People Reimagined The Most Iconic Landmarks As If They Existed In Barbie’s World

ConservatoryLand’s AI-generated image gallery reveals how Barbie would (probably) decorate 13 iconic landmarks from around the world.

Barbiecore is taking the world by storm! Google searches for ‘Barbiecore’ have increased 2732% in the past year alone with 7,000 searches every month, and global TikTok content tagged #BarbiecoreInterior has been viewed 4.6 million times, as people search for inspiration on how to incorporate this playful and nostalgic trend into fashion, travel and interiors.

Using AI tool Midjourney, ConservatoryLand has reimagined some of the world’s most iconic buildings and landmarks into a Barbie DreamHouse.

Eiffel Tower

Sydney Opera House

Forbidden City

Buckingham Palace

Saint Basil's Cathedral

Tower Bridge

Le Mont Saint Michel

Flatiron Building

Space Needle

Brighton Pier

Chrysler Building

The Giza Pyramids

The Space Needle Building

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