People Whose Days Didn't Go as Planned

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and there is nothing you can do about it. Other times you may wake up in a wonderful mood, but it seems like your day has something else in mind. That's what happened to the people here, as they had some of the worst wake-up calls a person could have. And what's the best thing to do when you're having a tough time? Document it so that you can laugh about it later (or have other people laugh about it for you).

Sadly, It's Not an Amphicar
Have you ever wanted to have a car that could turn into a boat? Well, apparently, there is such a thing, and it is known as an amphicar. Although you might be led to believe that this is also an amphicar due to the fact that it is a car in the water, it actually is not. Sadly, whoever's car this belongs to probably does not have a car anymore or should be ready to pay a lot in damages.

How do you think it happened that this car ended up in the pool? It seems like a tricky situation to get yourself in as the pool appears to be in a backyard.

His Career in Beekeeping Was Short-Lived
If you are allergic to bees, chances are high that you already know it and do everything to avoid being stung by a bee when you're outside. You probably also carry around something to make sure everything will be ok if you do get stung. This young man was not so prepared, unfortunately. On the contrary, he got stung and then was left in this difficult and painful state.

He almost looks like he got lip injections, but that is not the case at all. Although the look is similar, the pain is not quite the same, and the bee sting with an allergy is probably worse.

Well, They Won't Be Leaving Their House Anytime Soon
It is one thing to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but it is a whole other to wake up, walk outside, and see this sitting on your roof. There is little that would be more shocking to have on your roof than a lion. Wild cats usually keep to themselves, and they are known to be among the most dangerous of wild animals, so this is a stressful way to wake up, to say the least.

What do you think these people did when they got the news that there was a massive wild cat just sitting and relaxing on their roof? Do you just wait for it to leave and go on its way?

The Worst Part Is, They Were Home Alone
Doing roof work on your house is never ideal or a particularly desired task. However, the work must be done, and someone has to do it. This person woke up on a Saturday and started to get to work to fix something on their roof. They used a ladder to climb up to the top. They did not see their doom approaching, but the wind or just karma seemed to have other plans.

They could have been stuck up on that roof for hours, especially if they lived alone and had no one around to pick up the ladder for them and help them to get down.

When You Forget to Remove the Handcuffs From Your Headboard Before Sending Mom a Pic
There is nothing more exciting than moving to a new place and setting up your house to look nice and pretty and to make it feel like a home. In the process, most people also want to see what it looks like and how the process is coming along, so they usually ask for pictures. This girl sent a photo to her mother, but it seems that she forgot to take something out of the photo before. What was it? Oh, just a pair of handcuffs.

And it seems that there was no chance her mother would let that slide without saying something. How is the daughter even supposed to respond?

He Unknowingly Drank an Entire Cup of Morning Lizard Tea
What is worse than looking down into your food or drink and seeing a bug? Finding that bug only when you are finished eating or drinking. And what is worse than finding a bug when you are finished eating or drinking? Finding an amputated lizard at the bottom of your cup of tea. That is definitely not everyone's cup of tea and would probably be a pretty traumatizing experience for anyone.

It would have been bad enough to discover this before you started drinking, but the horror of discovering that after is a new low.

Your Sign to Stop Chewing on Pens
Everyone has a habit. Some people play with their hair obsessively, some people crack their knuckles, and some people tap their feet incessantly. And then there are others who chew on pens. Have you ever been sitting in class and then seen a mangled and chewed-up pen sitting on a desk? Well, people like this person are the ones to blame as they have a habit of always chewing on pens.

If you are someone who chews on pens, be warned that this could happen to you! It doesn't take that much for a pen to explode while you are chewing and for this to happen!

This Buddha Statue Is Not Like Other, More Peaceful Buddhas
Nobody likes a backseat driver. However, these people took that dislike to a whole new level. Although they probably started off the day excited to bring home the new statue that they purchased, that excitement probably quickly faded as they stopped at a stop sign and heard a loud smash coming from the back area of their car. The entire back window was destroyed, but what was the statue as well?

It looks like a pretty big and expensive statue, and maybe they could not fit it in the back seat of the car, but leaving it untied and loose like that was a risk from the start.

Always Close the Car Door Before a Snowstorm
Winter is a difficult time, especially if you live in a snowy place. You have to wake up early to make sure that your car is clean and free of snow and ice. You have to shovel your driveway so that you can get your car out and go to work. If you already hate the winter, this is probably your worst nightmare. This family forgot to shut the door of their car before a snowstorm, and this was the result.

It must have been a very intense snowstorm if the snow had made its way into the car like this. The car is completely covered!

Someone Spilled the Beads - All 50,000 of Them
Now this is either someone's worst nightmare or their best therapy. Most people probably think of the former as who wants to sit and organize and divide beads by color for hours on end. However, there are some people that would find this therapeutic and enjoyable; and a good opportunity to relax and organize their thoughts. However, regardless it is a very, very time-consuming endeavor, and whoever takes it on should be commended.

It looks like they have made some good progress so far. Although the beads are tiny, they are already partially organized by color already, so they just have to keep going.

Do Not Try DIY Hair Bleaching - And if You Do, Don't Use a Walmart Bag
If you ever needed a sign not to try to bleach your hair at home, this is it. This woman tried to bleach her hair, and things did not turn out exactly as she would have expected, mainly due to the bag that she put on her head to keep the bleach in. Instead of having freshly dyed hair, she came out looking like a walking logo for Walmart, with the Walmart stamp on her head.

If it's any perk, it does seem that her hair was successfully bleached in the process, even if she also ended up with a stamp and mark of Walmart as well.

Better Add the Ants to Your Calorie Count
In some parts of the world, they eat ants regularly and think that the little insects make for a good snack. However, in most of the world, they are considered annoying little bugs. These ants are extra little and extra annoying, and somehow, they made it into this person's cereal. The worst part is that they did not realize it until it was pretty much too late, and some of the contaminated cereal had already been consumed.

Unless this was their first time eating cornflakes, it seemed strange that they wouldn't notice that the little flecks were not supposed to be there.

Welcome to (doggie) Fatherhood
There is little more exciting than getting a new puppy. You imagine how this day will be, bringing home a cute and cuddly puppy in your car. For this man, that day was not quite as he imagined since shortly into the drive home, the dog started to be a bit sick and ended up throwing up all over the man, right on his shirt. He does not look too happy.

The puppy doesn't seem to know what he has done wrong. In his cute little head, he can't understand what the issue could be; now he is feeling better since he has thrown up!

Explosion of the Washing Machine
Even though mankind has progressed so much in the world of doing laundry and washing clothes, it is still not a chore that most people enjoy. However, it doesn't help when a malfunction like this happens, and the washing machine rejects all of the soap that you put in and literally starts to spit it back out at you. At least it is clean water as it's filled with soap.

It must be sort of scary to see that, as there doesn't really appear to be a good way to stop it from continuing forever.

$1,500 Worth of Parmesan Cheese Damage
Although you might not think that having an excessive amount of parmesan cheese is a bad thing, it can actually be something a bit unpleasant at the end of the day. If you choose to put an unsealed container of parmesan cheese in a bag with your laptop, you will probably be left with something like this. Will they ever manage to get all of the parmesan cheese out of the tricky places?

It is interesting to think that someone was carrying around a container of parmesan cheese and their laptop. Did they bring it with them to work? Why did they need so much parmesan?

No, It's Not Alive
Many people are concerned about leaving their shoes outside for fear that they will find a little surprise inside of them when they are not paying attention. Most people are concerned that it will be a bug or a spider or maybe a lizard, but the fear of having a bird in your shoe is usually not top of the list. However, this person walked outside to an interesting and undoubtedly shocking sight.

They hoped the bird was alive and was just stuck in the shoe, and all they needed to do was release him, and he could fly away to freedom, unharmed. But sadly, that wasn't the case.

They Thought the Mechanics Fixed Their Car... They Thought Wrong
Car repairs are some of the most expensive types of repairs that a person can do. If you take your car to the shop to be checked, there is almost no chance that you will not be leaving with a long and expensive list of things to repair. This person, although their car was old, decided to take the risk and spend $2000 to fix his car, hoping it would keep him covered for a while.

Unfortunately, that was not the case, and the day after they paid for all of the repairs on their car, the car burst into flames and was completely destroyed.

And It Happened at the Last Turn Before Arriving to Her Destination
No one likes to spill something in their car. It is always difficult to clean up, and the smell seems to stay for eternity. However, these people were not so lucky as to be able to avoid it. They spilled the beans, and they spilled them hard - and all over the car. It almost seems like there is no way to even clean up all the beans and get the stains out.

Hopefully, the people who were waiting for this dish weren't too hungry as they would have to find a backup plan pretty quickly. There was no way to salvage any of that chili.

Pro-Tip: Don't Leave the Keys Inside an Armored Vehicle
Locking your keys in your car is a terrible turn of events for any ordinary day. It's just plain sad as you have to wait for AAA to come and help you, opening the car door and grabbing the keys. The saddest part is that you can usually see the keys, only you can't reach them without damaging the car. Now imagine all of that, except with an armored vehicle.

These three men locked the keys to the armored car inside, and they didn't know what to do. You can see the despair and distress on their faces as they try to get inside.

His Shift Was Supposed to End in Ten Minutes (not Anymore)
Eggs are not everyone's cup of tea. Many people cannot stand the texture of them or the taste or the smell. And for those people, this picture will be their worst nightmare. Imagine having to handle this many eggs and somehow spilling them all over the place! This is really the definition of a bad day. How do you even clean that up? It seems like an impossible task.

Not only is it a waste of food, but there is no way that you could ever get that egg smell out of everything. And the boxes and everything around are also now contaminated.

When You Don't Know What Poison Ivy Looks Like
What was supposed to start out as a nice and relaxed way to spend a day together as a family quickly took a turn for the worst. This man went over to his parents to help them with some yard work, but he did not know what was in store for him. If you had a before and after picture set of him, it would be quite sad to see.

He finished the day covered in poison ivy, especially over his face and neck. Don't be fooled to think that this is sunburn; it is itchy and painful poison ivy!

"No Wonder My Laptop Felt so Hot"
Most people do not use irons on a regular basis. It has come to a point in society that people don't iron their clothes regularly and either have synthetic materials that don't wrinkle or they simply go out wearing wrinkled clothing shamelessly. Whichever the case, most people do not know how to use an iron, which is showcased by this young boy who clearly didn't realize how hot it was.

As a result, he ended up ironing his brother's laptop, leaving it with an imprint in the shape of an iron, one that will probably never be fixed (if the laptop even works any more).

He's the Chandelier Now
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a human chandelier? The answer to that is almost definitely no, but since you see this photo, you might change your mind, as you are seeing one of the only examples of a human chandelier. This man, although he is in a very awkward predicament, also looks like an interesting art piece at the same time. As long as he was not actually hurt, it could be funny!

That is some impressively poorly made walls, or he was doing some crazy things up above before the ceiling broke, and he fell right through.

Careful Not to Burn Down the House With a Mirror
You have probably seen in movies that sometimes the characters will be in a pinch, and then they use a mirror to start a fire. Although the chance has probably never arisen to do this in real life, this person actually did it by accident. They left their mirror in direct sunlight and accidentally started a fire in their room. You can see how badly the windowsill was burnt in the process.

Luckily they were able to stop and contain the fire in time, but if they weren't home, it could have really become a large fire that caused significant damage to the house.

Their Trip to the Vet Is off to a Bad Start
A lot of animals are not big fans of car rides. They like to stay at home or in their natural habitat, walking places if need be. However, sometimes it is necessary to take your pet's place in a car. The vet is one of the most common examples. This person was on the way to the vet with their cat when their cat became car sick and threw up everywhere.

You can see that the cat is not happy with the situation. And although you can't see the face of the owner, they probably are mirroring the image. Two unhappy creatures.

And a Good Morning to the Opening Staff!
Dropping a single plate or a cup, causing it to break, is already reason enough for some people to think that they are having a bad day. Take that and add hundreds of more plates and cups, and you will maybe start to understand how this person was feeling after this happened. The real question is, how did this even happen? If it wasn't an earthquake or a natural disaster, how could this happen?

Do you think they were able to salvage any of the plates or cups or anything from this situation, or did they all break beyond repair?

The Last Slice Left for That Day's Breakfast
Although having an airy piece of bread can be a good thing, you normally don't want it to be taken to this extreme. After all, how is someone supposed to make a sandwich with a piece of bread like this? There are far too many holes for this to work. Imagine trying to spread mayo or mustard on a piece of bread that has as many holes as this one does.

You wouldn't even really be able to put butter on a piece of bread like this. It would really be sad if you had a ration of bread, and this is the piece you got.

Time to Burn the Car
Most people do not love to deal with fixing and maintaining their cars. It is considered more of a hassle than an enjoyable thing. To make matters worse for these people, when they went to go change their car batteries, they were greeted by a surprise friend. There was a massive black widow spider that had made a web in the car hood, attaching itself to the battery of the car.

You wouldn't think that this would be the best spot for a black widow spider to get food and meet other spiders, but she seems to be happy with her choice.

When the Mosquitos Love You Too Much
No one likes to get a bug bite. There is nothing worse than just trying to spend some time in nature and then realizing that you are getting bitten by bugs all over your body. And the worst part is that it's not just one bite; usually, they will keep going, just like they did for this person. They look like they have a rash all over their body, but it's really just countless bites.

This is the reason that you should always put bug spray on, even if you don't think that you need to. It's always worth it!

Just an Upside Down Sort of Day
There are some days when just nothing seems to go right. No matter how hard you try, things don't go your way. You stub your toe on every piece of wood, you get your shirt caught on every doorknob, and you pour your beverage on a cup turned upside down. On those days, maybe you should just reconsider going out altogether and just stay at home to ensure minimal damage.

This is sad because now they have to clean up the mess that the spill caused, and they also are missing some of their drink. It is the definition of a lose-lose situation.

Their Cabinet Came Crashing Down the Day They Installed Their New Glass Stove
Getting a new oven can be an exciting event in the life of an adult. However, the excitement of that event for this person seemed to be quite short-lived. They purchased a brand-new glass stove, installed it in their house, and were excited to use it for the first time. They left the kitchen for a moment, heard a loud crash, and returned to this horrible and depressing sight.

The cabinet that was above the glass stove fell and broke the entire stove on the same day that they installed it. Was it fate, karma, or just an unfortunate experience?

Don't Let Your Anger Get the Better of You
The person who had this phone was clearly having a pretty rough day. They just couldn't hear the sound of the phone ringing anymore. And so instead of just unplugging it or leaving the house for a little bit, they got so angry that they threw the phone into a hot oven. You can only feel so bad for this person because they had to have known what would happen to the phone.

The melted and burnt phone actually looks like a bit of a work of art. It is melted in a way that it almost looks like it is made out of clay.

This Burger's on Fire
Although every good BBQ requires a flame and cooking time, it seems that this person took it a little too far. Instead of just cooking the burgers, they decided to ensure that they were literally lit on fire. Either they didn't know how to use a BBQ and cook burgers, or it was a mistake that cost everyone their dinner. Hopefully, they learned how to do it right before wasting more burgers.

The dads of the group probably got stuck eating the burnt burgers. After all, that is a lot of food to waste because of a firey mistake.

Lesson Learned: Don't Drain the Deep Frier Into a Bucket
Dealing with hot oil can be challenging, but the worker who made this mess is probably going to either be fired or in very big trouble for the mistake that they made here. They were in the process of attempting to clean out the deep fryer and drain all of the oil. Instead of using the correct tool, however, they used a plastic bucket, seemingly forgetting that the oil was hot.

This is quite a doozy of a mess to clean up. Not only is it dirty and stinky, but it's oil. They will need to use a lot of soap to get rid of that slippery mess.

This Man Got Bit by a Non-Poisonous Snake but Cut His Finger off Just in Case
Most people in the world are afraid of snakes, or if they are more relaxed, they just dislike them. This person's worst fear came upon them when they were bitten by a snake while in nature. They didn't know what to do, were concerned that it was poisonous, and therefore decided to take drastic measures. The drastic measures? They cut off the finger that was bitten, hoping that it would prevent the bite from killing them.

What is the saddest part of this story, other than the fact that the man is now missing a part of his finger? This act was actually completely unnecessary to save his life.

Believe It or Not, That's Thousands of Dollars Worth of Product
Have you ever heard the phrase, "Don't cry over spilled milk"? Well, here is the prime example of that, although it is not exactly milk, but rather some strange orange liquid. The turn of events that led to this occurring is not immediately clear. However, it does not look like an easy mess to clean up. The worst part is it was expensive, and someone may be losing their job.

It could just be that the machine malfunctioned. It does look like the machine somehow came apart, and that is why there is a bright orange liquid everywhere.

The Wrong Costume to Wear During a Car Crash
What is the likelihood that you are going to get in a car accident on the day that you are heading to a costume party and are dressed up as Carrie? The likelihood is very slim, and yet that is exactly what happened to this woman. Her car was totaled, and when the first responders saw her, they were convinced that she was already dead due to the Carrie costume.

You can't blame them for thinking that, and it must have been pretty scary for them to realize that she was actually very alive and that this was just a costume.

Okay but They Didn't Need to Include All That Detail
Although this is probably not at all what you were expecting to read from this sign, you can probably at least appreciate the honesty. They had to close their shop as the only employee had some serious digestive issues that caused them to be quite sick. They weren't able to prevent a disaster from happening and had to go home in order to ensure minimal damage to anyone around them.

That is a pretty good excuse for anyone who would be upset about the fact that they could not access this store anymore. It also probably made quite a few people laugh.

Another Person With No Control Over Their Beans
Bringing food to a potluck or a dinner party is always a challenge. After all, you have to drive quite a far way usually, and you are bringing your pots and pans with you, which aren't really meant to leave the kitchen. This person decided to risk it all with a pot of chili. They had to know and understand the risk that they were taking when they did this, but they thought it was worth a try.

They probably didn't think that this was the best idea by the time they were done. But how did the chili spill? Were they keeping it at the driver's feet the whole time?

How This Person Learned They Sleep Walk
Sleepwalking can be a terrifying and actually dangerous thing - especially if you don't even know that you are a sleepwalker. Can you imagine getting a note like this from your neighbor, alerting you to your sleepwalking tendencies? It would probably be slightly scary and alarming to find out that you wander through the neighborhood in your underwear at night, yelling at your car. At least they now have a warning from their neighbor!

It must be pretty embarrassing for them to show their face around the neighborhood after that. After all, how did they know if they were drunk or if they were sleepwalking?

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