Michael Caine Turns 90 and Can Hardly Walk or Stand, But He’s Still Happy With His Wife of 50 Years

As he celebrates his 90th birthday, legendary actor Michael Caine faces a new challenge: walking or standing for long periods is hard for him. But despite this, one thing keeps him going strong — his unwavering love for his wife of 50 years. Join us as we explore this iconic actor’s remarkable life and love story on his milestone birthday.

Their story is all about true love at first sight.

Sir Michael’s heart skipped a beat as he caught sight of Shakira Caine on the screen. This radiant woman in a coffee commercial stole his heart with just a flick of her hair and a flash of her smile. “That’s the woman for me,” he said to his friend, his eyes never leaving the TV.

The next day, fueled by his infatuation, Michael and his friends set off on a wild adventure to Brazil in search of his dream girl. A stranger overheard their conversation in a dingy tavern and inquired about their quest. Michael spilled his heart out to the man, confessing his love for the woman in the Maxwell House commercial.

The stranger turned out to be an employee of the coffee company who revealed that the woman in the commercial was a Guyanese woman who lived just a mile away. Michael felt joy and excitement, imagining the possibility of finally meeting the woman who had captured his heart.

“I fell in love with her in about 8 minutes,” Michael stated.

Michael was determined to show Shakira how serious he was about her, and he managed to get her phone number through a friend who worked in advertising. However, winning her over was not an easy feat. He had to call her 11 times before she finally agreed to go out with him.

At 90, Michael still manages to go out on dates with his lovely wife.

Michael opened up about his struggle to find acting gigs over the past 2 years, citing a scarcity of roles he was interested in. “There haven’t been any offers for 2 years because nobody’s been making any movies I’d want to do.” He acknowledged that his age has also contributed to the problem, as scripts based on octogenarians were hard to come by.

Now, at the age of 90, with his mind not as sharp as it used to be, Michael has decided to step away from acting and enjoy a peaceful life with his beloved wife Shakira, spending their $60 million fortune.

 Although he is doing well health-wise, Michael shared that he can no longer walk or stand for long periods, as he walks with a cane due to spine issues. Despite these challenges, he remains grateful for the many blessings in his life and looks forward to cherishing the time he has left with his family.

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