse

When Elyse’s family came to the cash register to pay for the stunning purple gown, they were informed of its high price. Moments later, they were absolutely blown away when Summer told them that this dress was a gift.

In an interview, Elyse expressed her heartfelt gratitude “Not only does it fit — but it makes me feel good about myself… Prom is a night where you want to feel beautiful, and I feel beautiful in that dress.” Summer’s mission was a success and we’re sure Elyse will remember her kindness for years to come.

The kindhearted shop owner remembers negative experiences she had as a teenager. There were no options for plus-size individuals, so she had to wear a suit dress with a jacket – not an outfit that makes you feel amazing about yourself. Summer took her negative experience and turned it into something beautiful, making sure every teenager that visits her store has the best experience that inspires confidence.

“If you weren’t skinny, there weren’t many options, and it was devastating for me because I’ve always loved fashion… It was a very sad period in my life, but I’m thankful for those experiences now,” Summer recalled her youth.

It wasn’t just a perfect dress, but the act of kindness that made this experience so extraordinary

Image credits: Elyse Monroe

This heartwarming gesture made many people smile, some of them recalling their negative experiences and wishing they would’ve found someone like Summer. Her kindness helped a young woman to feel beautiful in her body and will help to lay strong foundations of confidence and self-love. We hope that Elyse has an unforgettable prom night.

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