What Your Body Fat Type Is Telling You About Your Health

Although we often think of fat as something unwelcome, it has remarkable significance in our bodies. Fat tissue not only releases hormones that regulate metabolism and appetite but also has a surprising influence over insulin sensitivity. But beware, excessive calorie consumption can lead to the expansion and multiplication of fat cells, fueling chronic inflammation and disrupting healthy metabolism. Unravel its secrets with us and seize control of your well-being.

Why body fat is healthy

Beyond its unwelcome appearance in problem areas like our bellies and thighs, fat is very important for our bodies to function. Fat tissue not only releases hormones that regulate metabolism and appetite but also impacts insulin sensitivity. In fact, fat tissue contains immune cells that impact inflammation, both soothing it and starting it.

But beware, excessive calorie consumption can lead to excess production of fat cells, creating chronic inflammation and disrupting your healthy metabolism.

Abdomen fat

This is one of the most common types of body fat, and is known as visceral fat. This type of fat is internal and packs itself around our vital organs in our body. We start to notice this fat when we eat too many calories and don’t do enough physical exercise.

It can be a sign of a low metabolism or that you have a hormonal imbalance. For women, it is common for the body to change where it stores fat, particularly as we age. After menopause our muscles decrease and women’s fat increases, which may lead to fat being stored around the tummy area. As women age we are more likely to get visceral fat in our tummy, even if we don’t put on extra weight.

Upper arm fat

If you start to notice a disproportionate amount of fat collection in your upper arms, then it could be because of hormonal changes in your body. For instance, if you’re taking any kind of hormone medication that changes your hormone levels, then you may start to notice more fat production in your upper arms.

Actually, women are also more likely to develop arm fat than men. For instance, it is very common for women experiencing menopause to gain weight on their upper arms as their testosterone levels drop.
Hips and sides

It is known to be a storage center for fat, especially for women. This causes what’s known as love handles, and the main cause is likely to be heredity, as well as too much gluten and milk. And of course, lack of physical activity can contribute to more fat being stored here. Also, if you are taking Estrogen based medication (such as a contraceptive pill), it is common to produce more fat in these areas.

Lower back and waist

Low protein-rich diets are often the culprit for fat production in this area. Regularly eating processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugary drinks on top of not exercising frequently can lead to excess fat storage in the lower back and waist. This fat type is not only common for women, but also can often be found in men.

Our stomachs don’t only grow because of excess fat collection, there can be other reasons for a larger stomach. One of these reasons is the uncomfortable occurrence of bloating, which can easily be managed with a few key steps, giving you a naturally flatter stomach.

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