Clever Hidden Messages Found On Products We Use All the Time

Everyone loves a good Easter egg, especially when we run into them hidden away on everyday products. It turns out that some of the biggest and most famous brands in the world have been keeping secrets from us, the unsuspecting buyers, with hidden messages in all our favorite household items. You'll be shocked to find out how many of the products you use every day have secret messages in them - check them out below.

A Secret Pattern That Reveals Itself in the Rain

This is pretty inventive and we'd love to know exactly how it works, but someone discovered that their raincoat displays a floral pattern when it gets wet. It's kind of hard to make out at first, but if you look closely you can see flowers wherever the coat has water on it. This would also be a pretty inventive idea for something like an umbrella or a waterproof bag.

It also kind of goes with the saying, "April showers bring May flowers". Of course, the floral pattern will be there when wet no matter what season it's raining.

A Bag of Sweets With an Attitude

Sometimes the best Easter eggs are the simple, yet wholesome ones found on random packaging. This sweets company included this wholesome message for anyone curious enough to look at the bottom of their pouches. It reads, "you're a curious one, I like you". It's not much but it's a nice little message and it doesn't hurt that it gives customers positive reinforcement in a marketable quote. The colors are also nice if you ask us.

It apparently works, too because a lot of commenters said that they loved the idea of including a simple, sweet message at the bottom for those interested enough to look.

A Shirt Worthy Of Top Gear

The show Top Gear was known for its clever humor, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that they included that humor in their clothing. Someone found this old shirt that assures its wearer the clothing was tested on animals but that it didn't fit. That just leaves us wondering exactly what kind of animal they were trying to stuff into this shirt and if this guy should be wearing it after all of that.

Did they try it on a giraffe, or maybe a rhinoceros? Or perhaps an orca whale? The possibilities are endless.

Snarky Wine Box

As if winemakers needed another reason for people to call them snarky, enter this wine box. It ever so politely tells you which side to open and which side is the bottom. It reads, "open other end Einstein" in big bold lettering. It's not exactly the most subtle message on this list, but it's pretty funny nonetheless. However, some fans of puns pointed out that a golden opportunity was missed.

After the photo was shared online, commenters said that they could've changed Einstein to "Weinstein", and it would've been perfect, but we'll let our readers decide that for themselves. Obviously, lovers of puns might be able to relate.

Finding An Adorable Sloth

This one had to be found completely by accident because it's really well hidden. The next time you have the urge to peel a label, just go ahead and do it, you might just find an adorable sloth hiding behind the packaging. This product is a bit hard to make out but the manufacturer hid away a tiny sloth behind the label with a different saying on each one.

This is a pretty cool idea, especially considering the company is billing itself as environmentally friendly, at least according to what they've written on their label.

You Car Is Trying To Tell You Something

A driver curious driver noticed something interesting about the floormats on his jeep and decided to investigate them for himself. He ended up deciphering the code, which read, "Sand Snow River Rocks" in morse code. Hats off to whatever designer on the Jeep team thought of this because it's honestly one of the coolest Easter eggs we've ever seen in a vehicle. It also totally aligns with Jeep's branding.

After this was posted, another commenter chimed in with what they claimed was morse code in their vehicle. They said it went something to the effect of "you need to stop eating crumbly cookies".

"Innocent" Packaging

What better messaging to have on your packaging when your company's name is "Innocent", than this message found on the bottom of their coconut water? The message reads, "stop looking at my bottom" and it's a fun little message referencing the brand's name. Apparently, a lot of their packaging has little Easter eggs on them, because a lot of commenters from the U.K. said they'd go into the store just to read the bottom of the packages.

That might be a bit too much, but it's still a cool marketing device. And if people are picking up the product just to read the messages then something must be working.

Creative Feature Or Sly Trick?

Commenters were divided when someone posted a photo of this water bottle with a mold at the bottom shaped like the mountain on the packaging. Sure, it's a cool little feature and all, but doesn't it mean you get less water in the bottle? Either way, it is a neat design feature that adds to the overall look of the bottle. It also goes to show you can make just about any product look good with a bit of creativity.

That said, we'd like to see the numbers behind how much water they save over the course of a year by simply having this little mold in the bottom of their bottle.

Who Would've Thought

Sometimes our heads aren't where they should be and we do things like forget the car keys, leave our phones at home, or forget to take the baby out of their clothes before throwing them in the washer. Luckily, this clothing company plans to make that a thing of the past and they even included directions on their label that say, "remove child before washing". Thank goodness, because we were beginning to think incidents like these might become a full-fledged pandemic.

Also, we're not entirely sure this tag was an effort at humor and not serious. Who knows!

The Wingman You Need

We're not too sure who Spencer Hart is, but from this message left on one of his items, he sounds like a pretty cool dude. It reads, "Spencer Hart sincerely hopes you get laid in this product". All we can say to that is "awe, thanks Spencer". We're sure anyone lucky enough to stumble across this message was thinking something similar. If there's a better goal for a fashion designer to have, then we haven't seen it.

We're sure whoever this designer is, they're doing pretty well for themselves. We mean how could you not with marketing as inventive as this? Just give the people what they want.

Go For The Knees

We're not exactly sure why these shirtmakers felt the need to tell their customers to not slap pandas, because pretty much everyone knows you should go for the knees when you go out and run into a panda. Seriously though, the only thing more adorable than these directions is the little illustration of a panda with a hand in front of it at the bottom of the label. We're glad there's someone out there reminding people not to slap the floofers and just let them be.

People who slap pandas are the worst kind of people and we don't want anything to do with them.

Why Hello There

Classical musicians apparently have a sense of humor, too. Someone found these two faces after taking off the knobs on their keyboard. One is smiling and the other looks like he's up to something. But, both were probably a welcome surprise since usually knobs only get taken off when they accidentally fall off or they're broken. And here we were thinking most classical instruments were made by snobs. That's obviously not the case, but we sure didn't expect to see a keyboard on this list

Especially two cartoonish characters hidden away for anyone unlucky or curious enough to find them.

May The Force Be With You

There are a couple of Easter eggs hidden away on circuit boards in this list, but this might just be our favorite. Someone was taking apart a device and found this little message tucked away on a board. It reads, "Don't be seduced by the dark side, Luke". Of course, it's a reference to the Star Wars franchise, which is pretty much one of the most popular "nerdy" franchises in history. And we use that word with love.

So, it's fitting to see the phrase in a piece of tech. It also makes us wonder just where this was found and who it was made by.

Hotel Lotion With A Sense Of Humor

The last thing you're probably going to pay attention to are the directions on the back of your hotel lotion, but maybe you should. Someone noticed these oddly specific directions while staying at an Aloft hotel. It advises travelers to apply the lotion anywhere their skin feels like the scales of their cousin's pet iguana. (It's much funnier the way they wrote it but we only have so much space).

They even wrote the same thing in French, and it asks guests not to steal it in small print. So, the next time you're staying at a hotel, read the directions on the back of their complimentary lotions.

That's What Families Do

If you've ever worked in a family-owned business, then this message is probably all too familiar. The brewing company is called Sierra Nevada and they are proud to print that they're "family owned, operated, and argued over" as any good family business is. Apparently, even if you work in one of the coolest places possible, there's no escaping family arguments. However, something must be working for them, because they're one of the most successful small breweries in the U.S.

However, small is a relative term and today they have locations all over and you can find their beer just about anywhere that specialized in craft beers.

Everyone Needs A Friend Like This Tag

This is probably one of the coolest messages written on a clothing tag we've seen. We'll let you read it for yourself, but the tag is pretty much hyping up anyone who decides to put on the piece of clothing. It also reminds us of that certain type of friend we think just about everyone needs. You know the one. The friend who's always there to hype you up no matter what the situation is.

Yeah, that's pretty much this tag in a nutshell. However, we're left wondering what clothing brand this actually is because there doesn't appear to be any name on the tag.

In Case Of Emergencies

This next one is something right out of an action thriller. A company decided to include a friendly reminder that their cords can be used to hogtie criminals in case they break into your home. It even tells you how many you should be able to hogtie with the amount of cord included. Now, that's pretty cool, especially if you've ever wanted to feel like a spy or something.

However, we're pretty sure that the company's lawyers made them include the phrase, "when properly hog-tied", just in case any criminals ever got loose and someone decided to sue the company.

So Do We

This one isn't really hidden, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. On the packaging of Krusteaz pancake mix, it says, "I see pancakes in your future". Not that anyone needed any more motivation to make some pancakes if they've already managed to open the bag. It's just a neat little simple quote and we're suckers for little messages like this one. It doesn't hurt that Krusteaz is amazing either.

Now, we just wish flour companies would start adding random recipes and corresponding messaging to their packaging to give us some baking ideas whenever we open their them.

Because It's Always Best To Be Prepared For The Worst

We're pretty sure these directions on the tag of a kid's swim diaper made some tired parents out there laugh. They give detailed and hilarious directions on how to wash them if a child ends up going number 2 while out swimming. We'll let you read the directions for yourself but they're pretty funny and we're sure some dads out there are guilty of washing as per the second option.

The best part about the second set of directions might just be the roof rack bit, but we kind of wish they'd included something about removing the baby before washing.

That's One Friendly Yogurt

What's better than opening a cup of chilled yogurt in the morning and finding a little message that reads, "Hi". Nothing, that's what. Well, maybe a message like the one on a certain women's shirt on this list. But besides that, just about nothing. A lot of commenters said that they quickly went to the trash to check their own yogurt cups, but were left disappointed when they didn't find a message.

That makes us wonder what brand of yogurt this actually is, and if there's another message at the bottom that reads something when you finish the cup.

They're Out There

Tesla made headlines a while back for sending one of its cars out into space. However, a lot of people might've missed this little message they included on a circuit board in the car. It reads, "made on Earth by humans". We guess they included just in case the car ever bumps into some aliens while out there drifting away in space. However, it begs the question, how would aliens even read it?

And if they could read it, would we even want them to know where the car came from? But, we suppose it's too late now as the car is already beyond our grasp.

Be Careful If You See This One In Public

Public urinals aren't usually the place of laughs, but someone happened to notice that the bar code on this urinal spelled out a funny little message. It reads, "4U2PN2", or "for you to pee into". That's honestly the most hilarious thing we've ever seen on a urinal, (and we've seen some pretty funny stuff on urinals). However, if you ever see this in public, be careful about laughing out loud.

You might get a couple of strange looks if you just look down and suddenly start laughing, or worse, laughing might actually mess up your aim and nobody wants that. Either way, it's not advisable to bust out laughing while standing at a urinal.

A Bird And A Board

They've pretty much always been around in one form or another, but Easter eggs saw another surge in popularity after being used as a device in video games. So, it's no surprise that a lot of computer hardware companies have a history of leaving little secrets deep within their hardware for anyone brave enough to take their machines apart. Someone took a device apart and found this bird on a circuit board.

The manufacturers even went a step further and gave the bird some dialogue. Easter eggs hidden away inside devices might just be our favorite types of secrets since they require a bit of work to find.

Finally Instructions We Can Relate to

We're pretty sure nobody out there needs directions for how to use their coffee mugs, but this company decided to include some just in case. It reads, "for best results, use other side". That's apt advice as doing anything else is sure to result in hot coffee being spilled everywhere. However, we're not sure if this one gets extra points for being a batman-styled mug or not.

We're also not completely sure if this little message was just included as a joke or if the company that wrote it was actually worried about people not knowing which side to use.

What Ever Could They Mean?

Working for a cannabis-related company must be a dream job for marketers. There's just so much potential to pretty much do whatever you want. For example, take the wording on this snack bar. They managed to take what's usually a pretty boring product and make it exciting and funny. Someone found a sentence on the bottom that read, "This bar was specifically formulated for the intense hunger that hits 5 minutes after 4:20". Of course, that's an allusion to the international smoking time of 4:20 and munchies felt around the world.

You just don't have that many opportunities at other snack bar companies. Even better, the bar's name is literally 4:25. Like, how great is that? Suffice to say, we're big fans of this one.

Chill Out And Enjoy

Sparkling Ice is another company that has a pretty clever marketing department, so it's no surprise that instead of just going for the plain old "chill for best results", they decided to spice things up a bit. They wrote, "as in life, chill for best results". It's not a big change, but it's a simple and clever addition to an otherwise bland statement. And they're not wrong: life is better when you take a second to just chill out and relax.

And what better time to do it than while waiting for your water to chill out in the fridge?

Who Knew Socks Could Be Used For That?

Product labels aren't usually the most exciting of things, which makes this warning label all the more special. The instructions advise people against using their newly bought socks in unorthodox ways. We'll let you find the strange uses the company felt were common enough to include on their packaging, but whoever noticed the illustrations probably had quite the shock. We mean, socks have to be one of the most mundane items out there.

It also begs the question: Are people really using socks for things like this? We certainly hope not, but we'll never look at socks the same way again when opening Christmas presents.

Easter Egg Masters

If you've never played Cards Against Humanity, then you should because it's an absolute riot. The company that makes the game is also known for its... unconventional customer service, including some of its instructions and Easter eggs. Someone found this message on the back of their card game's packaging. It directs all complaints and legal threats to the former U.S. vice president Dick Cheney. But that's apparently not all they do at Cards Against Humanity.

However, depending on what version of the popular card game you get, you mind find a different address. Some newer versions direct people to send their complaints to former U.S. president Trump's Mar-a-Lago golf course. People have also reported sending them letters and receiving responses that are filled with glitter.

Sage Advice From A Pair Of Pants

We'll let our readers decide for themselves if the message on this pair of pants is referring to the zipper or... something else. However, if you've ever seen the movie There's Something About Mary, this Easter egg is sure to bring a certain scene to mind. And let's face it, most guys are constantly in a rush anyway, so a little reminder to take it slow and be careful isn't the most useless piece of advice.

In fact, it's actually pretty genius if you ask us. So much so that we're kind of wondering why nobody has ever thought of it before.

Said From Experience

We're still on the fence if this message is funny or actually a little sad. Someone looked at their shirt tag and found a message that said, "don't let anyone put a label on you". That's all well and good, but what about the shirt? We just can't help but feel sorry for it now that we know it was forced to have a label on it when it clearly didn't want one.

Honestly, that kind of bums us out. But hey maybe the person who found it ended up tearing the label off and freeing the shirt from its labeled existence, at least we hope.

Nature Isn't Always Pretty

When we think of nature, we often think of pristine forests and a place where everything is as it should be, but the truth is often quite the opposite. Nature is chaotic and sometimes it can get downright dirty, which makes this Easter egg of two ladybugs on a package of sunflower seeds all the more fitting. Of course, it might elicit a couple of questions from the kids, but that just gives parents a chance to explain the birds and the bees.

Then again, the last thing on someone's mind when they're reaching for a pack of sunflower seeds is having to have an important milestone conversation with their children.

Genius Or A Little Creepy?

This next message is either really smart advertising or just a tad bit creepy. For some reason, someone decided to look under their bed while on a cruise and found this message referring them to the ship's gym. That's kind of cool. However, it's also kind of creepy because the last thing anyone wants is to find a conversational message specifically addressing them under their bed. It just gives off "I'm watching you" vibes.

Then again, maybe if it even got a couple of people to actually go and use the ship's gym then it may have been worth it. Still, we'd be checking the room for hidden cameras after finding something like this. We're also wondering what made this person decide to look underneath their bed.

If You Weren't Paranoid Before...

You don't have to smoke cannabis to appreciate the message someone found on the bottom of this pouch. But, it does help to understand that sometimes when you smoke, your brain just fades out to other places, (or so we've heard). That's why we're betting at least half the people who found this clever message probably were indeed spilling their cannabis while reading it. They were probably left with a bit more paranoia after finding a hidden message, too.

If the makers of this product ever wanted to take it a step further, they could probably write something alluding to the cops pulling up, but that might be a bit too far.

Clever Messaging

The late designer Kate Spade would often put little sayings or messages on her products, and someone decided to share this one they found on their glasses. It reads, "boys make passes at girls in glasses". It's a cute little saying that some commenters pointed out might've been a rebuttal to something said by Dorothy Parker, which was, "men seldom make passes at women in glasses". We're not sure, but either way, we really like this one.

It's a subtle little detail that sets this pair of glasses apart from others released by fashion designers. That kind of makes it all the sadder that the legendary designer passed away before her time.

Coincidence Or a Sign?

We're not entirely sure if this one just happens to be a coincidence, if someone wrote it themselves, or if the manufacturer actually added this to their camera, but it's pretty cool. Someone snapped a photo of this CCTV camera with the year 1984 written on it, which is an allusion to the novel, 1984. The novel deals with ideas about surveillance states and propaganda, so to see this on a public camera is pretty fitting.

And while we'd like to believe that the manufacturer added it as a joke that doesn't seem very likely. If they're making public cameras then they probably don't have too many qualms about surveillance. Odds are someone just added it themselves as a little Easter egg or it was a complete coincidence.

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