16 Reunions That Prove There Is a Happily Ever After

The moment when separated hearts finally reunite is pure magic. In that moment time stands still, and we believe in a happily ever after. Reunions are a celebration of our love’s enduring power and a reminder that against all odds, true love always finds its way back home. Just like these people discovered, it’s never too late to be reunited with your dearest.

1. “Randomly found my childhood friend”
“Looked up at the person behind the counter and was my neighbor/childhood friend who I hadn’t seen in 31 years. It was an incredibly emotional and happy encounter.”

2. “32 years later, parents divorced but reunited for this pic last Xmas.”
3. “My bro and I, reunited after 26 years, and 2 months”
“Same father. Different mothers. My father turned his back on me. He did not do a better job at my brother. We used to enjoy each other as kids. We haven’t changed much. The nightmare is ending.” William-o-connard / Reddit

4. “In 2005, my family visited Ninh Binh province of Vietnam and my 4-year-old brother took a pic on a water buffalo with its owner.”
“In 2020, we returned for the first time and met the same man and the same water buffalo.”

5. “My grandfather and his childhood best friend reunited in their small Italian hometown 70 years later.”
“My grandfather (on the right) ended up pursuing higher education and a career as a physicist, so he left Italy and spent most of his adult life traveling before permanently moving to the U.S. with my grandmother and dad. He stayed in touch with his friend via letters and then later email, and now they go back and visit his friend in Italy (who works as a mushroom hunter) every summer!” platinumpink4 / Reddit

6. “Flew from MI to CA to meet my biological mother this last weekend. Reunited after 39 years.”
7. “I took a pic reuniting my grandma with my grandpa”
8. “My 73yr old father met his sisters and brother for the first time today!”
9. “I finally met my absolute best friend after 6 years of friendship. We’ve talked every day since 2016.”
10. “Me reunited with my dog after she ran away for 11 months”
11. “After a long 3 months my daughter was finally able to reunite with her friends.”
12. “My 81-year-old grandma and 9-year-old Jack Russel Minnie, reuniting after many months apart”
13. “Reunited with my sister 20 years later after being adopted into two different families.”
14. “My Icelandic grandma, her mom and kids at their home in Nairobi, Kenya. Reunited 54 years later at my mom’s house in Oregon.”
15. “50F Met my dad for the first time this year, then I met my half-sisters for the first time yesterday.”
16. “My grandparents just got reunited after not being able to see each other for three weeks. They have been together since they were kids.”

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